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Soylent. Spend Less Time Eating So You Can Spend More Time Working

Soylent ran a fabulously successful crowdfunding campaign almost 2 years ago. Originally denied by Kickstarter, creator Rob Rhinehart took his marbles and went to play over at Tilt using their “Crowdhoster” service (since rebranded and now part of Tilt Open). The product started shipping a… Read More

Soylent Now Shipping

Soylent, the meal replacement dream drink, is now shipping to supporters of the self crowdfunding project launched on the CrowdHoster platform.   Created by computer science geek Rob Rhinehart the powdered drink mix posed the question; “what if you never had to worry about food… Read More

Soylent Delays Shipping Again, Now Slated For April

Soylent has had to delay shipping until mid-April thanks to supply chain difficulties. It all comes down to the process of securing multiple tons of rice protein for Soylent’s forthcoming meal replacement drink. Rob Rhinehart and his team have gone to great lengths to perfect… Read More

Was Kickstarter Right To Turn Down Apigy & Lockitron?

Y Combinator-backed Apigy created Lockitron just as the connected home movement was really taking off. The company promised some pretty slick features. The device integrated with your home’s deadbolt and promised to allow things like remote unlocking from a smartphone. It was even said to have… Read More

Self-Crowdfunding Superstar Soylent Delays Shipping

Food replacement drink Soylent which was originally rejected by Kickstarter and went on to become Crowdhoster’s very first crowdfunding offering raising over $1.7 million from more than 10,000 supporters, has delayed shipping by several weeks due to the need to alter some ingredients.  First shipments… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 10, 2013

The New York Times | Robert Rhinehart: Dreaming of the Skies and Traveling Light Rob Rhinehart is the Y Combinator-backed founder behind Soylent, a meal replacement drink that famously crowdfunded on Crowdhoster. This piece in The New York Times frames Rhinehart as an ardent minimalist, which forms… Read More

Crowdfunding Darling Soylent Nets $1.5 Million In VC Funding

One year ago, Rob Rhinehart was a computer scientist and YC-backed entrepreneur who happened to be sick of cooking his own food. Today he’s an entrepreneur with a disruptive startup aimed at creating the perfect meal replacement drink. After netting over $1 million in a… Read More

Crowdtilt Announces Upcoming Mobile App

Crowdtilt is working on a mobile app that will allow anyone to create or back projects directly from their smartphone. Those interested in the app can sign up to be notified of the app’s release on Crowdtilt’s homepage. The announcement was made today at TechCrunch… Read More

The Top 10 Crowdfunding Stories Of The Last Year

Today marks one year to the day since we launched Crowdfund Insider. We launched with a simple goal: to help educate people from all walks of life about the crowdfunding space. Whether you own a crowdfunding company, have launched a project or are just passing through,… Read More

Crowdtilt Formally Releases Crowdhoster, Open Source Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdhoster Platform has already been leveraged by crowdfunding campaigns such as Soylent, Protos 3D Eyewear and MeUndies. Crowdtilt  today formally released the first public version of its full-featured, open source, customizable crowdfunding tool:  Crowdhoster. Built using Crowdtilt’s API, Crowdhoster enables anyone, from individuals to businesses, to launch their… Read More

Soylent Rocks Funding Success on Crowdhoster, Raises Over $1 Million

“Free Your Body” is the mantra for the “meal replacement” mix Soylent which has caught the attention and imagination of thousands of supporters fascinated about the thought of being able to not worry about food.  Soylent may now free themselves from financing their product as… Read More

Lightning In A Bottle: What Soylent Teaches Us About Crowdfunding

The heavily covered (and often maligned) crowdfunding campaign for Soylent is coming to an end. Rob Rhinehart and his team will soon go into delivery mode in an effort to deliver on promises made to over 6,000 backers. Soylent is a meal replacement drink created… Read More

Soylent Over $550,000 Raised, Announces International Shipping

Food replacement mix Soylent has announced international shipping dates for their crowdfunded product.  Recently Soylent announced stretch goals as they surpassed a half a million dollars raised on a campaign goal of only $100,000. With 9 days remaining the crowdfunding campaign rejected by Kickstarter but accepted by Crowdhoster has become… Read More

Soylent: $500K Raised, Stretch Goal Includes Gift For Backers

Rob Rhinehart’s Crowdhoster campaign for Soylent launched with a goal of $100,000. Less than three weeks later the campaign is poised to cross a half a million dollars in contributions, and that feat includes a nice perk for backers of the campaign: a stainless steel… Read More

Wonder Drink Explodes On Crowd Funding Campaign

When Rob Rhinehart sought to raise some money to expand production of his self-made superfood drink, Soylent, he asked for a humble $100,000. A little over a week into the 30-day campaign he’d raised almost $400,000. The initial goal was met within two hours. Wow!… Read More

Soylent Using Discourse For Threaded Discussions

Rob Rhinehart’s campaign for Soylent continues to raise funds, now having neared the quarter million dollar mark. Besides being innovative in its use of Crowdtilt’s open-source Crowdhoster platform, one other aspect of the campaign is proving to be quite useful: the use of Discourse to… Read More

UPDATED: Soylent Crowdfunding Campaign On Crowdhoster Fully Funded

Rob Rhinehart and his team have settled on Crowdhoster as the platform of choice for their crowdfunding campaign for Soylent. We wrote about Soylent in the past, a meal replacement drink that garnered both praise and criticism in the press. Click here to see the… Read More

Soylent Crowdfunding on Kickstarter? Maybe Not.. (Updated)

UPDATE: The campaign is live, but not on Kickstarter. Click here to find out where… Rob Rhinehart’s Soylent Kickstarter campaign may not happen at all.  A recent update on Rhinehart’s blog indicates he is presently considering other options besides industry leading crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Rhinehart’s… Read More

Rob Rhinehart Plans Kickstarter Campaign For “Soylent” Meal Replacement Drink

UPDATE: No more Kickstarter… see what platform Soylent launches on here Rob Rhinehart recently set out to replace all of his meals with a beverage that delivered everything his body needed to survive and thrive. His now-famous blog post has gone viral, with follow-ups appearing… Read More

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