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Mosaic, RGS Energy Partner to Offer Mosaic Home Solar Loan

First Day of 2014 Solar Energy Sun

New Product Allows Crowd to Help Fund Solar for Homeowners. RGS Energy, a nationwide leader of turnkey solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and utility customers, and Mosaic, the first company to offer crowdfunding investments online in solar projects, have partnered to launch the Mosaic Home Solar Loan. The new loan program represents a very… Read More

Sunfunder Offers Revolving Impact Investment


Sunfunder, a crowdfunding platform for solar energy as an impact investment, just recently listed their 20th project.  They continue to grow and expand their offerings which are in under-developed countries in Africa.  Presently investors participate in these projects as they believe in the mission of Sunfunder but the site does hope to offer financial returns… Read More

AbundanceGeneration to Offer New Renewable Energy Investment

Abundance Generation Crowd

FCA regulated AbundanceGeneration will offer 9% return on its latest low risk renewable energy debenture positioned as a better home for savers many of whom are currently earning rates less than inflation Announced today, the renewable energy investment project has a minimum investment of only £5 and offering twice yearly cash payments of capital and… Read More

Clean Reach is Crowdfunding for Ocean Energy Innovators

Clean Reach

Wants to be New Funding Source for Renewable Energy Sector. Debuting with five projects,  Clean Reach, the world’s first crowdfunding platform for the ocean energy industry launched today, designed to address a lack of early-stage funding for a fast-growing part of the renewable energy sector. Clean Reach exists to address one of the largest challenges… Read More

Mosaic Wins $1 Million Top Prize for Sustainability at CES 2014

Daniel Rosen and Billy Parish

$1 Million Powerful Answers Award from Verizon Will Be Used to Develop Mobile App & Expand Internationally for the Solar Energy Crowdfunding Platform.  Solar crowdfunding trail-blazer Mosaic had a big day today as they were anointed with the top prize for sustainability at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics show (CES).  The $1 million award from Verizon Powerful… Read More

100,000 People Have Benefited from Solar Energy via SunFunder loans.

Sun Funder Aids 100,000

Solar energy crowdfunding platform SunFunder estimates that as of the end of 2013 their efforts have aided over 100,000 individuals.  Over the past 18 months Sun Funder has seen $363,000 contributed to their diverse projects.   The average from each contributor stands at $244. Sun Funder has created a crowdfunding site that allows investors to… Read More

Mosaic Celebrates One Year of Solar Crowdfunding (Infographic)

Mosaic Logo Square

Solar crowdfunding site Mosaic had a birthday yesterday (January 7) and along with the party that most certainly took place somewhere on the West Coast they provided some interesting information about their platform along with some data regarding the past 12 months. The one year old platform has gone from zero to over 2500 investors… Read More

Woody Harrelson Stumps for Prairie Paper Ventures Equity Offering

Woody Harrelson and Jeff Golfman

Woody Harrelson is of course best known for his many successful films and television characters including the recent mega-hit Hunger Games series.  What many people do not know is that he is also an avid environmentalist and entrepreneur.  Now you can add crowdfunder to Woody’s list of titles as he is campaigning for Prairie Paper… Read More

Actor Mark Ruffalo Campaigns for Mosaic #PutSolarOnIt Crowdfunding

PutSolarOnIt Mosaic Sun 2014

Academy Award nominated actor Mark Ruffalo is doing some grass-roots campaigning for Solar energy and he is partnering with Mosaic to get it done. In an emailed missive to Mosaic supporters the well known actor shared his ambition to place Solar energy at the top of his “to do list” for 2014 – and he… Read More

Sunfunder Wants to Provide Electricity to the 1.5 Billion Without

Sameer Halai-SunFunder Kayunga Uganda 2

Seeks to Catalyze $1 Billion of Crowdfunded Investments in Solar by 2020. Over the next decade, SunFunder expects solar energy to leapfrog the electricity grid in developing countries much like innovation of mobile phones quickly surpassed landlines. The SunFunder crowdfunding platform is dedicated to financing this off-grid solar market transformation. SunFunder is connecting investors to… Read More

