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Crowdsourcing Week Announces BOLD Award Winnners

Crowdsourcing Week recently held their inaugural BOLD Awards near Venice. Organizers selected winners in 12 categories plus three special awards. The event itself was organized and hosted by H-FARM, a startup business development and accelerator hub in Europe. Crowdsourcing Week’s CEO Epi Ludvik and Emil… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week Raises Capital on Equity Crowdfunding Platform Crowdcube

Crowdsourcing Week (CSW) has launched its initiative to raise additional capital on Crowdcube. The event organizer and consulting group is seeking to raise £80,000 to expand the company’s events and launch new products including integrated e-learning and consulting that will be accessible to a wider global… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week to Crowdfund on Crowdcube

Event organizer Crowdsourcing Week has decided to launch an equity crowdfunding round on Crowdcube in the coming weeks. In a note to followers, founder and CEO Epi Ludvik Nekaj announced the funding round: As you may know, as a bootstrapped company since 2013, our small… Read More

Brief: Crowdsourcing Week is Ready for European Conference

Crowdsourcing week is gearing up for their European event scheduled to take place in Copenhagen later this month.  Following successful events in both  Singapore, and a recent gathering in Warsaw, Crowdsourcing Week is taking their message of collaboration and the crowd economy to Denmark with… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week Europe Preps for Copenhagen

Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2014 is the “flagship conference” for the event organizer.  Their European conference is scheduled to take place this coming October in Copenhagen.  The gathering seeks to highlight best practices in crowdsourcing and the collaborative economy in Europe.  These tectonic shifts in processes and… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week Europe

Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2014 is CSW’s Flagship 3-day conference for Europe to highlight organizational transformations through the crowd economy CSW Europe 2014 will see decision makers from various sectors congregate to share and learn best practices on the collaborative economy, that are fundamentally changing society, mindsets… Read More

CSW Europe – Copenhagen

CSW Europe 2014 will see decision makers from various sectors across the continent congregate to share and learn crowdsourcing best practices that are fundamentally changing society, mindsets and possibilities for finance, business, and government. Speakers leading these transformations in their industry will take the stage… Read More

Sold Out CSW Summit Brussels Will Present Live Crowdfunding Round To Anyone From Anywhere

The Crowdsourcing Week (CSW) Summit in Brussels may be sold out, but now crowdfunding platform MyMicroInvest will present a live crowdfunding round and anyone from anywhere can participate! This event will kick off June 5th, 9:50 a.m. Brussels local time. The session will present two… Read More

Paul Niederer: The Global Status of Crowdfunding (Video)

This past April, Crowdsourcing Week held their global conference in Singapore.  The gathering included many presentations on the global movement of crowdsourcing as well as multiple sessions on crowdfunding.  Paul Niederer, founder of and CEO of ASSOB – an equity crowdfunding platform based in Australia… Read More

Lionel Slusny: Crowdfunding Needs to Become the Facebook of Project Investment

Lionel Slusny, a member of the European Crowdfunding Network and founder of LoftFi, delivered a presentation on crowdfunding at the Crowdsourcing Week conference held in Singapore earlier this Spring. Lionel states that crowdfunding is more than finance – it is about people.  He makes the… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week Singapore: Crowdonomic, Crowdtivate & CoAssets

While at Crowdsourcing week I had the unique opportunity to hear from three very different crowdfunding platforms:  Nicola Castelnuovo from Crowdonomic (Crowdfunding and Enterprise Innovation Portal), Getty Goh from CoAssets (Real Estate Crowdfunding) and Crowdtivate:  each shared their insights regarding their respective business models in Asia…. Read More

Crowdsourcing Week Singapore Update

This third day of conference has been devoted to Crowdfunding (and Digital Currencies). As promised by the organizers, much discussion and speeches take place throughout the day. Introductions and states of the market are being provided by event organizer Epi Ludvik Nekaj and Mr. Paul… Read More

Digital Currencies and Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing?

Today at the Singapore Crowdsourcing Week conference, were discussions about digital currencies and there relative advantages. These discussions touched upon how digital currencies fit with crowdfunding operations. The panel gathered; Alexis V Nicosia of Seedcoin, James Cox of Ripple and David Moscowitz of Coin Republic…. Read More

Crowdsourcing Week Global 2014 Opens in Singapore

This year Crowdsourcing Week global conference in Singapore is poised for an excellent start. This morning, people were still flocking in the 400-seats Fusionopolis theatre when the introduction started with Epi Ludvik. Over 40 presentations are planned over the week along with a full schedule… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week Prepares for Singapore

With only a few days left before their 2nd annual event commences in Singapore, Crowdsourcing Week – CSW Global 2014 – is putting the finishing touches on their gathering  where crowdsourcing and the crowd economy come together.  The event will take place from April 7th… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week 2014 Global Conference Prepares for Singapore

The Crowdsourcing Week 2014 Global Conference wants to aid a whole new generation of thinkers, innovators and leaders to learn and practice a crowd-centric business approach. Taking place in Singapore from April 7-11, 2014 the week-long event, themed “Crowd-Impact: Empowering Transformation”, is designed to help… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week to Accept Bitcoins

Crowdsourcing Week is gearing up for their 2nd Annual Crowdsourcing Week conference in Singapore and they have just announced they will be accepting digital currency bitcoins for the event registration. Crowdsourcing Week claims to be the first global-scale conference to accept Bitcoins. The event organizer… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week Announces 2nd Annual Global Conference in Singapore

Crowdsourcing Week Looks to Empower Transformation Through Crowds. Crowdsourcing Week announces its second annual global crowdsourcing conference, taking place in Singapore from April 7-11, 2014. The week-long platform of events will convene an expanding and highly networked community from around the world who are shaping the future… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week #CrowdChat with Crowdcube (Storify)

Conference organizer Crowdsourcing Week held a live #CrowdChat with Crowdcube CEO Darren Westlake today.  In case you did not have Twitter up and the hashtag isolated we have captured the most relevant tweets below in a Storify. While there were no grand revelations, Crowdcube did… Read More

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