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Clean Energy Investment Rises Above Oil Price Slump

Sun Solar Sunset Boat

Global investment in clean energy rose for the first time in three years, increasing 16 percent to $310 billion in 2014, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance in a recent article on Bloomberg. This growth comes after decreased solar-panel prices and sinking subsides in the United States and Europe damaged the industry in previous years…. Read More

Carbonscape Passes Minimum $400K on Snowball Effect, Targets $1.5 Million

Green Coke CarbonScape

The most recent equity crowdfunding campaign on Snowball Effect is the offer from CarbonScape seeking a max raise of NZD $1.5 million. CarbonScape launched on October 23rd and as of today has surpassed their minimum target by raising over NZD $400,000. The offer is for up to 14.48% equity in a company with a pre-money… Read More

Solar Crowdfunding site SunFunder Closes on $2.5 Million Series A

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

Khosla Impact, Schneider Electric and Better Ventures Join in Funding Solar Impact Platform. SunFunder, an emerging market solar finance company, has completed a Series A equity round with investments from Schneider Electric, Better Ventures, and a private family foundation based in Palo Alto. This follows the first stage of the round led by Khosla Impact and a group of… Read More

Trillion Fund is Equity Crowdfunding on Seedrs

Trillion Fund Raising from the Crowd

TrillionFund, an investment crowdfunding platform that targets the renewable energy sector, is raising capital on another well known crowdfunding portal – Seedrs.  Trillion Fund focuses on debt based offers but has also listed equity campaigns as well.  The site has funded multiple successful wind, solar and alternative energy projects around the UK and today has… Read More

Trillion Fund: Records in Renewable Energy (Infographic)


Trillion Fund is a crowdfunding platform for renewable energy.  One of the leaders in the space,  Trillion Fund allows people to invest in projects that generate renewable energy from solar and wind projects.  The motivation is kind of cool – you get to support something you believe in while generating a decent return on your… Read More

Vivienne Westwood Becomes Major Shareholder in Trillion Fund, Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platform

Vivienne Westwood

Famed fashion designer and environment advocate Vivienne Westwood has invested £1 million into renewable energy crowdfunding platform Trillion Fund.  According to reports she will not only be a significant investor in the site but an “active ambassador” for the company. As reported in the Telegraph, Westwood stated; “There is no better way of saving the… Read More

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference Scheduled for October

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

With sites like Abundance and Mosaic (among others) pushing the envelope on financing renewable energy, it was inevitable that someone would come along and realize there is a growing movement of innovation coupling crowdfunding and renewables. Solarplaza has recently announced they are organizing a conference in London this coming October seeking to bring together the hundreds… Read More

Update: Solar Roadways’ Passes $2.1M in Remaining Hours of Indiegogo Campaign

Solar Roadways

Successful Solar Roadways’ crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has just a few hours left until it closes, the campaign has raised over $2.1 million from more than 47,000 supporters. As previously reported by Crowdfund Insider, the fascinating project launched the campaign to raise $1,000,000 to replace the U.S.’s concrete and asphalt roads with solar panels. This is… Read More

Powering the Solar Home Revolution: Mosaic Loans Gain Traction

Mosaic Solar Panels in Home

Innovative solar crowdfunding platform Mosaic has been at the forefront of raising capital to finance solar energy projects.  Launched back in 2010, the peer to peer platform quickly caught the attention of many homeowners and developers interested in the possibilities of installing solar energy systems; saving money and making an energy statement simultaneously.  As the cost… Read More

Solar Roadways Crushes $1 Million Crowdfunding Goal

Solar Roadways

With only four days left in its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the Solar Roadways project has crushed its $1 million goal, standing at over $1.4 million from more than 34,000 backers today. The fascinating project is looking to replace the U.S.’s concrete and asphalt roads with solar panels. This is a promising way to produce… Read More

SunFunder Hits 1000 Investor Milestone

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

SunFunder, the solar crowdfunding platform for impact investing, has announced a new milestone as they  now have 1000 investors from 41 countries participating on their platform.  Over the pas 22 months, SunFunder has captured $214,000 from non-accredited investors and 9 accredited investors who have added $450,000 to the amount via the Solar Empowerment Fund. SunFunder… Read More

Mosaic: Fighting Climate Change with Solar (Infographic)

PutSolarOnIt Mosaic 2014

Solar crowdfunding platform Mosaic has created an infographic on fighting climate change.  The below graphic sets a path to how you reduce dependency on our beloved fossil fuels and shift to renewables. Mosaic is in the business of financing solar projects.  They are allow individuals to invest in solar projects while capturing a decent rate… Read More

Mosaic Touts Solar Investing on Earth Day

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

Mosaic, the leading solar investment crowdfunding platform, shared some interesting insight in their business this past week.  In an Earth Day missive, Mosaic co-founder and CEO Billy Parish, commented on the progress they have made in the advocacy and advancement of renewable energy; Between October 2013 and March 2014, 80% of the new electricity installed… Read More

Kiva Empowers Positive Global Impact on Earth Day

The Kiva Tree

Crowdfunding on Kiva provides an innovative way to protect our shared environment and engage in the expansion of renewable and sustainable energy sources worldwide.  Visitors to kiva.org/green may browse profiles and stories of borrowers and choose one they want to support with a loan of $25 or more. When the borrower successfully repays, you can… Read More

Mosaic, RGS Energy Partner to Offer Mosaic Home Solar Loan

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

New Product Allows Crowd to Help Fund Solar for Homeowners. RGS Energy, a nationwide leader of turnkey solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and utility customers, and Mosaic, the first company to offer crowdfunding investments online in solar projects, have partnered to launch the Mosaic Home Solar Loan. The new loan program represents a very… Read More

Sunfunder Offers Revolving Impact Investment


Sunfunder, a crowdfunding platform for solar energy as an impact investment, just recently listed their 20th project.  They continue to grow and expand their offerings which are in under-developed countries in Africa.  Presently investors participate in these projects as they believe in the mission of Sunfunder but the site does hope to offer financial returns… Read More

AbundanceGeneration to Offer New Renewable Energy Investment

Abundance Generation Crowd

FCA regulated AbundanceGeneration will offer 9% return on its latest low risk renewable energy debenture positioned as a better home for savers many of whom are currently earning rates less than inflation Announced today, the renewable energy investment project has a minimum investment of only £5 and offering twice yearly cash payments of capital and… Read More

Clean Reach is Crowdfunding for Ocean Energy Innovators

Clean Reach

Wants to be New Funding Source for Renewable Energy Sector. Debuting with five projects,  Clean Reach, the world’s first crowdfunding platform for the ocean energy industry launched today, designed to address a lack of early-stage funding for a fast-growing part of the renewable energy sector. Clean Reach exists to address one of the largest challenges… Read More

Mosaic Wins $1 Million Top Prize for Sustainability at CES 2014

Daniel Rosen and Billy Parish

$1 Million Powerful Answers Award from Verizon Will Be Used to Develop Mobile App & Expand Internationally for the Solar Energy Crowdfunding Platform.  Solar crowdfunding trail-blazer Mosaic had a big day today as they were anointed with the top prize for sustainability at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics show (CES).  The $1 million award from Verizon Powerful… Read More

100,000 People Have Benefited from Solar Energy via SunFunder loans.

Sun Funder Aids 100,000

Solar energy crowdfunding platform SunFunder estimates that as of the end of 2013 their efforts have aided over 100,000 individuals.  Over the past 18 months Sun Funder has seen $363,000 contributed to their diverse projects.   The average from each contributor stands at $244. Sun Funder has created a crowdfunding site that allows investors to… Read More