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Ian Anderson from ArchOver Says “Read Everything You Can” to Turn Knowledge into Financial Gains

Peer to peer business lender ArchOver notes that it’s “wonderfully ironic” when Michael Burry, who had been played by actor Christian Bale in the Big Short, tells us that the GameStop antics are “unnatural, insane and dangerous.” Bale also noted that there must be “legal… Read More

P2P Lender ArchOver Claims there’s “Unprecedented” Demand from its Investors as it Prepares to Again Offer Secured Lending

Peer to peer (P2P) business lender ArchOver recently claimed that it has seen a significant increase in demand from retail investors as the platform prepares to begin lending again via its secured loan offering. According to its website, ArchOver has funded over £119 million for… Read More

P2P Lender Archover to Begin Offering New Secured Lending Again, According to Charlotte Marsh, MD at ArchOver

Charlotte Marsh, managing director at ArchOver, a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform supporting SMEs business borrowing, has argued that the COVID-19 outbreak can be viewed as a key opportunity for P2P lenders to provide long-term funding to businesses struggling to cope with the economic challenges created… Read More

P2P Lender ArchOver Announces IFISA

ArchOver, the UK P2P business lending platform, announced this week the launch of its Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA)to both new and existing lender. ArchOver reported that the IFISA allows individuals to earn tax-free returns by investing over P2P lending platforms using their annual ISA allowance of… Read More

P2P Lender ArchOver Bridges Finance Gap with New Research & Development Advance

Courtesy ptmoney.com

ArchOver, the UK P2P business lending platform, aims to bridge the funding gap to enable businesses to continue to grow while waiting for their R&D tax claim to be repaid. ArchOver’s Research & Development Advance (RDA) service is reportedly the first provided by a P2P… Read More

ArchOver Announcement: £21.39 Million Raised on P2P Lending Platform in 2017 (So Far)

Peer-to-peer business lending platform ArchOver announced on Monday it has nearly doubled its overall lending in the first nine months of 2017. The company reported that since 2017 its total lending has reached £21.39 million, bringing its cumulative total that has been lent to date… Read More

ArchOver Announces P2P Business Lending Services Expansion By Launching “Secure & Assigned” Business Loans

On Friday, peer-to-peer business lending platform ArchOver announced it is expanding its current “Secure & Insured” lending model by launching “Secure & Assigned” business loans.  According to the lender, the first Secured & Assigned loan will be for Ergowealth, a firm of chartered financial planners… Read More

ArchOver to Extend 3 Year Credit Insurance Agreement

Peer to peer lender ArchOver has announced it will extend its exclusive partnership with international credit insurer and collections company Coface by a further three years. The 2-year old secured business lender states it has not experienced any borrower defaults, late payments or losses, to… Read More

Brief: ArchOver’s First Loan Ever Paid Back in Full

Archover‘s first loan ever has been paid back in full.  The SME lender said the 24 month loan for £100,000 to TruTac Limited has successfully cleared the books. Terry Ramsey, TruTac’s managing director, labeled the entire process hassle free. “Although having our first ever loan successfully… Read More

ArchOver Touts Lender Protection Recognition from Independent Research

Peer to peer lender ArchOver is pointing to a recent report from Equity Development regarding investor protection for lenders using their platform. The report calls ArchOver the “pioneer of secured and insured loans” for SMEs. ArchOver says that to date the platform has not experienced… Read More

Bank of England Cuts Rates: Alternative Finance Leaders Respond

  The Bank of England (BoE) has cut its benchmark rate by 0.25% – the first time in 7 years. The pound quickly moved lower reacting to the announcement. The move was telegraphed several weeks back in reaction to Brexit fallout. The interest rate cut… Read More

Brief: ArchOver Tops £20 Million in Lending

ArchOver has announced topping £20 million in lending. ArchOver is supported by Hampden Group, a financial firm that manages insurance assets and is, in fact, the largest members’ agency at Lloyd’s. Hampden is both an investor in ArchOver the company and an active investor over… Read More

ArchOver & GapCap Sign Agreement to Share Future Business Opportunities

ArchOver and GapCap have formed a strategic agreement where the two platforms will share future business opportunities. While not a merger, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) appears to be a step in that direction.  Both ArchOver and GapCap provide financing secured by receivables. ArchOver is a… Read More

ArchOver Points to Independent Report Labeling their P2P Platform as Industry Best Practice

In an independent report conducted by Equity Development, peer to peer lender ArchOver has received a nice affirmation of their secured lending approach. The publication entitled, “How to Make a Relatively Safe 5% PA Return” (registration required), labeled their business model as perhaps the best practice… Read More

Officially Launched: Goji is Ready for IF ISA, Receives Funding from Cocoon Wealth

Goji, a platform that aggregates peer to peer lending investment opportunities including the forthcoming Innovative Finance ISA, has announced its “official” launch as the new IF ISA is set to hit hit the marketplace. Goji states that P2P lenders Landbay, ArchOver and Assetz Capital are… Read More

ArchOver Closes “Record £2.3 Million Working Capital Loan

Peer to peer lender ArchOver has successfully closed a record £2.3 million working capital loan for Duradiamond Healthcare. The new credit facility was announced last month by ArchOver and was described as not just a record for their platform but for the online lending industry… Read More

Archover Says Lenders to VFS Will Have Capital Repaid Early

Archover, a secured peer to peer lender, has announced that investors in VFS loans will have all capital repaid early, along with interest payments, as the company has received new financing. VFS Legal Limited, a company that specializes in providing cash flow loans to lawyers… Read More

ArchOver Provides “Record” £2.3 Million in Working Capital Loan

ArchOver, a peer to peer or “B2B crowdlending platform”, has facilitated a sizeable £2.3 million loan to provide working capital to Duradiamond. The deal is stated to be a record-breaking amount for not just the online lender but for the industry as a whole.  Duradiamond… Read More

P2P Lender ArchOver Joins with Coface to Provide £100 Million of Lender Protection

ArchOver, a peer to peer lending platform, has enlisted Coface, a leader in credit insurance, to protect lenders from potential default on business loans. The new partnership is said to provide future protection of up to £100 million. The new arrangement will enable ArchOver to… Read More

Are Banks & Online Lenders Deadly Enemies? Not! Says Lloyds Bank Executive

Online lending platform ArchOver recently chatted up Andy Bishop, Head of Business Development for SME Lending at Lloyds Bank.  For perspective sake, Lloyds Bank has been in business since about 1765 (the Yanks were just a mere colony back then). ArchOver, a lending platform that… Read More

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