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Brief: YouCaring Announces “10 Most Compassionate Cities” of 2016 As Part of #GivingTuesday Festivities

With #GivingTuesday less than two weeks away, crowdfunding platform YouCaring announced the 10 Most Compassionate Cities of 2016. This list is based on total donations raised per 100,000 households, providing a list of cities whose compassion and caring helps those in need. Dan Saper, President of… Read More

Brief: YouCaring Becomes Certified B Corporation

On Thursday, crowdfunding platform YouCaring announced it has become a B Corporation, which is described as a type of for-profit corporate entity that includes positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals. The funding portal stated that… Read More

Family of Planned Parenthood Attack Victim Receives Nearly $240,000 Through YouCaring Initiative

  Last month, Officer Garrett Swasey, a police officer at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, was killed during the recent attack on the city’s Planned Parenthood office. Immediately following the deadly situation, a YouCaring campaign was launched to help the victim’s family. The… Read More

YouCaring Announces “10 Most Compassionate Compassionate Cities And States” & Service Promise to Users

On Tuesday, crowdfunding platform YouCaring announced “The 10 Most Compassionate Cities and States,” which highlights the areas of the U.S. that best demonstrate the spirit of helping others and giving back.YouCaring, which provides free crowdfunding for personal and charitable causes, such as medical expenses and… Read More

YouCaring Announces Give Back Campaign; Offers Up $10,000 to Fundraising Community Every Tuesday in December

Seeking to make #GivingTuesday more than just a one-day event, crowdfunding platform YouCaring announced a new initiative called the Give Back Campaign.  Every Tuesday throughout the month of December, the website will be offering a total of $10,000 to its fundraiser community.  The campaign’s description reads:… Read More

Chicago Care Coodination App Lotsa Helping Hands Teams Up With YouCaring to Provide Fundraising Resources & Organize Help for Families in Need

Lotsa Helping Hands, a provider of online volunteer and caregiving coordination for families in need, has teamed up with crowdfunding platform, YouCaring, to introduce “compassionate crowdfunding,” which empowers people to help others overcome hardships and enjoy happier, healthier lives. The Chicago-based care coordination app company… Read More

YouCaring Teams Up With Eagle & Badge Foundation of Los Angeles to Raise Funds For LAPD Officers & Families

Nonprofit crowdfunding platform, YouCaring, announced on Wednesday that it is partnering with the Eagle & Badge Foundation of Los Angeles, a nonprofit created by members of the Los Angeles Police Protective League and members of the community, raise funds for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)… Read More

YouCaring Debuts Compassion, Crowdfunding & Art Gallery

YouCaring, an online fundraising platform, announced on Tuesday that it is adding a new dimension to the arts with the recent launch of its Compassion in Action Gallery, a showcase of inspiration that aims to instill in visitors an appreciation for the powerful impact creativity… Read More

Rare Genomics Institute’s Ana Sanfilippo Reveals Details About New Crowdfunding Campaigns With Indiegogo

Earlier this week, Rare Genomics Institute (RG), announced that the launching of ten separate crowdfunding campaigns to help patients with rare diseases pinpoint the causes of their illnesses. All amounts raised will go towards exome sequencing, which is a method of partial genome sequencing to find… Read More

Rare Genomics Institute Launches Ten Crowdfunding Campaigns to Help Rare Diseases Patients Find Causes of Their Illnesses

On Tuesday, Rare Genomics Institute (RG), announced that it is launching ten separate crowdfunding campaigns to help patients with rare diseases pinpoint the causes of their illnesses. All amounts raised will go towards exome sequencing, which is a method of partial genome sequencing to find… Read More

Rare Genomics Institute Announces 30-Day Crowdfunding Bootcamp for Rare Diseases Research & Treatment; Industry Partners include CrowdRise, Indiegogo Life & YouCaring

Washington D.C.-based Rare Genomics Institute  today announced a 30-day Crowdfunding Bootcamp to help rare disease patients raise funds for high-end exome sequencing to pinpoint the cause of their disease and map possible treatments.  The training session is an integral part of Amplify Hope, a new… Read More

God Loves Gays National Billboard Campaign Project Seeks $20,000 on YouCaring to Bring Billboards to 20 States

In an effort to end hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQ community, the “God Loves Gays National Billboard Campaign” project has been launched on YouCaring to raise $20,000 to post billboards in 20 states. Last year, the creator of the God Twitter and Facebook page… Read More

GoFundMe & YouCaring Pull the Plug on Former UK Model’s Campaigns After She Began to Offer Topless Photos to Donors

Seeking to help those who are less unfortunate (and the organizations that support them), former UK glamour model, mother of two,and full-time blogger, Tracy Kiss, launched crowdfunding campaigns on GoFundMe and YouCaring to raise £10,000 for 10 amazing charities before her 28th birthday this October. Unfortunately, Kiss has… Read More

Rare Genomic Institute Announces New Study About Rare Disease Crowdfunding

Rare Genomics Institute (RG) today announced the Amplify Hope Initiative, a new study aimed at determining how crowdfunding can promote scientific research to help rare disease patients. RG is an international non-profit providing rare disease patients with access to state of the art genomics sequencing… Read More

Supporters Seek to Help Raise $100,000 For Florida State University Shooting Victim’s Recovery Through YouCaring

Last Thursday (November 20th), Florida State University alum, Myron May, walked onto the college’s campus and shot 21-year-old student Farhan “Ronny” Ahmed three times outside of Strozier Library. Ahmed became the first victim in the shooting before May headed into the library and shot two… Read More

WePay Triples Payment Volume in Crowdfunding

WePay, a provider of payments for platform businesses, announced on Wednesday a three-fold, year-over-year increase in payment volume from crowdfunding sites. WePay powers five out of the top ten crowdfunding sites including GoFundMe, YouCaring.com, GiveForward, CrowdRise, and Fundly and saw an average of 276 percent… Read More

YouCaring Announces Its Users Have Raised Over $100M in Crowdfunding Campaigns

Sharing some exciting news about its progress, Tampa-based crowdfunding platform YouCaring has announced its users have raised more than $100M in campaigns. Founded in 2011, the site is considered as the second-most popular site for philanthropy fundraisers. CrowdsUnite recently named the site as a top… Read More

Arizona Woman Facing Two Felonies Garners Sympathy, Support Via YouCaring Crowdfunding Campaign

Shanesha Taylor finds herself at the center of an incredibly unfortunate story that has helped to shed light on what the unemployed sometimes go through just to try to get back to their feet in our society. Taylor was arrested and charged with two felony… Read More

Quick Stats: WePay’s Growth In The Crowdfunding Space

Payment processors have certainly reaped the benefits of the billions of dollars flowing through the crowdfunding space. WePay is no exception, having recently announced that they are processing as much as $1.5 million in crowdfunding contributions per day. Other quick stats… Secured their first API… Read More

Controversial Story Of Racism Nets Red Lobster Server $10K From YouCaring

A server at Red Lobster in Franklin, Tennessee was allegedly the victim of racism thanks to a nasty slur left in lieu of a real tip. Supporters of Toni Christina Jenkins took to crowdfunding platform YouCaring to donate over $10,000 to the girl. She just… Read More

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