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Report Indicates Private Equity Investments Drop in UK, Crowdcube Continues to Lead the Crowdfunding Marketplace

Beauhurst is out with UK deal numbers for equity investment in Q3 and both the amount, and total number of deals, dropped in comparison to Q2. In fact, the total number of deals is the lowest since Q3 of 2014. The report indicates the following:… Read More

What Brexit? Beauhurst Report Says Record Year for Foreign Investment into UK Firms, Fintech Helps to Fuel Growth

UK research firm Beauhurst published a report recently that highlighted foreign investment into high growth UK firms. According to their numbers, foreign investment is booming in the UK – in spite of Brexit induced jitters. The report states that during 2017 foreign investment hit £6… Read More

Beauhurst: UK Equity Deals Tank in Q1 but Crowdfunding Remains Bright Spot

Beauhurst is out with their quarterly deal report for UK equity investment activity and according to their data deal numbers fell to their lowest level since Q3 of 2014. Additionally, Q1 delivered the lowest ever percentage of deals under the half a million pound hurdle…. Read More

SyndicateRoom Publishes Growth Funders Report: Investors in Early-Stage Equities Have Experienced a 7th Consecutive Year of 30% Growth

SyndicateRoom, one of the leading UK equity crowdfunding platforms, has published research that indicates investors in early-stage equities have enjoyed a seventh consecutive year of 30% growth. Conducted in partnership with Beauhurst, this is the second piece of in-depth analysis of the financial performance of early-stage… Read More

Beauhurst: 2017 Was the Best Year on Record for Investment in the UK’s High-Growth Companies

“This year couldn’t be more different,” Toby Austin, CEO & Co-Founder of Beauhurst The above quote pretty much sums things up. According to the numbers tallied by Beauhurst, 2017 was a gangbuster year for investment into UK high growth firms. Austin adds that; “It’s good… Read More

Moving Up: Report Indicates Equity Investments in Private UK Firms on the Rise

Beauhurst has just released their Q3 Deal report and according to their numbers, equity investing in UK non-listed firms is on the rise. This is in contrast to a slowdown seen in the number of deals during 2016. According to the report, there were 397… Read More

More Positive News: Equity Investment in UK Companies Rises in First 6 Months of 2017

Beauhurst is out with their monthly report for June and, according to their numbers, things are looking up for equity investments into high growth UK firms. This follows news by OFF3R that said equity crowdfunding in the UK had experienced a record breaking first half… Read More

UK Startup Deals: Total Raised Jumps, Number of Deals Tank for Month of May

Beauhurst is out with some research on early stage deals in the UK for the month of May. While the total raised for these startup deals jumped dramatically to £941 million (the most ever tracked by Beauhurst in a single month) the number of deals… Read More

Beauhurst: Q1 Crowdfunding Delivered £47 Million in 82 Deals

Beauhurst is out with a quarterly report on the status of equity crowdfunding in the UK. According to their numbers, the first quarter of 2017 saw 82 deals raise in excess of £47 million.  How does this compare versus year prior quarter? Good question. It… Read More

Seedrs Comments on Beauhurst Report: “2016 Was a Great Year for Crowdfunding”

Earlier today, Beauhurst published a report on equity investment into early stage private companies in the UK during 2016. While their numbers indicated a decline versus years prior, crowdfunding was highlighted as a “reason to be optimistic about prospects for equity finance.” Equity crowdfunding platform… Read More

Disappointing News: Investment in UK Startups Drops Largest Amount in 5 Years

The Deal from Beauhurst: Crowdfunding Platforms Emerge as True Alternative for Later Stage Finance The most recent edition of the Deal, published by Beauhurst, includes some disappointing news. According to the UK research house, investment in UK startups has dropped by the largest amount in… Read More

SyndicateRoom: £7 Billion in Wealth Creation for Investors in Early Stage Companies in 2017

SyndicateRoom has released research that indicates up to £7 billion in wealth creation will occur in 2017 for individuals investing in early stage companies – undeterred by Brexit fallout. Of course past results are no guarantee of future returns but the findings are positive for… Read More

Beauhurst: UK Crowdfunding Platforms Experience “Record Drop” of 20% in Q3

UK research firm Beauhurst is out with their Q3 report on equity investment  in non-listed UK firms. The authoris state that equity funding rounds continues to fall delivering three consecutive quarters of decline. According to the Deal report, there are three different reasons for the… Read More

Slump: Equity Crowdfunding Declines in UK During First 6 Months

After many moons of solid growth, the UK equity crowdfunding market is in the midst of a slump.  This is according to data on the UK funding ecosystem correlated by Beauhurst released this past week.  The slowing market started in Q1 and accelerated during Q2… Read More

Beauhurst Ranks Seedrs Number One in UK Funded Deals for H1 2016

Seedrs is pointing to a recent report that gives it the top spot for crowdfunding deals in the UK. According to Beauhurst, Seedrs is in the pole position having funded 78 deals in the first 6 months of 2016 topping competitor Crowdcube which came in… Read More

British Business Bank Report: £3.5 Billion Goes to Equity in SMEs During 2015

Access to capital is imperative for SME growth. Small companies need debt and equity finance to hire employees and pursue strategies to expand operations.  A vibrant equity ecosystem is imperative for early stage companies as typically it is more challenging to access debt finance. In… Read More

Seedrs Dubbed No. 1 Investor in UK’s Private Companies By Beauhurst

Earlier this week, Beauhurst released its latest study on the equity investment into UK startups and high-growth companies. Although startup investments fell 44% in Q1 2016 compared with the same quarter in 2015, the research firm explained that total amount invested grew slightly to above £1bn in a… Read More

Beauhurst’s UK Equity Investment in Startups Study Reveals: “Data Shows The Future is Unclear” (Infographic)

On Tuesday, UK research firm Beauhurst released its research about equity investment into UK startups and high-growth companies. The company reported the data, which was conducted from January 1st to March 31st of 2016, shows the future is unclear for startup investment in the UK. Total deal numbers… Read More

Brief: Beauhurst’s New Report Reveals the Number of UK Private Equity-Back Fundraisings Fell By 11% in 2015

Last week, UK research firm Beauhurst announced that its latest research revealed that the number of UK private equity-backed fundraisings fell by 11% in 2015 with yearly deal figures reportedly dropping from 488 to 441. The company stated: “Looking at our data, we can see that private… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Now Most Active Investor Type in UK High-Growth Company Funding

Beauhurst, a leading provider of data on high-growth UK companies, released “The Deal” its 2015/2016 report on equity fundraising for UK private fast-growth companies. Crowdfunding emerges as a leading force in seed investing and is expected to become one in growth investing as its average… Read More

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