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Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 6, 2013

Huffington Post | Who Let the Dog Out: On New Crowdfunding Rules and Why It Is Time for Us to Wise Up In this piece for the Huffington Post, Victoria Silchenko aggregates the thoughts of people like Tim Draper (pictured, right) and Slava Rubin on… Read More

Indiegogo CEO Rubin: Equity Has “Chance To Be Major Part Of Our Business”

We recently had a chance to interview Indiegogo CEO and co-founder Slava Rubin. We asked him about the SEC’s recently-proposed crowdfunding rules, how they may affect Indiegogo’s propensity to enter the equity space in the future and where Rubin and his team sees their platform… Read More

On Indiegogo: BE MAKER! Is Second Crowdfunding Success For Borderless Electronics

Borderless Electronics found success once already on Indiegogo. The outfit of “hackers, makers and tinkerers” launched a campaign earlier this year for the $9 Arduino compatible starter kit, a small kit of electronic parts that backers could use to begin to learn how to tinker… Read More

Pirate3D Announces Specs, Opens Preorders For Buccaneer 3D Printer

Pirate3D made waves in the crowdfunding space after raising $100,000 in ten minutes for their cost-effective 3D printing solution. The campaign went on to raise over $1.4 million from 3,250 backers. Recently the company announced a detailed technical specification for the Buccaneer on their website pirate3d.com. Preorders… Read More

The Gun Box Meets Goal On Indiegogo, Shifts Focus To Fulfillment

We first reported on The Gun Box earlier this month. The tech-packed firearm storage device promised safe gun storage for backers. At the original time of writing the campaign had amassed $25,000, but has since added over $100,000 in funding to end the campaign just… Read More

Misfit Shine To Hit Best Buy Stores Tomorrow

Starting on October 27, 2013, the Misfit Shine will be available through Best Buy stores and at BestBuy.com. The crowdfunded activity tracker was previously available through Misfit Wearables’s web site and at Apple stores. The Shine will join an ever-growing list of crowdfunded hardware projects… Read More

Crowdfunding Darling Soylent Nets $1.5 Million In VC Funding

One year ago, Rob Rhinehart was a computer scientist and YC-backed entrepreneur who happened to be sick of cooking his own food. Today he’s an entrepreneur with a disruptive startup aimed at creating the perfect meal replacement drink. After netting over $1 million in a… Read More

Polar Pen/Stylus Combo May Set A Canadian Kickstarter Record

Innovative pens tend to do fairly well on rewards-based crowdfunding web sites like Kickstarter, and the Polar Pen is no exception. The “world’s first modular pen made from magnets” has raised CAD $700,000 with a week left in the campaign. To be fair, this pen… Read More

On Indiegogo: The Gun Box Promises Secure Firearm Storage

The Gun Box aims to provide safe and secure storage for firearms. The project is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, seeking $100,000 in funding. We believe in responsible home defense and we know there are a lot of other people who think the same way. That’s… Read More

On Kickstarter: Monsieur Robotic Bartender Is A Soda Fountain For Cocktails

A new project on Kickstarter promises backers an “artificially intelligent robotic bartender.” The Monsieur is like a soda fountain for cocktails, and it has raised almost three-quarters of a $100,000 crowdfunding goal with over a month left in the campaign. The precision of the software… Read More

In Pictures: DoorBots Being Prepared For Delivery

The DoorBot was the first campaign on product-centric crowdfunding platform Christie Street. It was also the first success on the platform, having raised over a quarter of a million dollars. RELATED: As ChristieStreet Prepares Launch, Crowd Feedback Means An Improved DoorBot For Backers Now the team… Read More

Peachy Printer On Kickstarter: $100 3D Printer Over A Half Million Raised

The Peachy Printer is a small form factor 3D printer raising money on Kickstarter. The Canadian project launched with a goal of $50,000 CAD, but to date it has raised over 10 times that goal with 17 days left in the campaign. We want to… Read More

SparkMarket Launches, Brings Equity Crowdfunding To Georgia Investors

The Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE) is an intrastate crowdfunding exemption for Georgia’s businesses. Today SparkMarket launches in order to take advantage of this law and facilitate capital formation within the state of Georgia. The exemption allows participation in crowdfunding raises of up to $1 million… Read More

Frameri Finds Demand for One Lens, Many Frames

So why should you be stuck with the same pair of glasses for years?  Or feel compelled to purchase multiple frames along with expensive prescription lenses.  If you must wear glasses it is nice to be able to accessorize depending on the occasion or mood… Read More

For Fund Managers, There’s One Big Question Invested.in Alpha Will Help Answer

For entrepreneurs and investment professionals, opportunity lies where there is access to investors. It is a reality that has paid dividends for AngelList, especially in light of the recent release of AngelList Syndicates. AngelList focused on the network first. Now Title II and general solicitation… Read More

Breathometer Proves Market On Indiegogo, Sets ‘Shark Tank’ Record

The Breathometer is a smartphone-powered portable breathalyzer that we featured as one of two crowdfunding campaigns for savvy beer drinkers back in March. The device raised over $138,000 in a pretail play on Indiegogo via a flexible funding campaign. The original goal was $25,000. It… Read More

OPFOR On Indiegogo: High-Tech Mag Holders For Military & Law Enforcement Personnel

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is a standard used to ensure cross-compatibility when mounting tactical gear on load-bearing equipment. It is used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment and rucksacks utilized by a number of NATO armed forces, especially the British Army and the United… Read More

Ministry Of Supply Lands $1.1M In Seed Funding After 2 Crowdfunding Successes

Ministry of Supply has made great use of Kickstarter over the past 18 months, having launched and executed two successful crowdfunding campaigns for their innovative spin on fashion. The first campaign for the Apollo dress shirt raised over $400,000 used technology developed by NASA to create shirts… Read More

Parke Denim Has Pretail Success on Kickstarter

Parke Denim has been in “stealth mode” for the past 6 months developing their website along with a  new collection of high quality active denim jeans.  To date the company has raised $300,000 in funding.   The team now consists of fashion and technology experts… Read More

Sex Toy Designer Crave Raises $2.4 Million A Round Using AngelList

 San Francisco based startup Crave has announced a successful Series A Round  raising $2.4 Million from over 60 Angel investors.  Many of the investors were sourced online via the AngelList – Invest Online platform.  Crave specializes in the design and manufacture of discreet and elegant luxury… Read More

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