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On Kickstarter: Kano Crosses $1 Million In Funding For DIY Raspberry Pi PC

Kano is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to bring a new PC kit to market. The kit is touted as a “computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world,” and the campaign to fund it has already crossed $1 million in funding with… Read More

On Kickstarter: The COBURNS iPad Stand Is Exceedingly Simple, Over 3X Stated Goal

Think you need a world-changing idea to be successful in the world of crowdfunding? Think again. The COBURNS iPad stand is not world-changing. In fact, it is ridiculously simple. The minimalist iPad stands are made of exotic hardwoods, the lighter being a Bird’s eye Maple… Read More

iQi Extends Campaign on Indiegogo by 30 Days

Wireless Apple iPhone charger iQi crowdfunding on Indiegogo was scheduled to end their campaign this weekend but organizers have decided to extend the campaign by 30 days.  The funding goal was originally set to raise $30,000 but that was easily passed and stands at over… Read More

Final Hours: Play-i CEO Vikas Gupta On How He Raised Over $1 Million

The crowdfunding campaign for Play-i is in its final hours. The campaign launched seeking $250,000 to fund and prove a market for an interactive, cost-effective set of robots – named Bo and Yana – that would aid in teaching young children the basics of programming…. Read More

What Makes Crowdfunding An Emerging Opportunity For Entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding is one of the hottest business topics of 2013. In 2012 all forms of crowdfunding raised $2.7b – an 80% increase from the $1.5b raised in 2011. Massolutions, a consultancy, estimates the global market will increase another 81% in 2013 to $5.1b. A big… Read More

Goldee, The “World’s Smartest Light Switch,” Crowdfunding Now

In-house crowdfunding solutions are becoming the go-to method of crowdfunding new technology products. One such campaign that just launched is for a product called the Goldee, and its creators are billing it as “the future of light control.” The idea for the device came about when… Read More

Watch: Knix Wear Shares Indiegogo Success Story

Knix Wear and founder Joanna Griffiths raised over $60,000 on Indiegogo after seeking a goal of just $40,000. Indiegogo recently collaborated with Griffiths on a video detailing the company’s story and how rewards-based crowdfunding helped Griffiths grow the brand and push Knix Wear’s product into Hudson’s… Read More

Brief: Crowdfunding Alum iSmartAlarm Hits Apple Store

Remember the iSmartAlarm? If you were reading Crowdfund Insider in January of this year you probably do. We featured the project in a roundup of tech projects crowdfunding at the time and had an in-depth interview with Zac Sutton, the man who led marketing efforts… Read More

Play-i Approaches $750K In Funding With A Week Left In Campaign

A crowdfunding campaign for the Play-i robot is approaching $750,000 in funding after seeking a goal of just $250,000. The campaign still has a week left to go and could hit $1 million before all is said and done. Play-i is creating a visual programming… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 18, 2013

Paul Niederer | Crowdfunding and Innovation Paul Niederer is the founder of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) and an equity crowdfunding pioneer. On his blog, he explains that crowdfunding is about more than just raising money and goes on to explain how crowdfunding… Read More

Pretail-Focused “Crowdrooster” Goes Live With First Projects

Inspired by a family history for entrepreneurialism and with fresh ideas on micro-financing from his time at Business School, Alessandro Rovati and two childhood friends, Francesco Fumagalli and Francesco Gatti, developed an idea for an e-commerce app that allowed users to invest in pre-production product… Read More

Finn Apparel finds Pretail Success on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding in Birmingham, Alabama, Finn Apparel, a new clothing startup  has designed a line of unique apparel.  The campaigns original goal of raising $14,800 has been surpassed standing over $30,000. The campaign benefited by their selection by Kickstarter as the “project of the day” raising their profile… Read More

How To Fully Fund Your Kickstarter In One Week: Four Tips From The Creators Of The Apollo Pen

Pranay and Paul are two high school friends that teamed up to bring The Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale to Kickstarter. To say the effort has been successful would be an understatement, as the campaign has tripled its goal with a month left to go,… Read More

Obduction Meets $1.1 Million Kickstarter Goal, Eyes Stretch Goals In Final Two Days

$1.1 million is an ambitious goal no matter what the project, but the developers at Cyan, Inc. set and met this lofty goal for their new game Obduction. Cyan, Inc. is the same company that created Myst back in 1993. Myst was the best-selling PC game in history for… Read More

On Indiegogo: Light Harmonic’s “Geek Pulse” Is Their Second Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Light Harmonic has done this crowdfunding thing before. Specifically, they completed a campaign to the tune of $303,000+ on Kickstarter in September of this year for the Geek Out, a digital-to-analog converter for laptops that aimed to pump up the tunes coming out of a… Read More

As Seen On TV Chairman Kevin Harrington Talks Crowdfunding (Video)

Kevin Harrington, Chairman of As Seen On TV, was interviewed on CNBC earlier today about his launch of their new crowdfunding platform which went live in October. Harrington has launched a pretail based crowdfunding platform where they hope they can discover the next snuggie.  The… Read More

Innovative Glow Republic Luminous Apparel Crowdfunds Their Way

JJ O’Brien is making apparel for a “life less ordinary” and he is self-crowdfunding his fascinating design using Crowdhoster by Crowdtilt. This former finance guy who has a Stanford MBA,  just wanted a cool costume for burning man (of course) and has turned this need… Read More

Luevo Fashion Crowdfunding Platform Launches with Designer Bri Seeley

Luevo’s vision is to discover and launch new independent fashion designers by helping them obtain pre-production orders.  The fashion-based crowdfunding platform, has now launched their site with Los Angeles-based designer Bri Seeley. Luevo allows consumers to discover and pre-order high quality, limited edition fashions before… Read More

On Crowdhoster: Vybe Smart Bracelet Secures 1,400 Preorders

The creators of the Vybe smart bracelet have launched a campaign on Crowdhoster to secure preorders for their smartphone-paired bracelet. Their goal is $43,000, but the team has already amassed over $68,000 at the time of writing with 19 days left in the campaign. Vybe… Read More

“Prison Architect” Uses SendOwl To Raise Over $8 Million In Crowdfunding Effort

The solutions for crowdfunding initiatives grow more numerous by the day. One that is just hitting our radar is SendOwl, an e-commerce solution that UK indie developer Introversion Software has used in a crowdfunding effort for their new game, Prison Architect. The game has raised over… Read More

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