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ACSEC Debates Definition of an Accredited Investor. SEC States 8 Cases of Possible Fraud Associated with JOBS Act Exemptions

    The SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies met yesterday at the SEC HQ on Capitol Hill. The main topic of discussion was the definition of an Accredited Investor. SEC Chair Mary Jo White was joined by her two remaining Commissioners, Michael… Read More

SEC Chair White Chats up Crowdfunding at IOSCO Meeting in Peru

SEC Chair Mary Jo White was in Peru this past week to participate in the 41st Annual IOSCO conference in Lima. During her visit, White presented as part of a panel entitled “New ways for the Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the… Read More

SEC Chair Mary Jo White Addresses the Challenges of Fintech, Pre-IPO Finance in the Heart of Silicon Valley

During the keynote address at Stanford’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance at the event entitled “The Silicon Valley Initiative: Protecting Investments in Pre-IPO Issuers”, SEC Chair Mary Jo White delivered a wide ranging speech on the challenges of operating in the internet fueled age of finance…. Read More

Entrepreneurs Beware: The EB-5 & JOBS Act Industries Are Under the SEC Enforcement Microscope  

The recent economic downturn is not the only challenge for entrepreneurs in the EB-5 and JOBS Act industries.  Rather, the challenges include close regulatory scrutiny by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Division of Enforcement.  While both EB-5 and the JOBS Act were… Read More

SEC Chair Mary Jo White Sheds Light on JOBS Act Rulemaking

In an Q&A session with Steven Bochner of the Securities Regulation Insitute, SEC Mary Jo White shared some insight into the rule-making process surrounding the JOBS Act and the various investment crowdfunding regulations enacted by the SEC. In listing the agencies accomplishments under her guidance,… Read More

CrowdCheck CEO Sara Hanks Appointed Co-Chair of SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced the updated roster of the Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (ACSEC). Within the announcement was an important change as Sara Hanks has been elevated to Co-Chair of the advisory group.  Hanks, a former SEC attorney and… Read More

SEC: Report on Definition of Accredited Investor. Seeks Public Comments as Commission Reviews Rules

Dodd-Frank, the massive law passed in the midst of the Great Recession, touched many aspects of the financial industry.  One portion of the bill was a requirement to review the definition of an Accredited Investor “as it relates to natural persons” every four years.  The… Read More

Mary Jo White Reviews JOBS Act Success at Forum on Small Business Capital Formation

SEC Chair Mary Jo White opened the 34th annual Government- Business Forum on Small Business Formation. The prepared remarks were largely a re-cap of the JOBS Act. Completion of the rulemaking process occured with the release of Title III retail crowdfunding rules. White highlighted several… Read More

Financial Services Committee Opens SEC Hearing: “We have seen both good & bad news”

Today is one of those days when SEC Commissioner Mary Jo White must march up to Capitol Hill and justify the SEC’s actions over proceeding months while requesting a budget increase to cover the cost of the Agency’s growing responsibilities. Chair of the Financial Services Committee,… Read More

Title III Crowdfunding: Talking About a Revolution

What took place this morning is nothing short of revolutionary. For the first time in the history of the Securities and Exchange Commission (82 years), retail investors (ordinary people without income, wealth or sophistication qualifications) will be able to invest in private businesses en mass…. Read More

SEC Chair Mary Jo White Opens Commission Meeting on Crowdfunding

Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White opened up the meeting on Title III crowdfunding and rules impacting intrastate crowdfunding today with an explanatory statement on the agencies rule making process.  The much-anticipated announcement incorporated several changes  which will be well received by the… Read More

SEC Chair Mary Jo White Talks JOBS Act as Title III, Retail Crowdfunding, Announcement Nears

Chair White Mentions Possible Cases of Fraud Under Title II But Not Widespread SEC Chair Mary Jo White took to the bully pulpit to address the Securities Regulation Institute in New York City this week.  She leveraged the opportunity to talk about building a more… Read More

SEC Forum on Small Business Capital Formation Scheduled for November 19th

The annual gathering at the Securities and Exchange Commission to discuss issues pertaining to SMEs is scheduled for November 19th, 2015.  The Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation has become a much-needed event for members of the business community to interact with SEC officials…. Read More

We Want Our Retail Crowdfunding Rules! Six House Democrats Petition SEC to Release Regulations

Congressman Eric Swalwell (CA), along with House Representatives Derek Kilmer (WA), Seth Moulton (MA), Grace Meng (NY), Ruben Gallego (AZ), and Patrick Murphy (FL) joined the chorus of elected officials demanding rules for Title III, retail crowdfunding be released immediately.  The letter addressed to SEC… Read More

Mary Jo White: Comments on Crowdfunding Rule-Making

Last week the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies convened to take up several important issues that impact SMEs and economic growth.  SEC Chair Mary Jo White has made it a habit of opening this meeting – indicative of the import she has… Read More

When Will Retail Crowdfunding Arrive? “Very Near Term”

As 2015 enters Q4, and the days grow shorter, time is running out for final rules regarding Title III of the JOBS Act, otherwise known as retail crowdfunding. During most of 2014, Chair White stated completion of JOBS Act rules were a priority, raising hope… Read More

SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher to Depart Commission by October 2nd

Securities and Exchange Commissioner Daniel Gallagher announced in a brief statement today that he intends on departing the SEC no later than October 2nd.  His term was not set to expire until 2016. Gallagher submitted his resignation to President Obama in May of 2015 but… Read More

5 Years Later, Dodd-Frank Implementation Remains a Costly Work in Progress

Dodd- Frank was a 895 page act of legislation designed to right the wrongs that caused the implosion of financial markets that ended up in the rubble of the Great Recession.  Five years ago this month, the bill was signed into law and set forth on… Read More

SEC Advisory Committee Recommends Modernizing Rule 147 To Support Intrastate Crowdfunding

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies met in early June to discuss various topics concerning, of course, small businesses. One of the primary topics the Committee addressed was the growing enactment and use of state-based crowdfunding (i.e. “Intrastate… Read More

Warren Wrong: Senator’s Attack on Mary Jo White is Misdirected

Senator Elizabeth Warren, an outspoken critic of all things associated with Wall Street, launched a blistering frontal assault against the current Chair of the SEC – Mary Jo White. It should be noted that Mary Jo White was selected by President Barack Obama to reinvigorate… Read More

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