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Israeli Crowdfunding Platform ExitValley Self Crowdfunds, Plans UK Expansion

ExitValley is leveraging its own platform to raise growth capital for the young investment crowdfunding site. According to the campaign page; “2 years after we pioneered Israel‘s first Crowdinvesting platform, new government regulations are now in place that allow everyone to invest in Start-ups. We… Read More

Fundrise is Crowdfunding Itself Under Reg A+

The other day Crowdfund Insider shared that Fundrise was preparing for its “Greatest Innovation Yet”, today we may have a bit more information. Fundrise is going to crowdfund itself. True to form, the real estate marketplace will use Reg A+ to raise capital and offer equity… Read More

WeFunder Has Raised $1.8 Million in a Self-Crowdfunding Campaign

Wefunder is in the midst of a self-crowdfunding round and things are moving along quite well. The minimum raise was pegged at a $1 million goal and as of today stands at $1.77 million. WeFunder has created a WeFund SPV to hold the shares in… Read More

Crowdcube Finishes Self-Crowdfunding Round With Over £8M From More Than 3,700 Investors

Following the closing of its latest equity crowdfunding round, the team at Crowdcube announced they have successfully secured over £8 million from more than 3,700 crowd investors. Last month, Crowdcube launched the campaign and due to the size of the funding round, the equity crowdfunding platform had to… Read More

Final Hours: Crowdcube Self Crowdfunding Offer Nears £7 Million

The UK’s largest investment crowdfunding platform by total amount raised will be closing its most recent self-crowdfunding round in less than 24 hours. The offer currently stands overfunded at £6.95 million on an initial goal of £5 million. The offer page indicates that  so far… Read More

Eureeca Easily Closes Self-Crowdfunding Round: 100% Funded

Eureeca closed its self-crowdfunding round this weekend early – 100% funded. The offer closed after just 12 days of being available online. The securities offer was over 60% funded on day one Based in Dubai, Euereeca has bigger ambitions having received FCA approval in the… Read More

Crowdcube Opens Share Offer to Wider Audience Having Topped £6 Million, Crowdfunding Platform Valued at £65 Million

Crowdcube is in the midst of a self-crowdfunding round seeking an initial goal of raising £5 million.  In the first 24 hours, the platform raised over £6 million and is now in over-funding mode.  As it stands now, over 2450 investors have invested in the… Read More

Report: Crowdcube May Allow Existing Shareholders Opportunity to Sell. May Launch Secondary Market

Crowdcube is poised to launch the largest equity crowdfunding round ever on their platform and it is for their own company.  Indications of interest have grown steadily during the past week. At last report, approximately £50 million has been registered online by investors who have… Read More

Indications of Interest for Crowdcube Share Offer Now at £50 Million

Crowdcube, the UKs largest investment crowdfunding platform by amount of capital raised, will launch its most recent self-crowdfunding round this coming Tuesday (July 19th) at 12Noon GMT.  To drum up support, Crowdcube is registering “expressions of interest” and to date, Crowdcube has tallied £50 million… Read More

Brief: Companisto Launches Self-Crowdfunding Round

German investment crowdfunding platform Companisto has launched its self crowdfunding round, presently only available to registered users or “companists”. Management described the initiative as “another chapter in [their] company’s history.” Details of the offer were not immediately available as all information was only available to… Read More

FundedByMe Launches Self Crowdfunding Round

FundedByMe has opened a self-crowdfunding round seeking to raise a minimum €1 million.  The offer comes after FundedByMe received regulatory approval to become a publicly traded company by the Swedish Companies Registry Office. CEO and co-founder Daniel Daboczy stated; “With the force of more than 500… Read More

Invesdor Expected to Launch Self Crowdfunding Round on May 17th

Helsinki based Fintech firm Invesdor is expected to launch its self-crowdfunding round next week on May 17th.  Founded in 2012, Invesdor launched as an equity crowdfunding platform but has since expanded into other products and other markets. Today Invesdor offers both debt and equity for… Read More

Huge Success: MyMicroInvest Easily Beats € 1 Million Self-Crowdfunding Goal in Under an Hour

Belgium’s largest investment crowdfunding platform MyMicroInvest easily cruised past its € 1 million in under one hour during a self-crowdfunding event that took place in Brussels today. While Crowdfund Insider is still awaiting the final tally, the one million euro hurdle was topped in about 20… Read More

MyMicroInvest to Self-Crowdfund € 1 Million at Live Event

MyMicroInvest, the leading investment crowdfunding platform in Belgium, is hosting a unique event tomorrow where it will “eat its own dogfood”.  MyMicroInvest will seek to crowdfund itself to the tune of €1 million – in under one hour. The new capital will be utilized to finance… Read More

We Successfully Raised $40,000 for Hours with an Entirely Private Crowdfunding Experiment — Here’s How.

We successfully raised $40,000 for Hours with an entirely private crowdfunding experiment — here’s how. It was a crazy idea; it broke nearly every rule; it was just a hunch; but ultimately, it worked better than we had hoped. If we’d listened to conventional wisdom,… Read More

Update: Seedrs Generates £7,227 Per Minute During Self-Crowdfunding Round

  Seedrs opened up an investment round in their own company for investors on their platform to join the equity crowdfunding odyssey.  Seedrs very best investors were given early access to the £2.5 million set aside for users at 9AM today.  Pre-money valuation was set… Read More

SeedUps Canada is Self-Crowdfunding as Market Heats Up Around the World

SeedUps Canada, a leading equity crowdfunding platform operating out of Calgary, is joining a growing number of platforms that are leveraging their own technology to self-crowdfund their company. SeedUps is reaching out to their growing number of users, and beyond, to capitalize on their first… Read More

OneVest Self Crowdfunds with Series A Round & $16 Million Valuation

OneVest, a New York based investment crowdfunding platform, has announced a Series A self-crowdfunding round – coordinated with the implementation of Title IV of the JOBS Act. The offer, a 506(c), is now live on the OneVest site.  OneVest stated they will be self-crowdfunding between… Read More

Tile Gets $3 Million from Khosla Ventures. Tops 2 Million Finder Devices Sold

Crowdfunding success Tile has received a capital infusion from Khosla Ventures in the amount of $3 million. The “Series A extension” comes at a time when the young company reports it has shipped over 2 million devices as it closes in on its 2nd anniversary…. Read More

Avatar Airlines Seeks $5M in Crowdfunding; Campaign is Quickly Met With Criticism

Ostensibly hoping to become a low cost alternative, Avatar Airlines has launched a self-crowdfunding campaign at www.HelpAvatarFly.com. The funding project allows the public to give as much, or as little as they like, with donations ranging from $5 to $9,750 for perks.  If you want a T-Shirt though you will have… Read More

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