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Zach Braff Kickstarter Success: Will Crowdfunding Transform Showbiz?

Kickstarter has leveled the playing field for artists in need of funding. But the influx of pros like Zach Braff has many wondering how crowdfunding will be transformed by showbiz (and vice versa). Over the past four years, Kickstarter has earned a reputation as the place where creators… Read More

Kickstopped: When crowdfunding campaigns can’t get started

Creative types are flocking to Kickstarter, GoFundMe and other sites to fund their dreams, but what happens when no one buys into their ideas? If you’re plugged into the news, you’ve no doubt seen splashy headlines about successful Kickstarter campaigns in recent months. In March,… Read More

Kickstarter Isn’t The Problem With Kickstarter

Recently, the act of donating to or promoting a Kickstarter campaign has become a highly politicized and moralized one for movie fans, an act brimming with questions, crises, and conundrums about systemic economic disadvantages normalized by dominant industries of filmmaking. Suspicion has been directed in droves toward… Read More

Melissa Joan Hart says Kickstarter failure ‘started out wrong’

Not every Kickstarter film-funding effort ends in multimillion-dollar success, a la actor-writer-director Zach Braff’s recent campaign or that achieved by the cast and creators of the canceled CW show “Veronica Mars.” Just ask actress Melissa Joan Hart, who failed in her efforts to raise $2 million for a romantic comedy in… Read More

Who is Kickstarter For? Everyone Of Course..

Recently there have been a lot of headlines and discussions regarding celebrities or the affluent utilizing crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.  High profile film crowfunding for a Veronica Mars film or the project by Zach Braff have engendered a healthy discussion about who crowdfunding is for… Read More

Kickstarter Founders Take To Blog To Disarm Critics

Today Kickstarter co-founders Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler took to the Kickstarter blog to answer criticism regarding recent high-profile campaigns launched by relative celebrities. In case you missed the backlash, here are some reference points: Today in “Should Celebrities Use Kickstarter?” Internet Reacts… Read More

Crowdfunding 201: Wish You Were Working

It was inevitable. After the Veronica Mars folks raised their $2 million in record time, you knew a similar project would come along. Hollywood, after all, is pretty good at taking what works and doing it over and over and over again until everyone is sick of… Read More

Why Kickstarter Can’t Usurp the Hollywood Entertainment-Industrial Complex

These are the facts that we need to reconcile: Netflix, which recently touted its House of Cardsstrategy of original content released all at once, just surpassed cable giant HBO in number of subscribers. Kickstarter crowdfunded $5M for a Veronica Mars that would not otherwise get made. (This isn’t just one big outlier: it… Read More

Reviving an Old Series the New Way: Fan-Financing

Around 10 p.m. on a recent Friday night, roughly 500 people at the Dog and Duck Pub in Austin gathered around a man holding an iPad. The man was Rob Thomas, the creator of the cult-hit television series “Veronica Mars,” and he was staring at… Read More

Hollywood’s Kickstarter Craze Needs To Be Fair To Fans As Well As Filmmakers

After the success of Rob Thomas’ efforts to crowdfund a Veronica Mars movie through Kickstarter, it was inevitable that some other auteur with a significant fanbase would follow his lead. That person is now Zach Braff, who as of this writing has raised about $954,000… Read More

Veronica Mars Closes on Kickstarter at $5,702,153

The Veronica Mars film crowdfunding saga has been covered extensively in the press, including these pages.  The incredible amount of funds, the high profile of the organizers and the glam of Hollywood have combined to create a compelling crowdfunding odyssey which has come to exemplify… Read More

Rob Thomas Reacts To $5 Million In Funding For Veronica Mars

Rob Thomas shares his reaction to the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter reaching $5 million dollars. More on the Veronica Mars project on Crowdfund Insider: Veronica Mars Crosses $5 Million With 2 Days To Go Veronica Mars Movie Wants To Be Biggest Kickstarter Movie Ever Veronica… Read More

‘Veronica Mars’ movie Kickstarter crosses $5 million with two days to go

The Kickstarter campaign to fund the“Veronica Mars” movie reached its original $2 million goal in less than 12 hours, and now it has officially passed the $5 million mark with over two days still to go. How high will the crowdfunded budget go? Back when the Kickstarter was at… Read More

Veronica Mars Film Crowdfunding Wants to Be Biggest Ever

The Kickstarter crowdfunding effort launched by Rob Thomas to crowdfund the Veronica Mars film has set a new goal.  Thomas wants their crowdfunding campaign to be the largest ever – in number of supporters. On a recent update posted on their campaign page, Thomas stated,… Read More

Could Kickstarter One Day Completely Oust Hollywood? [Video]

There’s been something of an uproar lately about Kickstarter. Specifically, folks have been questioning the meaning of the immensely successful Veronica Mars movie campaign. Does this mean we can use Kickstarter to fund whatever we want? Can we cut out Hollywood entirely? On the negative… Read More

Celebrities Use Crowd Funding Too

Crowd-funding started as a way for independent, mostly unknown artists to appeal directly to the public to fund their film, book album and more, but now a growing number of established celebrities are turning to crowd-funding for their next projects. That’s got some people crying… Read More

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