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Update: YouTube Phenom PewDiePie Trumps $250K Indiegogo Crowdfunding Goal For Save The Children

PewDiePie is one of a rare breed of YouTube phenomenon. In fact, he’s king of the mountain… he can lay claim to the most subscriptions for a YouTube channel in history. As he has done in the past, he launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo… Read More

Ukranian Defense Ministry Seeks Crowdfunding Donations In Campaign

It may not be taking place online, but a crowdfunding campaign is seeking cash to support the Ukranian Defense Ministry and, by proxy, the Ukranian Army. Donations are being taken in part via cell phone, and supporters are being encouraged to text “565.” The text… Read More

Brief: DonorsChoose’s Charles Best On Live Q&A Today With Tim Ferriss, Alexis Ohanian

Fast Company editorial director Jill Bernstein will be holding a live Q&A today discussing how to “harness the power of the crowd to make something positive happen.” The session starts at noon EST. The session features Charles Best, Founder and CEO of DonorsChoose.org (pictured, right). DonorsChoose… Read More

A Napster Co-founder, Child Support And A Crowdfunding Campaign

After numerous attempts , we’ve been ignored by her own father who is well aware of our need for monetary support. She is only 2, and our tries have been ignored. She has been completely deserted by her other parent, who she does not even… Read More

After Crowdfunding Success, Lumo BodyTech Giving Back To Charities

What do you do when you’ve raised almost $500,000 on a goal of just $200,000? Lumo BodyTech wants to pay it forward to a few of their favorite charities. A self-hosted crowdfunding campaign for the Lumo Lift launched earlier this month amidst the Consumer Electronics… Read More

Ontario Couple Takes Heat Over GoFundMe Campaign, Planned Move To Scotland

An Ontario couple has a crowdfunding campaign live on GoFundMe now. It seeks a goal of $7,000 to help fund the couple’s planned move to Scotland. Thus far they’ve raised just over $400 to put toward that goal. Recently a piece on the campaign ran… Read More

“Small Can Be Big” Sees All Campaigns Funded with Twitter Help

Small Can Be Big local crowdfunding site is set up to help “local families in crisis” with 100% of the funds raised going to these families in need.   The site has raised over $640,000 since their launch aiding 484 families.  They do everything from… Read More

Did Facebook Just Quietly Enter The Crowdfunding Space?

Charities and nonprofits have something to celebrate today thanks to a new feature emerging from the Facebook camp. The world’s largest social network has added the option to solicit donations from visitors to a charity’s page and viewers of posts. A “Donate Now” button is… Read More

Tulane University Partners With Microryza To Crowdfund For Medical Research

Tulane University has just announced a partnership between Tulane’s School of Medicine and crowdfunding platform Microryza. Microryza is an industry leader in crowdfunding for medical research, and the platform will be used by Tulane researchers going forward in an effort to drive funding to medical… Read More

It’s Here: The World Bank Report On Crowdfunding

For the better part of a year we’ve been anticipating a report that was to be the product of a joint venture by thought leaders and researchers in the crowdfunding space, distributed and supported by The World Bank. That report, entitled “Crowdfunding’s Potential for the… Read More

Lil Wayne, Motivational Edge Team On Indiegogo Campaign, Rapper Pledges $30K

Motivational Edge is a non-profit organization with the goal of encouraging youth in South Florida to achieve high academic standards, leveraging “culturally relevant arts” as a motivational platform. A campaign on Indiegogo is seeking $200,000 for the non-profit. The goal? To fund a new chapter… Read More

Controversial Story Of Racism Nets Red Lobster Server $10K From YouCaring

A server at Red Lobster in Franklin, Tennessee was allegedly the victim of racism thanks to a nasty slur left in lieu of a real tip. Supporters of Toni Christina Jenkins took to crowdfunding platform YouCaring to donate over $10,000 to the girl. She just… Read More

Axed Australian Climate Council Goes Nonprofit, Crowdfunds For Climate Research

Australia’s Climate Council was the victim of what some may see as austere budget cuts recently when prime minister Tony Abbott decided to shutter the agency. Professor Tim Flannery, formerly at the agency’s helm, had been displaced. However, Flannery wasn’t content to rest on his… Read More

If Kickstarter Projects Aren’t Charity, What Are They?

Yesterday Kickstarter’s three cofounders – Charles Adler, Yancey Strickler and Perry Chen – took to the Kickstarter blog to offer their take on Spike Lee’s participation on the platform. The post was entitled The Truth About Spike Lee and Kickstarter. It isn’t the first time… Read More

Considering crowdfunding? Burst the bubble first!

It could fund your project, boost our companies, create jobs and maybe even save our entire economy: crowdfunding. Advertised as the go-to digital cash machine if the bank doesn’t get you the money you need, crowdfunding is well on its way to become a major… Read More

Shaun King Seeks Funding For Trayvon Martin’s Family On HopeMob

HopeMob founder Shaun King has launched a campaign on the HopeMob platform seeking donations to benefit three causes related to Trayvon Martin. Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, who was recently found not guilty on charges stemming from the incident. The campaign aims… Read More

WATCH: Amelia Coffaro Turns To GiveForward For Medical Bills In Fight Against Cancer

Amelia Coffaro was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. She turned to crowdfunding platform GiveForward and has been able to raise over $50,000 to go toward her medical bills. She has a goal of raising $100,000. The campaign is live until November… Read More

WATCH: Aaron’s Last Wish Results In $500 Tips Across America

Aaron Collins died in July of 2012 at the age of 30. In his will, he left a message that would change his brother Seth’s life forever. He asked him to leave a huge tip for a waitress. $500 for a pizza. So he did…. Read More

Crowdfunding: All Of The Risk With None Of The Control?

GameFront’s top comment of the week this past week tackled Double Fine, Kickstarter and video games crowdfunded for donations and rewards. The commenter makes an interesting point about the lack of control a Kickstarter backer has over the trajectory of the project. “What is said… Read More

Instagrad tackles student loan debt with crowdfunding platform for college

Student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion and yet the cost of college tuition continues to rise. Instagrad launched its attempt to solve this problem today. The startup has built a crowdfunding platform to help parents pay for their kids’ college education. Parents create campaigns on Instagrad where friends and family… Read More

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