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CircleUp Launches Marketplace Index Fund. Plans to Open Up Fund to Non-Accredited Investors in 2016

CircleUp Marketplace Index Fund

Equity crowdfunding platform has launched the Marketplace Index Fund that will invest in multiple companies raising capital online. The fund will allow investors to easily diversify their holdings thus mitigating risk. The basket of up to 125 early stage companies quickly sold out for investors… Read More

Q&A: Rory Eakin, COO & Co-Founder of CircleUp, Talks New Consumer Growth Fund, Online Marketplaces’ Effect On Access To Capital

rory eakin profile pipc

  “Trying.” states Rory Eakin’s Twitter bio, which could describe its owner as well as the company Rory co-founded, CircleUp. But perhaps Rory’s bio needs one more word: “Succeeding.” In the last two years, the company has launched several notable products, such as the Consumer Growth Fund,… Read More

CircleUp Captures $22M to Invest in Consumer Brands That Campaigned on Its Very Own Platform

CircleUp featured

Equity crowdfunding platform, CircleUp, recently revealed that it has secured $22 million so that it may invest in consumer brands that previously received funds through its site. According to TechCrunch, CircleUp’s funding round, The Consumer Growth Fund, is set to match investments made on its platform by others, but does… Read More

On CircleUp, Women Founders are 5X More Successful Compared to Raising Money from VCs

Gender Female Male Money Investing

There has been an ongoing discussion regarding the disparity between female and male entrepreneurs. A vital element of this discourse is access to capital.  You cannot startup a business without funding. Just doesn’t happen.  There appears to be some initial evidence that crowdfunding may alleviate… Read More

CircleUp: 40 Companies and $40 Million Funded

CircleUp featured

On the anniversary of legalizing general solicitation for private placements, I had the opportunity to speak with Rory Eakin, COO and co-founder of  equity crowdfunding platform CircleUp.  Founded in 2012, since their  launch they have raised over $40 million for 40 different companies.  The CircleUp… Read More

SmartyPants Raises $2.49M Crowdfunding on CircleUp

for adults and kids

Co-founder and co-CEO of SmartyPants Inc. Courtney Nichols Gould announced earlier this week that the company, which makes gummy vitamins for kids and adults, has raised $2,490,000 in its new crowdfunding campaign on CircleUp. The listing was for a convertible note with 19 investors participating… Read More

Rory Eakin Co-Founder & CEO of CircleUp Interviewed

Rory Eakin CircleUp

CircleUp CEO and Co-founder Rory Eakin was recently interviewed on Bloomberg West to talk about his consumer goods equity crowdfunding platform. After running the investment crowdfunding platform for about 2 years, Eakin shares some of his insight into the process.  He states that companies that… Read More

National Association for Business Economists Gathering to Feature “Crowdfinance Session”


The National Association for Business Economists (NABE) will be holding their 55th annual meeting next week in San Francisco.  As part of the gathering a session has been scheduled entitled, “Crowdfinancing: Can the Revolution in Financial Intermediation be a Catalyst for Small Business?”. This session… Read More

Crowdfunding site CircleUp raises its own $7.5M Series A

Screen Shot 2012 11 05 at 6.56.12 AM

In a push to grow their crowdfunding platform CircleUp has raised $7.5 Million in a Series A round of investment.  Led by Union Square Ventures (USV), other participants included Google Ventures, Maveron and Rose Park Advisors. It is notable that Rose Park Advisors participated in this round… Read More

Stanford Law School Holds Panel on Crowdfunding


From the event description… The panel will include Naval Ravikant (CEO and co-founder of AngelList), Rory Eakin (Founder and COO of CircleUp), and Professor Joe Grundfest (Stanford Law School) and will be moderated by Evan Epstein (Executive Director, Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance) Co-sponsored… Read More

Panel On Crowdfunding to Be Held at Stanford

Stanford University Panel on Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding: The New Age of Venture Capital or an Invitation to Fraud and Disaster? A Panel is scheduled  to be held at Stanford University on Thursday, February 7,  2013.    There is an opening reception at 5:30PM with a 6PM presentation.  The address is: Room… Read More

Crowdfunding Campaigns and Sites are Popping Up Everywhere

Since the JOBS Act was signed into law in April 2012, crowdfunding campaigns and platforms have been growing like wildflowers. There are many choices for businesses, entrepreneurs and marketing consultants but also some equity-based crowdfunding uncertainties with pending Securities and Exchange Commission rules. I recently… Read More

The Crowdfunding Crowd Is Anxious

Candace Klein NYTimes.com

RYAN CALDBECK was stumped. A director at a private equity firm, he was taking part in a panel discussion at a consumer goods conference last summer in New York when an entrepreneur raised his hand with a question: Where could a young company with just a few… Read More

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