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WATCH: Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin Expecting More Journalism Projects

During the NYT Global Forum, PBS MediaShift sat down with Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin to discuss Indiegogo’s place in the market and how journalists are using crowdfunding to their advantage, among other things. “For us, it’s a completely open platform, where it’s what the funders… Read More

WATCH: Richard Bliss Interviewed On Crowdfunding Strategy

Richard Bliss is a well-known figure in the crowdfunding world and hosts the “Funding The Dream” podcast on iTunes. Devin Thorpe of Forbes interviewed Bliss about crowdfunding strategy, his podcast and more. It’s a very interesting interview that manages to hit on pretty much every… Read More

WATCH: Brad Muir Of Double Fine Productions On Crowdfunding, ‘Massive Chalice’

Brad Muir is leading the campaign for MASSIVE CHALICE, the second game launched by Double Fine Productions on Kickstarter. The campaign will literally be crossing the $1 million mark just about any minute at the time of writing, and Double Fine Productions will become the… Read More

Project Creator Speaks: Kickstarter For Levitatr Fails To Deliver

James Stumpf took to Kickstarter back in 2011 to try and raise funds for a slick wireless keyboard. It started out as a great crowdfunding story. $67,500 raised from 638 backers in a month and a half. Measuring in at only 9.8mm thick, Levitatr™ is… Read More

Three Interviews With Three Kickstarter Darlings

Anton Volney recently posted three interviews with three different Kickstarter project creators. The interviews covered the ethos behind each of the three products as well as some of the strategies employed to find success. All three of the interviews were posted at SucceedInYourPajamas.com, a site… Read More

Hybrid Vigor – Interview Update With The Impaler

Hybrid Vigor stirred the imaginations of film-lovers and crowdfunders the world over in the summer of 2012 with a Kickstarter campaign for the ages and a nod as Indiewire’s Project Of The Week. Filming is underway and on schedule. The Impaler Speaks has featured two previous interviews with creator Brandon Fowler, which… Read More

WATCH: Three Professors Interviewed On Crowdfunding

Earlier this week Forbes contributor Devin Thorpe interviewed three professors regarding their recent report on patterns in crowdfunding markets. Serious academic research in the nascent field of crowdfunding is limited, but Gordon Burtch of the University of Minnesota, Anindya Ghose of New York University and Sunil Wattal… Read More

Wonder Drink Explodes On Crowd Funding Campaign

When Rob Rhinehart sought to raise some money to expand production of his self-made superfood drink, Soylent, he asked for a humble $100,000. A little over a week into the 30-day campaign he’d raised almost $400,000. The initial goal was met within two hours. Wow!… Read More

Greg Puciato Of The Dillinger Escape Plan On Crowdfunding: “I Don’t Relate To That Mindset At All”

Greg Puciato is lead singer of popular hardcore act The Dillinger Escape Plan, and he had some pointed words about the crowdfunding space as it relates to artists and musicians. He basically makes an argument that asking for money as a prerequisite to making art… Read More

WATCH – Zach Braff’s Most Revealing Interview Yet

Zach Braff took an opportunity to address his critics and wax poetic on the larger crowdfunding space during a 17 minute interview with the team behind Kickstarted. Kickstarted is a documentary on crowdfunding currently being prepared for a Kickstarter campaign itself. Of note is Braff’s… Read More

No SEC action, no worries for crowdfunding advocate

The one-year anniversary of the JOBS Act has come and gone with no action from the Securities and Exchange Commission to open up equity crowdfunding to the masses. But at least one chief executive officer of a new crowdfunding company isn’t letting that get her… Read More

Zach Braff on His $2 Million Kickstarter Project: ‘I Had Nothing to Lose’

The “Garden State” director talks “Veronica Mars,” anxiety over hitting the crowd-funding goal and answering all his critics. Zach Braff has heard the arguments about why he shouldn’t be using Kickstarter to fund his new film. But he doesn’t buy his detractors’ logic. “My brain has… Read More

Q&A: Kickstarter Co-Founder Yancey Strickler

Most independent inventors don’t have bottomless bank accounts. To fund their dreams, many innovators are appealing to strangers on the Web for help. Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler weighs in on this growing source of grassroots venture capital. How does crowdfunding work? Traditional funding channels support… Read More

In Conversation with Kevin Straszburger from Crowdonomic

Recently I met up with Kevin Straszburger from Crowdonomic during the busy Social Media Week Singapore. We then connected on Twitter and decided to expand knowledge on Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding through this In Conversation post. Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m a french entrepreneur… Read More

What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Equity Crowdfunding

This guest Q&A is by David Drake, founder and CEO of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft. He recently sat down withChance Barnett, CEO of CrowdFunder, which enables businesses to raise equity and revenue-based financing. Drake: How do you feel about the progress the crowdfunding… Read More

Interview: The iSmartAlarm Hopes to Revolutionize Home Security

Last week I sat down with Zac Sutton, the marketing manager for iSmartAlarm. We’ve covered their product recently in our “cool tech products crowdfunding now” post… For those of you tired of spending the monthly toll for a security system which is only used occasionally… Read More

Jonathan Sandlund Interviews Gust CEO David Rose

From The Crowd Cafe’s Jonathan Sandlund… I had the opportunity to sit down with David Rose. Penned by Forbes as the “Father of Angel Investing in New York,” David is a serial entrepreneur and mentor, Chair of the New York Angels, and the CEO of… Read More

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