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Details Emerge on Patent Lawsuit Against Multiple Crowdfunding Platforms

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It was revealed earlier this week that a patent infringement lawsuit was filed against Indiegogo, CircleUp, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Gust, RocketHub & Innovational Funding  by Alphacap Ventures LLC for a trial by jury in the Eastern District Court of Texas. Alphacap Ventures is based in California but the suit was filed in Texas as the “Defendant because… Read More

AlphaCap Ventures Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Indiegogo

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This past Friday a lawsuit was filed in Texas for patent infringement against global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.  The plaintiff in the case is AlphaCap Ventures LLC, a filing associated with a Mr. Charles Ainsworth.  Ainsworth is a patent attorney based in East Texas  who “has earned a reputation for obtaining superior results on behalf of a wide range… Read More

Creator of Airline Advice Website Skiplagged Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Fight United Airlines & Orbitz

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During the final months of 2014, creator of airfare advice website Skiplagged Aktarer Zaman was faced with a lawsuit from United Airlines and its partner Orbitz, claiming that the 22-year-old was providing “unfair competition” along with promoting “strictly prohibited travel on his website. This is due to the website’s strategy known as “hidden city” ticketing. The… Read More

Crowdfunding Patent Battle Between Kickstarter & ArtistShare Nears End. Judge Set to Rule on Creation of Crowdfunding

Kickstarter vs ArtistShare

Three years ago, crowdfunding leader Kickstarter became embroiled in a legal battle with musician and creator of website ArtistShare, Brian Camelio. Now it looks like the battle of who invented (or at least controls the intellectual property) crowdfunding is finally about to come to end. According to an article in BetaBeat, who referred to the ArtistShare… Read More

Kickstarter Alum Carbon Audio Files Suit Against Monster Alleging IP Theft

carbon audio

Oregon-based Carbon Audio has one successful Kickstarter under their belt. The company raised over $70,000 on a $25,000 goal for the Zooka, a wireless speaker for iDevices. The crowdfunding success was also accompanied by a $1.5 million round. The product eventually found its way into the Apple App Store and some retailers, but all was… Read More

Kickstarter Triumphs In Lawsuit Over Cancelled Project & Guidelines

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We recently reported on a lawsuit filed by Kristin and Chapman Ducote that accused Kickstarter of pulling their crowdfunding campaign without any basis to do so. In synopsis, the campaign was launched for a book called Naked Paddock. The campaign aspired to produce a “novel based on life, love, and the drama surrounding the adrenaline fueled world… Read More

The Top 10 Crowdfunding Stories Of The Last Year


Today marks one year to the day since we launched Crowdfund Insider. We launched with a simple goal: to help educate people from all walks of life about the crowdfunding space. Whether you own a crowdfunding company, have launched a project or are just passing through, we hope we’ve been able to accomplish that goal for… Read More

Kickstarter, Lawsuits And An F From The BBB

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Curation in crowdfunding carries some risk. Does it carry some responsibility as well? On August 14th, 2013, Kristin “MK” Ducote, author of the racing novel, Naked Paddock, along with her husband, professional racecar driver, Chapman Ducote, and their publishing company, War Chest Publishing, LLC, filed an Amended Complaint in New York federal court against the… Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Squanders $123K, Campaign Creator Responds


A campaign launched for a board game called “The Doom That Came To Atlantic City” raised $122,000, closing funding on June 6th of last year. Over 1200 backers chipped in. The campaign was launched by The Forking Path, a Portland, Oregon based game developer and publisher. The campaign has since been maintained by The Forking… Read More

Can You Really Sue Kickstarter for IP Infringement?

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When Formlabs raised $2,945,885 on Kickstarter for its high resolution 3-D printer in October 2012, neither company was expecting a lawsuit. Still, 3D Systems, one of the biggest names in 3-D printing,sued both companies, accusing them of patent infringement. Debate swept the maker community — a 3-D printed Kickstarter project boycotted 3D Systems, and Formlabs ended up shipping their printers, undaunted by… Read More

Kickstarter Roundup: 5 Projects Making Waves


Kickstarter is used to fund everything from the unimaginable to the completely absurd, and five projects on our radar today pretty much run that gamut. Here are five projects getting a lot of buzz this week… ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone Planetary Resources is a private firm with the rather ambitious goal of mining… Read More

Ten Ways To Avoid Getting Sued Over Your Next Kickstarter


With the success of the Veronica Mars and Garden State-sequel Kickstarter campaigns, it appears that the crowdfunding business model has made its way to mainstream Hollywood. While crowdfunding certainly has advantages, including giving filmmakers more creative control over their projects, this business model is open to potential claims of fraud, misappropriation, conversion and embezzlement, which lead to the risk… Read More

Neil Singh Sets Record Straight on Kickstarter Lawsuit


Earlier this month we caught wind of the story of Hanfree, Seth Quest and Neil Singh as first reported by Eric Markowitz in Inc. It is supposedly the first time a Kickstarter backer had sued a project creator, and it eventually led to our story on crowdfunding being “serious business,” even on Kickstarter. Quick summary:… Read More