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Lynne Cohen Foundation Crowdfunds to Beat Cancer

SockItToCancer Nude

Anti-cancer group the Lynne Cohen Foundation serves women facing breast and ovarian cancers on a national scale, and has done so for 16 years. Now, their new website delivers information, hope, and a sense of community to families across the nation to broaden awareness and extend impact for families facing increased risk of women’s cancers. The… Read More

Canadian Family Turns to Crowdfunding For Dying Girl’s Bucklist


Turning to others for help, a Canadian family launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for medical bills and to grant wishes from their little girl’s bucklist. Just four weeks ago, the family realized three-year-old Hadlie wasn’t as healthy as everyone thought she was. It all started out as a little girl just… Read More

MyGoodness Partners Up with Samuel Jackson on “Have You Got Balls”

samuel jackson on mygoodness

MyGoodness, a new crowdfunding platform that marries charity donations with exclusive opportunities,  has teamed up actor Samuel L. Jackson to raise awareness of male cancer. Captain America  has been tweeting to his 3.5m Twitter followers, engaging with users on Reddit and taking to social media the past few weeks making a strong call to action: all men… Read More

Canadian Microbiologist Looks to Crowdfunding to Aid New Cancer Therapy

Elizabeth Bent

Canadian microbiologist Elizabeth Bent has an idea that just might transform cancer therapy and she is looking for help by crowdfunding on RocketHub. About five months ago, Bent came across an intriguing study showing that certain types of bacteria in the human gut can reduce the risk of diseases like lymphoma. She contacted the study’s… Read More

“The Food Cure”: Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

The Food Cure

Documentary on Nutritional Therapy for Cancer Beats Crowdfunding Goal. With 14 days to go, Sarah Mabrouk, Amy Thomasson and their Upwind Pictures team raised over $75,000 on their kickstarter campaign, surpassing their $68,000 minimum, to fund their film’s post-production costs.  The project met their goal on February 14th – a very nice Valentine’s day gift.  Their $98,000… Read More

Toronto Star Calls Out Crowdfunding Pitch For Cancer Surgeries On FundRazr


Crowdfunding and health-related initiatives are invariably linked. Crowdfunding can drive funding for outreach programs, research and even specific surgeries, which was the goal of a FundRazr campaign launched by The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. The campaign launched seeking $15,000 in order to pay for six cancer surgeries at $2500 per operation. That in and of… Read More

After Crowdfunding Success, Lumo BodyTech Giving Back To Charities


What do you do when you’ve raised almost $500,000 on a goal of just $200,000? Lumo BodyTech wants to pay it forward to a few of their favorite charities. A self-hosted crowdfunding campaign for the Lumo Lift launched earlier this month amidst the Consumer Electronics Show madness. The Lift was poised for success thanks to… Read More

Infographic: Crowdfunding Successes & Failures


Top-business-degrees.net has generated an infographic showing some high-profile successes and failures from the world’s most robust crowdfunding marketplaces, Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It examines the top crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter and Indiegogo as well as some notable cases of fraud and the outcomes of those campaigns. Click the infographic below for a full-size view. Have a… Read More

Project Stealth: Could Crowdfunding Help Beat Cancer?

medical cancer research project stealth

Could crowdfunding help to provide a better way to treat certain forms of cancer? This is the amazing question at the core of a crowdfunding campaign that aims to raise $500,000 in funding to complete a study aimed at providing a treatment for cancer that is free of harmful side effects. Research being conducted by… Read More

Watch: 11-year-old Crowdfunds $14K For Friend’s Cancer Battle On Piggybackr


KMSP-TV When 11-year-old Amelia Sawalich wanted to help her friend Nevaeh (below, pink hat) and her family in their battle against cancer, she turned to crowdfunding platform Piggybackr to raise funds. She set an initial goal of $5,000 and went to work promoting the campaign. 30 days later, she had received $14,325 from people all over… Read More

Research Crowdfunding Platform Malecare Strives for Cancer Cure

StartACure Projects

More than 25 doctors and PhD’s from institutions like Harvard, John’s Hopkins and MD Anderson are raising money for cutting edge cancer research on the Start A Cure platform. Start A Cure launched in March 2013 by the national patient advocacy nonprofit, Malecare, America’s largest men’s cancer support and advocacy national nonprofit corporation. According to oncology… Read More

Applied Integrin Sciences Pushes Crowdfunding Campaign for Cancer Drug

Boost Cancer Survival Rates Applied Integrin Sciences

Launched on August 29th, Applied Integrin Sciences continues to promote their crowdfunding campaign to accelerate the development of their cancer fighting drug. The treatment is being designed to boost survival and quality of life for patients suffering ovarian, breast, prostate and other cancers.  The initiative is being facilitated by the Alfred E. Mann Institute for… Read More

GiveForward Partners with WhatNext, Cancer Support Network

WhatNext Helps Cancer Patients

Alliance seeks to Help Cancer Patients Pay Medical Bills GiveForward, a crowdfunding platform helping families and friends raise money for a loved one’s medical bills, has announced a partnership with WhatNext, an online cancer support network that connects those effected by cancer to highly relevant peers, resources and information. “Our mission is to ‘Create Unexpected Joy’… Read More

Project Violet: Crowdfunding to Beat Cancer

Project Violet

A little girl who died from brain cancer inspired Dr. Jim Olson to create Project Violet. A spirited, red-headed girl named Violet who died at age 11 from an inoperable brainstem tumor is the inspiration behind “Project Violet,” a “citizen science” drug-discovery project being launched by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The project is  crowdfunding to enlist… Read More

Actress Karen Black Who Was Crowdfunding on GoFundMe to Help with Cancer Treatment Dies at Age 74

Karen Black

Earlier this year Karen Black, a well known actress who had contracted cancer, had started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to help cover the costs of treatment.  In a post on the actresses Facebook page it was announced she had passed away yesterday – consumed by the terrible disease. Black was born Karen Ziegler growing… Read More

WATCH: Amelia Coffaro Turns To GiveForward For Medical Bills In Fight Against Cancer

amelia coffaro

Amelia Coffaro was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. She turned to crowdfunding platform GiveForward and has been able to raise over $50,000 to go toward her medical bills. She has a goal of raising $100,000. The campaign is live until November 1st. GiveForward made a pivot and began solely focusing on… Read More

TechCrunch TV Interviews Founder Of Medical Research Crowdfunding Platform


Molly Lindquist is the founder of a nonprofit organization and crowdfunding platform called Consano, which focuses on medical research. TechCrunch TV did an interview with Lindquist, who generated the idea after fighting breast cancer herself. It joins Watsi, Microryza and others in the medical research niche. Watch the interview below for more details on the… Read More

Finalists for Crowds Care for Cancer Announced

Medstartr Crowds Care Challenge

HHS Announces Finalists in Crowds Care for Cancer: Supporting Survivors Challenge First Challenge for Post-treatment Cancer Care The three finalists were announced today at HDI IV: Health DataPalooza by Abdul Shaikh, Program Director, National Cancer Institute in the first challenge focused on uncovering new tools to help cancer patients better manage their transition from oncology… Read More

Start A Cure, Cancer Research Crowdfunding site Launched

Start a Cure 4c z

Start A Cure is the world’s first patient focused research crowdfunding platform to be entirely directed at cancer. Start A Cure is a crowdfunding for cancer research project created by the national patient advocacy nonprofit, Malecare. Founded in 1998, Malecare has grown to become America’s largest men’s cancer support and advocacy national nonprofit corporation. Start… Read More