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Paul Deitch Departs CEO Position at Patch of Land. Co-Founder Jason Fritton Steps Back into Leadership Role

Patch of Land, a prominent real estate crowdfunding platform, has announced a major executive change. Paul Deitch, who has been CEO of Patch of Land since 2016, has stepped down from the role. According to Patch, Jason Fritton, co-founder and Chairman of the Board, will… Read More

Patch of Land Adds Executives Including New CFO and CMO

Real estate crowdfunding platform Patch of Land has announced several management changes with two executives. Min Lee will be joining the real estate marketplace as the Chief Financial Officer and Robert Greenberg has been appointed as its Chief Marketing Officer.  Patch of Land said the… Read More

Patch of Land CEO Paul Deitch Talks Transition, Real Estate Marketplace

    Patch of Land is one of the best known real estate crowdfunding platforms in the sector.  Launched soon after the signing of the JOBS Act of 2012, Patch has leveraged Title II, or accredited crowdfunding, to provide unique access to real estate investments… Read More

Change at the Top: Paul Deitch of Oaktree Capital Steps in as CEO of Patch of Land

    Over the past several months there have been rumblings about impending change at real estate crowdfunding platform Patch of Land.  Following a significant staff reduction, where several well known Patch of Land employees were let go, industry chatter picked up as to what… Read More

Patch of Land Tops $100 Million in Real Estate Financing. Returns Over $25 Million to Investors

Patch of Land, one of the trailblazing real estate crowdfunding platforms that has helped to establish the emerging marketplace, has topped $100 million in real estate financing. Patch of Land has targeted its platform at short term debt finance that is utilized to purchase, refinance… Read More

A Quarter Billion Institutional Credit Will Not Deter Patch of Land’s Commitment to the Crowd

Patch of Land is a debt-based crowdfunding platform that has generated solid success by allowing accredited investors to invest in smaller real estate projects.  The company has registered several “firsts” including the first online lender to prefund all loans, as well as offering truly secured… Read More

Huge: East Coast Credit Fund Commits $250 Million towards Patch of Land Investments

On Wednesday, real estate crowdfunding marketplace, Patch of Land, announced an East Coast Credit fund has signed an agreement to purchase loans in a “forward flow arrangement”. This commitment will put $250 million towards the platform’s investments. According to the website, the involvment of the… Read More

Patch of Land Investors: $10 Million Returned. No Loss of Principal

One of the leading real estate crowdfunding platforms Patch of Land has announced it has returned $10 million in both principal and interest to investors in less than two years.  This milestone was paired with the revelation that investors have not experienced any loss of… Read More

Industry Moves to Adopt Patch of Land’s Best-in-Class Secured Debt Investment Structure

Earlier this summer, Patch of Land announced the release of its long-anticipated secured debt investment structure, effective for all its offerings in the past and into the future. Although the new structure took Patch of Land over a year of extensive research and consultation to… Read More

Dear Real Estate Industry, Prepare for the Millennials

The traditional world of real estate needs to prepare for the next wave of investors – Millennials. Currently ranging in age from 18 to 34, and numbering roughly 77 million, Millennials make up about one-fourth of the U.S. population – and are far less interested… Read More

Connected Investors Debuts Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Marketplace

This week, real estate investors network and marketplace, Connected Investors, announced the launch of its aggregated real estate crowdfunding marketplace. For the first time, investors will be able to quickly locate and evaluate investments available across the real estate crowdfunding industry in the US and… Read More

Patch of Land CEO Talks Real Estate Crowdfunding (Video)

Patch of Land co-founder and CEO Jason Fritton was recently interviewed about his real estate crowdfunding platform.  Patch of Land is one of the trailblazers of investment crowdfunding and they have been growing rapidly as they fix some of the challenges in raising capital for… Read More

Patch of Land Raises $23.6 Million for Real Estate Platform. SF Capital & Ron Suber Lead Round

Patch of Land, a leading real estate crowdfunding platform, has announced a solid $23.6 million funding round that captured the interest of SF Capital and Prosper President Ron Suber – a significant validation of their vision for the future of real estate investing.  Both Suber… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Trailblazer, Patch of Land, Reflects on Many “Firsts”

Patch of Land, one of the growing legions of innovative real estate crowdfunding platforms, is an early player in the space.  The company’s CEO Jason Fritton was an early advocate of crowdfunding and the JOBS Act prior to co-founding his site.  Patch of Land was… Read More

Patch of Land Announces Public Fundraising on SeedInvest: CEOs Jason Fritton and Ryan Feit Comment

Patch of Land, one of the fastest growing debt-focused real estate crowdfunding platforms, today announced that it is now publicly fundraising its seed round on SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform with over 5,000 registered and accredited investors.  “SeedInvest continues to provide qualified investors with… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Grows 275% in 3 Months at Patch of Land

In a release, real estate crowdfunding platform Patch of Land has stated their site has grown 275% in just the past 3 months.  The volume of loans pre-funded, then syndicated through the e-commerce powered platform, has grown substantially as real estate crowdfunding “continues to make… Read More

Patch of Land Teams Up with WealthForge in Real Estate Crowdfunding

On Monday morning, Patch of Land and WealthForge announced on a collaboration to help make online real estate investing, specifically into real estate loans, more accessible for accredited investors. Patch of Land, a real estate crowdfunding platform and online lending marketplace, which to date has… Read More

Patch of Land Expands Crowdfunding Platform with Apartment Buildings

Real Estate Crowdfunding site Patch of Land has launched two new deals on its platform, growing its portfolio of real estate debt investments from single-family residential projects to multifamily apartment buildings. They are now open to investment by accredited investors. The two projects launched on… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding site Patch of Land Lists 3 Properties Around NYC

Patch of Land, a crowdfunding site for real estate investments, has listed three properties on their platform in the NYC market.  The new projects will focus on neighborhoods that are growing due to overflow from the booming real estate market in Manhattan. “Property is becoming… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform PatchofLand Launches First Project

Expects an 18% Annualized Return. Founded in 2013, Patch of Land, a national real estate crowdfunding platform, released its first live investment project today in New Jersey. The new company allows individuals to purchase shares of high end real estate investments for as little as… Read More

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