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Assetz Capital Charges into Peer to Peer Lending Space in United Kingdom

Fastest Funded Loan Assetz Capital

P2P has the potential to be THE alternative to the high street banks. How do business enterprises find capital to fund expansion and growth, manage or accelerate the timing of a business plan?  How do the capital markets allocate financial capital locally, nationally and globally?   Carving up risk profiles and matching returns to the risk… Read More

How the UK Uses Tax Relief to Boost Entrepreneurs


UK Equity Crowdfunding Sites Promote Generous Tax Incentives Available for Investors. One Program, available since 1994, has generated over £8.6 Billion in funds raised. But it is too early to measure the total impact of these incentives. The United Kingdom has been one of the leaders in the growing boom in investment crowdfunding.  Equity crowdfunding… Read More

SeedAsia Powers Asia Wide Equity Crowfunding Platform

In mid – May a party was held in Shanghai, China, at the Hult International Business School.  The event was held in recognition of the launch of SeedAsia – the first Pan Asia equity crowdfunding platform to service the region. Many prominent business leaders were in attendance which also included  a video message from crowdfunding… Read More

Fundraising for Charity Using Crowdfunding


It used to be that most organizations fundraising for charity had to do so the old fashioned way, whether that be by direct (snail) mail, specific events, or in person solicitations.  These were all methods which could be very successful, but these methods were also exceptionally inefficient and very time consuming. In the age of web 3.0… Read More

Investment Banks: Gatekeepers No More

United States Treasury (Wikipedia)

Investment Bankers have traditionally been the gatekeepers of access to the capital markets.  It is time for Crowdfunding to play a greater role. The caliber of underwriting firm is often an indication of the quality of the issuing company. The investment banks are paid well for that implicit endorsement, but that puts their reputations on… Read More

Intellipaper Turns Crowdfunding Failure Into Product Success

Intellipaper Disposable USB card

  Interesting crowdfunding story  from SmartPlanet pertaining to Intellipaper.  This was a  project which was crowdfunded on Indiegogo and widely covered in the media. What’s Intellipaper?  Well it is a disposable USB drive made partially out of paper.  Holding 8 to 32MB of data you just pull one off a sheet a paper, fold it… Read More

Crowdfunding and 506 Private Placements

$1000 in $100 Bills Money

I read an exceptional article back in November written by Daniel Gorfine and Ben Miller.  Daniel is Director of Special Projects & Legal Counsel for the esteemed Milken Institute and Ben is Co-Founder of Fundrise – a direct investment platform for local real estate and businesses.  Their article was pertaining to the possibility of the… Read More