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High Speed Blockchain Creator Zilliqa Partners with FBG Capital

Zilliqa, a high-throughput Blockchain platform developed at the National University of Singapore, has announced a partnership with FBG Capital, a digital asset management firm in blockchain-based capital market. As part of the agreement, FBG Capital will be investing into the project and Zhuo Shuoji, founding partner of… Read More

Speedy Blockchain Zilliqa Adds Fintech Leaders to Advisory Board

Zilliqa, a high-transaction rate blockchain platform designed to power the future of financial transactions, has added two leaders of banking and Fintech to their advisory board. The announcement comes at a time when the company prepares to release their public testnet and source code to developers…. Read More

Zilliqa is a Speedy Blockchain that Can Top 2400 Transactions per Second

One of the challenges of distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the ability to scale on a global basis.  The massive amount of financial transactions digitally roaming the world are astounding. Zilliqa, created by researchers at the National University of Singapore led by Xinshu Dong, has… Read More

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