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Perspective: AgFunder On General Solicitation

General Solicitation - Advertising

Recently a founder of FundersClub posted their stance on the [U.S. Congress and] SEC’s lift of the ban on general solicitation. While we respect Alex, Boris and the rest of the team and what they’ve accomplished, we were troubled by the apparent use of fear tactics in… Read More

Too Many Rookies: FundersClub Goes Invite-Only

FundersClub has become an invitation-only community in an effort to limit participation to experienced and able accredited investors. Those seeking access to FundersClub deals will now have to request an invite or receive one from an existing member. It seems to go against the ethos… Read More

Balanced: Payments & Escrow For P2P Marketplaces, Crowdfunding Platforms

Balanced was created to increase the global economy through payments. As we built Balanced, it troubled me that we had adopted the closed-off culture common to the financial services industry, where everything was locked up for the sake of “competitive advantage.” That wasn’t the kind of… Read More

FundersClub’s New Program Pays Out For Great Referrals

FundersClub, an equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, has launched a referral program promising to pay out 10% of FundersClub’s carried interest to the FundersClub member who referred the company to the platform. FundersClub takes 20-30% carried interest on their listings, so 10% of their stake… Read More

FundersClub Nets $1.1M Investment In Y Combinator Startups

FundersClub has closed the first fund in their “Accelerate Series.” The fund offered early-stage investment opportunities in companies participating in the Winter 2013 class of Y Combinator. This new fund gave accredited investors the sought-after opportunity to invest in startups that have benefited from selection… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding: Next Generation of Angel Investors Is Not Sorry to Disrupt

Nikola Tesla wrote once, “The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.” I can see this being quoted by any supporter of equity based crowdfunding (or crowdinvesting) — an innovative online tool that would give you a legitimate right to… Read More

JOBS Act, One Year Later: Hang Tight, Equity Crowdfunding Is Coming

The crowdfunding industry is frustrated that the Securities and Exchange Commission has not yet finalized rules that will potentially turbocharge the industry. But it is also cautiously optimistic that there will be movement this year. The SEC is expected to finalize and implement rules on… Read More

SEC Greenlights One Style Of Equity Crowdfunding For Startups

  The SEC today paved the way for a new era of venture capital investing by stating it won’t pursue enforcement action against FundersClub, whose platform lets any accredited investor fund startups in exchange for equity. Before, some thought FundersClub’s founders could face jail time for violating finance… Read More

The Crowd’s Money Can Dominate Early-Stage Investing, But Only If The VCs Get Their Cut

Is angel capital an attractive asset class? Is the crowd capable of being good investors, willing to spend 20-40 hours doing due diligence per investment? These are critical questions to help determine just how big equity crowdfunding will become, right? I say no. Successful startup investing… Read More

Exploring FundersClub. The New Age of VC?

What is FundersClub? FundersClub is an accredited crowdfunding platform live today. The company avoids the term “crowdfunding,” preferring the verbiage, “online venture capital firm.” Or, the new age of VC per say. But hey, let’s not argue semantics. In a nutshell: it’s an online funding… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms Raising Money Now From Accredited Investors

Courtesy ptmoney.com

For those of us who are fortunate enough to be considered an “Accredited Investor”, crowdfunding is available today.  In fact Private Placements or Regulation D offerings have been around for quite some time.  It is just with the internet and a vibrant interest in crowdfunding… Read More

Crowdfunding for Real Estate Moguls

The market for crowd funding is hot. Thanks in part to the JOBS Act; recent U.S. government legislation that allows for a wider pool of small investors with fewer restrictions combined with the success of companies like Kickstarter. A variety of industry specific crowd funding startups are… Read More

Proving The Value Of Crowdfunding Soldsie Raises $425,000

Online venture capital firm FundersClub is pioneering equity crowdfunding, and today demonstrated the value of bringing on dozens of investors rather than a handful. Ecommerce startup Soldsie just raised $425,00 from 72 investors through FundersClub, and ended up hiring one. New Chief Scientist Yun-Fang Juan, a founding engineer of Facebook’s ads… Read More

Asian Startups Tap On Crowdfunding For Capital

SINGAPORE: Asia-focused private equity raised roughly US$30 billion in 2011 according to a report last year by Private Equity International. However, with more than half of that goes into China and India, startups in the rest of Asia are left with fewer funding options. According… Read More

FundersClub advances online investing to next level with first closed fund

Crowdfunding platform FundersClub officially closed its first fund, raising more than $500K for fellow Y Combinator startup Virool. FundersClub has been in the press a lot this year for its innovative approach to crowdfunding equity investments and its $6 million seed round. It is a platform that gives accredited investors from… Read More

Crowdfunding Startup Gets Its Own Venture Capital

You might think that VC firms in Silicon Valley had all the leads on the next big thing they needed. You’d be wrong, which explains why new crowdfunding outfit Funders Club just raised $6 million from a gang of expert early-stage investors, including First Round Capital, Felicis… Read More

To Turn The Crowd Into Venture Capitalists, FundersClub Raises $6M Seed Round — Biggest In YC History

If you need more proof that FundersClub wants to radically change startup funding by letting non-VCs invest, it just closed a $6 million seed round, the largest ever from a Y Combinator company. There are still questions about its legality, but investors include A-listers YC, First Round, Chris Dixon,… Read More

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