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2017 Holds Promise for Tax & Financing Policy for Startups

2016 brought with it many positive developments for startups in terms of capital access and tax policy. Investment crowdfunding finally went live, a number of bills to facilitate capital formation passed the House, and the startup community galvanized around a tax bill that would make… Read More

The Fix Crowdfunding Act Passes House & Heads to the Senate

The Fix Crowdfunding Act (HR 4855) easily cruised through the House by a vote of 394 – 4 as it attracted broad bipartisan support.  It was joined by the Supporting America’s Innovators Act (HR 4854) which passed on a vote of 389-9. HR 4854 raised… Read More

The Fix Crowdfunding Act Expected to Move to House Floor Vote on Tuesday

The Fix Crowdfunding Act (HR 4855), a bill that sailed through the House Financial Services with broad bi-partisan support, is expected to hit the House floor for a vote this coming Tuesday.  A source told Crowdfund Insider that originally it was on the back-burner for… Read More

CFIRA Voices Support for the Fix Crowdfunding Act

The Fix Crowdfunding Act (HR 4855) passed the House Financial Services Committee earlier this month with solid bipartisan support. The bill was laser focused on addressing intrinsic shortcomings in Title III of the JOBS Act. While the bill was approved the final text saw several… Read More

Half a Crowdfunding Fix: HR 4855 Passes House Financial Services Committee with Several Changes

HR 4855, or the Fix Crowdfunding Act, was approved by the House Financial Services Committee on a solidly bipartisan vote of 57-2.  The bill, sponsored by Congressman Patrick McHenry, was created in response to multiple shortcomings intrinsic to existing Title III or Reg CF investment… Read More

House Financial Services Committee to Consider Fix Crowdfunding Act

The House Financial Services Committee will consider the Fix Crowdfunding Act (HR 4855) alongside several other bills during their meeting this week (Jun 15, 2016) beginning at 10AM.  The Committee meetings are live-streamed on the Committee’s website. The Fix Crowdfunding Act is widely viewed as… Read More

The Fix Crowdfunding Act Can Help Reverse America’s Wealth Gap

Embedded below is another comment letter regarding a bill circulating now on Capitol Hill called the Fix Crowdfunding Act (HR 4855). The proposed legislation, sponsored by Congressman Patrick McHenry, was crafted to fix some the most glaring omissions from Title III of the JOBS Act…. Read More

Dear Representatives Hensarling & Waters, Please Pass the Fix Crowdfunding Act

Wefunder, one of the active participants in the Reg CF crowdfunding space, has published a comment letter directed towards Representatives Jeb Hensarling and Maxine Waters in support of the Fix Crowdfunding Act (HR 4855).  The two are powerful legislators in the House of Representatives. Hensarling… Read More

MEMO TO CONGRESS: Title III Crowdfunding Needs a Fixin’ – NOW!

  It’s been more than four (very long) years since the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (the JOBS Act) made its debut, with much fanfare, in the White House Rose Garden. And on May 16, 2016, the official date of the emancipation of investment crowdfunding… Read More

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