Fast Growing Abundance Generation Crowdfunds Energy in the United Kingdom

Abundance Generation Crowd

Launched in 2011 the mission is simple: connect communities and individuals with renewable energy projects while providing reasonable returns to investors. Abundance Generation is in the business of crowdfunding solar and wind projects where everyone benefits.  Regulated by British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the company finances clean, renewable energy projects which for different communities.  … Read More

SunFunder’s First Loan for SunnyMoney Solar Project has been Repaid

Lighting Up Schools in Chadiza SunFunder

Project loan 100% repaid in one year. As of Nov 1st, SunFunder’s first loan for a SunnyMoney solar project in Zambia is fully repaid.  The $10,000 loan was used to purchase and sell approximately 781 solar powered lights to families in the Chadiza district of Eastern Zambia which would improve the existence of almost 4000… Read More

Abundance Generation Raises Over £400,000 for Solar Project in UK

Abundence Generation

Launched in 2011, Abundance Generation wants to revolutionize the way people invest in renewable energy.  They want to make it easy to share in the benefits of clean energy production by way of “Democratic Finance”.  In 2011 after a 14 month marathon, the platform received regulatory authorization from the FSA (precursor to the FCA) where… Read More

National Resource Defense Council Crowdfunds Solar for Schools

Where Does Solar Power Come From - NRDC

In a melding of education, energy and environmentalism, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support a new initiative to help schools purchase and install rooftop solar systems that can provide clean, renewable energy.  The crowdfunding campaign – a first for NRDC – initially seeks to raise $54,000 through Indiegogo… Read More

Windcentrale Raises €1.3 Million, 1700 Dutch Households Get Wind Turbine

Windcentrale Windy Day in Holland

The company claims the amount raised in such a short time is a crowdfunding record. Windcentrale, a Netherlands based crowdfunding platform for wind power, has raised €1.3 Million in just 13 hours by selling 6,648 shares in a wind turbine sold to 1700 Dutch households.  Windcentrale splits windmills into thousands of pieces called “Wind Share”… Read More

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) Investing Conference Learns about Crowdfunding


The 24th Annual SRI Conference will be looking at crowdfunding this year.  Specifically clean tech investing with a panel by Dan Adler, of the Clean Energy Angel Fund and Dan Rosen, CEO of energy crowfunding site Solar Mosaic. The event will be held October 28-30 in Colorado Springs. The discussion will explore the clean tech… Read More

SunFunder Successfully Funds Solar for 4500 Students in Tanzania

SunFunder Tanzania

SunFunder, has successfully funded their single largest crowdfunded loan to date raising $25,000 for SunnyMoney’s solar schools campaign in Tanzania.  The project was dubbed Solar for 4500 students raised the money from 173 contributors.  The loan term was structured for repayment in 12 months via a quarterly schedule with an interest rate of 3.5%. SunnyMoney… Read More

Community Energy Power Scheme, Harlow Hydro, Hits Crowdfunding Goal

Harlaw Hydro Share Offer Finale

Harlaw Hydro Ltd., located outside of Edinburgh, Scotland, has hit their crowdfunding goal of £313,000 to finance a hydro electric energy plant in a unique twist in community crowdfunding.  The goal was reached via community participation in just 12 weeks. Back in the Spring of this year, the community had initially considered using local banks… Read More

Breaking Down The 2013 Crowdfunding World Summit

crowdfunding world summit

Mark Perlmutter is organizing the 2013 Crowdfunding World Summit, a two week online event that will bring crowdfunding experts from all over the world together for a comprehensive series of interviews discussing the history, current context and future path of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding enthusiasts and interested parties can register for the event at CrowdfundingWorldSummit.com. Registration is… Read More

On Indiegogo: A Portable Electric Bike For City Dwellers


Revelo is a company based in Toronto that has taken to Indiegogo to crowdfund the LIFEbike, a bike that is clearly aimed at busy citydwellers on the go. LIFEbike (Lightweight, Intelligent, Flexible Electric bike) is a simple solution that allows commuters to travel without breaking a sweat, and not worry about showering, changing, and parking.  The LIFEbike is… Read More