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SterlingFunder Launches Equity Crowdfunding for Non Accredited Investors

Investors on the Crowdfunding Platform Must Be Georgia Residents, Investing in Georgia Companies. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, Georgia small businesses created 87 percent of the new private sector jobs from 2004-2008. Even more jobs can be created if more Georgia businesses are… Read More

Crowdfunding catches on in Atlanta Restaurants

The internet age has changed a lot of things about the restaurant industry, like the immediate public feedback from crowdsourced review sites like Yelp, to online ordering, the rise of food bloggers…ahem… and the connection restaurant owners can make with patrons through social media like… Read More

Is Equity Crowdfunding Legal in Georgia?

According to a post on Invest Georgia, equity crowdfunding is already legal in the state of Georgia via the Invest Georgia Exemption which was enacted in December 2011. As stated on the post; Georgia-based, private companies can sell equity (shares of stock or debt) to Georgia based… Read More

Got An Idea? Finance It With Crowdfunding

ALPHARETTA, GA Do you have a great idea for a business or project but no way to fund it? Some entrepeneurs are turning to what’s known as crowdfunding. Michael Lundmark and Josh Rachel have nearly completed the Jekyll Brewery in Alpharetta, a tasting and touring brewery featuring… Read More

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