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Hyperloop Test Track Receives First Test Tube Set: From Elon Musk’s White Paper to Reality

One of the companies planning to build a Hyperloop test track has begun receiving its first set of test tubes, reported Tech Insider’s Cadie Thompson. Hyperloop Technologies, which is located in the arts district of downtown L.A., tweeted dramatic images of the tubes. In March,  Hyperloop Transportation Technologies… Read More

Beep Beep: Australia’s Tapp a Taxi Debuts Crowdfunding Initiative on PledgeMe

Seeking to expand its services, Queenstown-based taxi app, Tapp a Taxi launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe earlier this morning. The app works by using peoples mobile phones and GPS location to make hailing a taxi more efficient. Unlike other taxi apps, Tapp works across… Read More

Avatar Airlines Seeks $5M in Crowdfunding; Campaign is Quickly Met With Criticism

Ostensibly hoping to become a low cost alternative, Avatar Airlines has launched a self-crowdfunding campaign at www.HelpAvatarFly.com. The funding project allows the public to give as much, or as little as they like, with donations ranging from $5 to $9,750 for perks.  If you want a T-Shirt though you will have… Read More

Miss Out on Lyft’s $530 Million Series E Funding Round? Maybe Not

This past March, UBER competitor Lyft closed a Series E funding round that delivered $530 million in capital to the young company and a hefty $2.5 billion valuation.  This funding round was led by Japanese firm Rakuten, but earlier rounds (and perhaps this one) included big… Read More

Connected Bike Pedal Launches Indiegogo Campaign and Secures $50,000 Within First Day

French startup Connected Cycle announced its Indiegogo campaign for the world’s first connected bike pedal has launched and hit its $50,000 funding goal within the first day. The autonomous pedal that garnered rave reviews at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is slated to ship holiday 2015 to… Read More

Update: Detroit’s James Robertson Moves Out of Unsafe Neighborhood After Receiving $350,000 From GoFundMe Campaign

Earlier this month, a college student named Evan Leedy debuted a GoFundMe campaign for Detroit resident, James Robertson. Robertson made headlines when his rough work commute surfaced to the public. Thanks to the campaign, which generated $350,001 from 13,248 supporters, Robertson will not only be able… Read More

British Motorsport Wheel Company Dymag Seeks Capital on SyndicateRoom

The company that invented the first carbon composite wheels for high performance vehicles, Dymag is offering shares in the company view equity crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom.  The small company is seeking a minimum raise of £500,000 representing 26.18% equity in the firm.  As of today £186,000… Read More

Auto China International Reports Q3 Results

AutoChina International released its Q3 results along with 9 month results for calendar 2014.  Total revenues for 9 months ended in September were stated to be $591.3 million, a 40% increase over same period last year of $419.8 million.  AutoChina International Limited is a provider… Read More

Elon Musk’s Concept Hyperloop Said Closer to Goal of Creating High Speed Mass Transit

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. founded by JumpStarter Inc., announced today the crossing of several milestones, bringing the company closer to the goal of creating a working high-speed mass transit system.  Elon Musk shook the world of mass transportation when he unveiled his concept for a… Read More

Odyssey Airlines, First Cross Border Offering, Passes £1 Million on Crowdcube

Odyssey Airlines, a UK based airlines that will offer business class only, transatlantic flights, has passed the £1 million mark crowdfunding on Crowdcube.  This represents 104% of their targeted raise on Crowdcube.  As of today the amount stood at £1,049,230 for over 5% equity in… Read More

Amazing Hoverbike Kickstarter Campaign Predicts Future of Transportation

Hoverbike, crowdfunding now on Kickstarter, is foreshadowing the future of travel.  If you take a moment to watch the pitch video – you will be convinced immediately.  Sure we have all seen the umpteen gazillion films that show maglev vehicles or hovercraft dominating the roadways but… Read More

Odyssey Airlines Offers Tandem Equity Crowdfunding in UK & US

Odyssey Airlines is a UK-based company that wants to offer business class travel, at a decent price, on transatlantic routes. When so many airlines are cutting back on already dismal service – Odyssey is innovating by seeking to provide better service – at a fair… Read More

Me-Mover Surpassed Its $100K By 200% on Kickstarter

With only four days left until the end of its crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign, Me-Mover’s announced it has exceeded expectations and received $210,533 from 276 backers. As previously reported by Crowdfundinsider, the company was seeking to raise $100,000. The creators of the Me-Mover have taken a… Read More

URB-E E-Vehicle Shoots Out of the Gate on Indiegogo

URB-E  a compact, scooter like “e-vehicle” that caught quite a bit of press when they showed up at CES 2014 this year has launched their anticipated crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  Having only launched this past Sunday the campaign has already raised over $24,000 towards their… Read More

GoCarShare Tells of Success with Seedrs Equity Crowdfunding

GoCarShare is a startup company based in London that is a “marketplace for empty car seats”.  The concept was driven by need from founder Drummond Gilbert.  He was roaming about West London and noticed that almost every car had only one person in it.  It… Read More

WATCH: This Amazing Electric Helicopter Raised 1.2M Euros On Seedmatch

A German company called e-volo has successfully raised €1,2 million in a crowdfunding offering on Seedmatch.de for a crazy 18-propeller electric helicopter. Called the “Volocopter,” the e-volo team thinks this new approach to manned aerial flight can revolutionize the way we live and travel. The Volocopter… Read More

For PopSci #CrowdGrant Challenge, A 1,000-MPG Self-Driving Vehicle

The deadline has passed for project creators to submit their ideas to Popular Science’s #CrowdGrant challenge. The challenge aims to help scientists in varied fields find the funding they need to take their research to the next level. Enter the Elcano, a project with the… Read More

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