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Misfit Shine Makes Good On Promise Of Android App To Crowdfunding Backers

Misfit Wearables launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in November of last year for the Misfit Shine, a wearable activity tracker that aimed to compete with other stalwarts in the space like offerings from Nike and Fitbit. The campaign raised over $800,000, which makes it… Read More

Kickstarter Darling Omate TrueSmart Negotiates With Google On Play Store Inclusion

The Omate TrueSmart came under fire recently following a post on Google Plus that explained problems with the form factor of the device and promises the device’s manufacturers had made regarding the inclusion of the Google Play store. The TrueSmart has a week left until… Read More

Crowdtilt Announces Upcoming Mobile App

Crowdtilt is working on a mobile app that will allow anyone to create or back projects directly from their smartphone. Those interested in the app can sign up to be notified of the app’s release on Crowdtilt’s homepage. The announcement was made today at TechCrunch… Read More

Pressy On Kickstarter: The God Button For Android Phones

We’ve all been there. The big moment is happening right in front of your eyes, so you pull out your smartphone to take a picture. By the time you can get through the lock screen, open the app and hit the button, the moment is… Read More

Hemlis Builds Out Team, Outlines Encrypted Messaging App

A while back we reported on Hemlis, a messaging app Edward Snowden would appreciate. The team behind the app has kicked operations into high gear after their successful crowdfunding campaign, and they recently took to their blog to share updates with backers. Development on an… Read More

Wattpad Launches Crowdfunding Service For Writers, Authors

Wattpad is a company that provides users of their app with millions of free stories to read via mobile devices and tablets. They have just announced the addition of a crowdfunding service that will allow authors to ask the crowd to fund future works. The… Read More

STAR Angel Network’s Erica Minnihan On Crowdfunding, LISNR & SeedInvest

We recently reported on SeedInvest Groups, a product aimed at angel groups and other investor networks. Recently the STAR Angel Network leveraged SeedInvest groups to close a round for Cincinnati-based mobile app startup LISNR. It’s a somewhat ridiculous event: hop on a bus to SXSW,… Read More

Users Can Now Fill Out Project Surveys With The Updated Kickstarter App

For the first time in a little more than two months, the official KickstarteriPhone app has been updated. Version 1.2 of the app brings a slate of new features while squashing one problematic bug. Users can finally fill out project surveys directly from the app, which… Read More

Melon Measures Focus, Continues Wearables Trend In Crowdfunding

Melon is a headband that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and reads your brainwave patterns, making suggestions regarding improving concentration and focus. The singularity gets closer every day. From the campaign page… he Melon headband is a wireless brain-sensing device that uses EEG (electroencephalography) to… Read More

“One Today” Adds Crowdfunding Layer Onto Google Plus

Google has launched a crowdfunding app called “One Today” that adds a philanthropic crowdfunding layer on top of their Google Plus social network. I recently had a chance to try the app. Every day I get a notification on my phone for the day’s cause…. Read More

Case Study: Appsplit, Niche Crowdfunding And Breaking Through

Among the growing number of niche crowdfunding platforms, Appsplit has one of the more interesting approaches in that their service is extremely tailored to the industry they serve. AppSplit is a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform for app developers. Rather than pursuing a singular focus on… Read More

Alums Using Crowdfunding to Develop March Madness App

March Madness app that its developers, two former Texas A&Menvironmental design students, say will make it easy and fun to fill out brackets and compete with friends and family for the title of best bracket in the land. It’s the latest product by Studio Neat founders Dan Provost ’07… Read More

Pre-Ordered Your Pebble Watch? Get The Official Android & iOS App Before It Arrives

If you’ve pre-ordered a Pebble smartwatch, the first thing you’ll want to do when it arrives is connect it to your smartphone. After all, that’s the whole idea, right? Then you’ll be pleased to know that Pebble’s official apps for Android and iOS will be available before the device arrives… Read More

Backing for app designer a dream come true

Kidder Williams, whose client list has included companies such as Bega, Tassal and Nufarm, has launched KidderApp, an investment fund set up to help entrepreneurs take their applications — commonly called “apps” — to market. With about 13,000 new apps approved every month on the… Read More

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