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Boston Equity Crowdfunding Event

A Boston Equity Crowdfunding Event is coming this summer! Date: Tuesday August 12th, 2014 Location: The Asgard – 350 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA Speakers: TBD Info: This free event will provide an opportunity for equity-investorsand entrepreneurs to get connected and learn more aboutequity-based crowdfunding. There will be crowdfunding experts and successful entrepreneurs who will… Read More

3D Printing Startup NVBOTS Launches $150,000 Crowdfunding Campaign on Fundable

Boston-based NVBOTS, a 3D printing startup founded by MIT students, is seeking to raise $150,000 with a crowdfunding campaign on Fundable. The funds from this new campaign, which launched today (July 23rd), will be added to an $850,000 seed funding round that the company has raised… Read More

A&E, RocketHub, & Comcast Business Team Up To Launch Project Startup Entrepreneur Forms

A&E, RocketHub and Comcast Business have joined forces to launch Project Startup Entrepreneur Forms, a unique series to live events bringing together some of the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds in three U.S. cities; Boston, MA, Detroit, MI, and Provo, UT. These forums will host aspiring… Read More

On Indiegogo: Laforge Crowdfunding For The Icis, A Prescription Google Glass Competitor

Various campaigns for wearable smart glasses have been launched via crowdfunding efforts. The latest comes from Boston-based Laforge Optical, who is seeking to crowdfund a pair of smart glasses for the optically challenged set. It’s called the Icis, and it’s a pair of smart glasses… Read More

Homeless Man Who Returned $40,000 Cash, Receives $150,000 in Crowdfunded Reward

As we reported back in September, Glen James came across a backpack full of cash and checks in the amount of $40,000.  Mr. James, who happens to be homeless, did the right thing and turned over the large some of money to the authorities.  This… Read More

Homeless Man Who Returned $40,000 in Cash Set to Benefit from Crowdfunding Campaign

Last week on September 14th a homeless man, Glen James, came across a backpack full of cash and travelers checks.  He had discovered more than $40,000 – along with a passport – new Boston.  In light of such a windfall many people would quickly look… Read More

Fund This Kickstarter To See Fireworks Over the Boston Harbor on Labor Day

For the first time in 15 years, Boston’s Labor Day weekend celebrations could get an extra boost of light. Nearly two dozen local nonprofits and public agencies have banded together to bring fireworks to the Boston Harbor on Labor Day weekend, Saturday, August 31, 2013…. Read More

BBB Expresses Concern Over Crowdfunding, And Rightly So

Yesterday Erika L. Lehman, Director of The Center For Ethics at the Better Business Bureau, published a blog post on the BBB web site expressing concerns about crowdfunding’s lack of transparency regarding use of funds. She cautioned contributors to be careful when donating to crowdfunding… Read More

Crowdfunding helps Boston bomb victims pay medical bills

(MoneyWatch) Jeff Bauman was among those standing in the wrong place — near the finish line of the Boston Marathon — when the first bomb went off. Within seconds of the explosion rescue personnel and people who had just come to see the race were… Read More

These Two Kickstarter Product Campaigns Will Blow Your Mind

Product launches on Kickstarter are the best, aren’t they? It is amazing to see the things people come up with. The following two campaigns on Kickstarter live up to this and then some. They’ll blow your mind! Mycestro, The Next Generation 3D Mouse Ah, the… Read More

Massachusetts and Crowdfunding

There was a recent release this past week coming from a law firm, titled: Are Massachusetts Crowdfunding Actions a Sign of Things to Come? This appeared to highlight the forthcoming risks of crowdfunding.  The statement starts by declaring; Massachusetts’s regulators recently filed fraud actions against… Read More

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