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Lending Works Celebrates Fourth Birthday

On Thursday, UK-based peer-to-peer lender Lending Works celebrated its fourth birthday. Founded in January 2014, Lending Works describes itself as a peer-to-peer lending platform that matches people looking for a better return on their money with sensible borrowers looking for a low-cost, flexible personal loan…. Read More

Lending Works Celebrates 2017: The Year That Was

Last week, UK-based online lending platform Lending Works celebrated 2017 by looking back at all its successes. The online lender revealed in a blog post: “2017 is a year which we will look back on with great pride. In 2016, a lot of groundwork was… Read More

Lending Works News: Now Offering Bonus For Lenders

Lending Works recently announced it is now offering bonuses for lenders on its peer-to-peer lending platform. Starting today, lenders may earn a bonus of £50 for each calendar week, up to £200 in bonus. This is assuming that the lenders lend out £5,000 or more in each of the calendar weeks. While… Read More

Lending Works Announcement: £8.8 Million Has Been Invested In ISA Account Since February 2017 Launch

UK-based peer-to-peer lending platform Lending Works announced on Wednesday £8.8 million has been invested into the company’s Individual Savings Account (ISA) since its launch on February 8th. The online lender claims to be the first member in the peer-to-peer lending industry to launch its ISA. Lending Works… Read More

Founder Nikolay Storonsky Says Challenger Bank Revolut is Going Global as it Crowdfunds on Seedrs

Revolut is a prominent member of the growing legion of digital only challenger banks.  The app-based bank previously crowdfunded £1 million on Crowdcube as part of a larger funding round in 2016. Revolut has raised about £15 million to get the platform up and running… Read More

A World Beyond Banking: Revolut Offers Premium Membership, Preps for Crowdfunding Offer on Seedrs

If Amazon built a bank, would it aspire to be like Revolut? I don’t know about that, but the Revolut Premium Membership is something I want. Now. London-based Fintech startup Revolut has launched its vision of Premium Membership in a world populated by stiff and… Read More

Challenger Bank Revolut & Lending Works Partner Up to Provide Instant Credit Anywhere

Revolut is a digital only challenger bank that does far more than a traditional bank at a lower cost. Lending Works is a new world online lender that streamlines the borrowing process at a lower cost without having to stomp down to your corner branch…. Read More

Lending Works Reopens Window for ISA Contributions

UK-based peer-to-peer lending platform Lending Works announced on Friday it has reopened the window for ISA contributions. The platform claimed it is the first P2PFA member to launch an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) last week and filled its first ISA tranche of £2.5 million within 24… Read More

Lending Works Launches Innovative Finance ISA

Lending Works has launched its Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). The peer to peer lender says it is the “first: major UK platform to offer the IFISA. The IFISA is a new category of ISA set up exclusively for peer to peer lending investment. The IFISA… Read More

P2P Platform Lending Works Receives Full FCA Authorization

Lending Works, a consumer peer to peer lending platform, has received full authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  Lending Works said it had originally applied for FCA approval in October of 2015 and had undergone a “stringent review process”. Lending Works has been operating… Read More

Lending Works Reflects on the Brexit Economy Two Months Later

On Thursday, UK-based peer-to-peer lender, Lending Works, took to its blog to reveal the status of UK’s economy since voters made the Brexit decision, to depart from the European Union (EU),  just two months ago (June 23rd). The lender stated: “Depending which newspaper you’re inclined to… Read More

Lending Works Says Investors Plan to Maintain or Increase P2P Investments Following Brexit Decision

P2P platform Lending Works has taken an internal poll of 1600 investors and the results indicate that a majority of investors intend on maintaining or increasing their P2P investments.  Lending Works is describing this as indicative of steady faith in P2P lending following the Brexit… Read More

Lending Works Secures £3M During Series A Investment Round

Lending Works, a UK-based peer to peer lender, announced on Thursday it attracted £3 million during its Series A Investment Round. The website confirmed NVM Private Equity (NVM), an independently-owned private equity firm that specializes in SME investments typically between £2m and £10 million, invested £2 million in early… Read More

Lending Works Offers Pension Advice Post-Brexit Decision

Just a little over a week after the UK voted to depart from the European Union (EU), Lending Works offered pension advice to the country’s retirees (or soon to be) following the surprising decision. The peer-to-peer lending platform shared: “Less than a week in, and the… Read More

Lending Works Named Moneywise Customer Service Awards Best Peer-to-Peer Platform for Savers Winner

Lending Works, a UK-based peer to peer lender, announced this week that it has been named Best Peer-to-Peer Platform for Savers Winner at the 2016 Moneywise Customer Service Awards, which is described as the “authoritative stamp of approval by the UK consumer,” recognition is given to… Read More

P2P Platform Lending Works Expects Strong Demand for IF ISA

Lending Works, a UK-based peer to peer lender, has surveyed its investor base and concluded that a solid percentage of registered users intend on using the new Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA). According to their data, 89% of respondents indicate they will use the retirement… Read More

Lending Works Prepares for April 6th Innovative Finance ISA. Sees Crucial Investment Opportunity for Savers

Lending Works is hoping to launch their IFISA product on April 6th, just like most other peer to peer lending platforms. They too, like many others, are awaiting final approval by the FCA to offer the new saving vehicle. According to Lending Works, current regulation… Read More

Lending Works Expects to More than Double in Size in 2016

Lending Works, a London-based peer to peer lending platform, states it tripled its business in 2015 and expects to double that number over the next 12 months. According to the 2 year old platform, in 2015 the company facilitated £20 million in loans and forecasts… Read More

Lending Works Reports: Over a Quarter of Consumers Don’t Know How Much Interest They Pay on Their Debt

On Thursday, peer-to-peer lending platform Lending Works released a new report that revealed a large proportion (27%) of its customers didn’t know how much interest they were paying on their debt before taking out a debt consolidation loan with the peer-to-peer lender. Of those respondents that were… Read More

Lending Works Ups ID Fraud Security By Integrating AU10TIX BOS Second Generation ID Authentication & Record Generation Technology

On Friday, peer-to-peer lending platform Lending Works announced it is now offering even higher standards in ID fraud protection by using AU10TIX BOS. AU10TIX BOS is considered the “first and only 2nd generation ID authentication and record generation technology” on the market today. It is… Read More