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Brief: P2P Skeptic Lord Adair Turner to Speak at Lendit Europe

Lord Adair Turner, former FSA Chair and pointed critic of the UK peer to peer lending industry is scheduled to speak at Lendit Europe in London this fall.  Turner, speaking with the BBC earlier this year, made the statement; “The losses which will emerge from… Read More

UK Treasury Committee Expresses Concern on Risk of Peer to Peer Lending

  The Chairman of the UK Parliament Treasury Committee has written both Tracey McDermott, head of the FCA, and Andrew Bailey, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England for Prudential Regulation, to enquire if consumers may benefit from further regulation of the peer to peer… Read More

UK P2PFA Reports £715 Million in New Lending During Q1 2016

The UK Peer to Peer Funding Association has released its most recent quarterly numbers for the P2P lending industry. According to their tally, member platforms generated £715 million in Q1 of 2016 with quarter on quarter growth continuing its upward march. In the same quarter… Read More

Former FSA Chair Lord Adair Turner Warns About Peer to Peer Lending. Industry Leaders Disagree

In an interview today on BBC, Lord Adair Turner, former Chair of the FSA (predecessor to the FCA), shared his opinion on banking and the financial industry in general, including a discussion on the burgeoning peer to peer lending sector.  Lord Turner, it appears, is… Read More

UK P2P Industry Lent £2.2 Billion in 2015

The UK Peer to Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) has published end of year numbers for 2015. The P2PFA tracks the top peer to peer lenders in the UK.  In Q4 of 2015, P2PFA members generated just shy of £650 million in loans. Their numbers also… Read More

P2PFA Wants Separate Innovative Finance ISA for Debt

The Peer to Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) in the UK has consistently advocated for a separate ISA only for P2P assets.  While recognition has grown that alternative assets should be allowed into retirement accounts, the P2PFA believes it is prudent to separate debt from equity…. Read More

UK P2PFA Releases Q3 Lending Data. Updates Platform Operating Principles

The Peer to Peer Finance Association (P2PFA), the trade group that represents P2P lending platforms in the UK, has published data reflecting member loans for Q3 of 2015.  The P2PFA represents over 90% of loan volume in the UK and is highly representative of industry… Read More

Is There a Peer-to-Peer Lending Bubble in the UK?

Fintech is super-hot these days.  Finance is having its newspaper moment where all aspects of the industry are moving online.  The disruptive shift is global too as change is taking place in the Americas, Asia and across Europe. The UK is in many ways the… Read More

What Does the UK Think of the US Marketplace Lending Sector? They Tell Us Here

Online lending is undergoing a bit of an introspective period.  The US Department of Treasury published a request for information which posed multiple questions to industry participants and interested observers.  The UK P2PFA took the opportunity to share their point of view from across the… Read More

Rumor of a P2P Lender Failure? Does it Matter?

Writing for the EveningStandard, Anthony Hilton states there are rumblings that a UK peer to peer lending firm may soon go under.  Hilton calls the alleged event a possible “crash” and a “mess”. While Hilton poses his statement as a question, it is certainly a… Read More

LendIt / P2PFA Prepare for Second Annual European Conference, Harriett Baldwin MP Selected as Keynote Speaker

  As previously announced, LendIt has partnered with P2PFA for the second annual European conference to be held in London this coming October. The P2PFA, the UK industry body for peer-to-peer lending, works to promote high standards of business practice and an effective regulatory framework. Current membership includes… Read More

Sam Hodges, Co-Founder of Funding Circle, Talks Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights

  With the publication of the Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights, one of the first consensuses on responsible small business lending practices, earlier this month, marketplace lending platforms including Funding Circle, Lending Club and Fundera showed their support for greater transparency for borrowers and accountability for platforms and… Read More

UK P2PFA: £500 Million in Peer to Peer Loans in Q2 2015

The Peer to Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) in the United Kingdom has released its quarterly tally of P2P loans for Q2 and according to the association loans came in at £507,336,204. This is for both consumer and SME loans and represents an increase of £48,103,898… Read More

Leaders of Innovative Finance Respond to UK Budget Policy, Embrace ISA Approach

  The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s summer budget was said to put economic security first and was a plan for “working people”. But incorporated in the policy statement was also aspects that should benefit disruptive financial firms on both the debt and equity side of… Read More

Peer to Peer Finance Association to Partner with Lendit on UK Event

The Peer to Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) in the UK has shared they will be partnering with Lendit on their annual conference to be held in London this coming October. Lendit has captured solid acclaim for its US conferences targeting the marketplace lending / peer… Read More

Cherry Picking of P2P Loans? Not So Fast

As Crowdfund Insider covered recently, the FT wrote up an article that inferred that “Cherry Picking” of peer to peer loans presently posed an issue in allowing a level playing field between retail and institutional investors. Following the article, we had an enlightening conversation with representatives of… Read More

No ‘Cherry-picking,’ Says The UK’s Peer-to-Peer Finance Association

2015 may be the year of the great British cherry, according to the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, but the trade body overseeing the UK peer-to-peer lending industry is getting ready to introduce a rule against allowing institutions to “cherry-pick” the most desirable loans at the expense… Read More

InvestUP’s James Tuckett Opines on CrowdISA’s Potential and Effect for the Crowdfunding Industry: “Long Live the CrowdISA”

In a release by James Tuckett, Managing Director of investUP, he shares his about the  crowdfunding supermarket, investUP, a potential ISA for the crowdfunding industry and what this could mean for the current state of the crowdfunding market. Below please find his unabridged commentary:  The crowdISA… Read More

UK P2PFA: Strong Growth Continues in Peer to Peer Lending Market. Over £495 Million in Q1

The Peer to Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) has announced Q1 data on P2P lending in the UK.  Updated numbers indicate that over £459 million was originated in the first quarter bringing the cumulative lending amount to more than £2.6 billion. Data provided also showed an increase… Read More

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