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UK’s Fractional Property Investment Platform Property Partner Rebrands as London House Exchange

Property Partner, which claims to be he UK’s leading fractional property investment platform, is rebranding as London House Exchange. The rebrand reportedly :follows an additional £2.4m of investment from US digital homeownership company, Better.” With the rebrand, London House Exchange (LHX) “reprises its original legal… Read More

UK Property Crowdfunding Platform Property Partner Completes First 5 Year Project, Reports Solid Return for Investors

Property Partner, a UK based property crowdfunding platform, reports reaching a “major milestone” by concluding the platform’s first-ever 5-year investment project. According to Property Partner, investors in the Fairholme Road property earned a 36% return during the term of the asset. To quote the platform:… Read More

Property Partner Reports Investment Sentiment Among Investors Has Been Improving

UK-based property crowdfunding platform Property Partner announced on Friday its latest report reveals that investment sentiment amongst its investors appears to be improving. According to Property Partner, 81% of the platform’s investors, who responded to a recent survey, are planning to maintain or increase the… Read More

Property Partner Easily Tops £2 Million for First Opportunistic Fund

Property Partner announced its first “Opportunistic Fund” at the end of January. The new Fund is being launched to take advantage of the UK property market which has hit pause for the moment due to Brexit concerns. The Fund will “move fast as a cash… Read More

Property Partner Now Offers IF ISA

Property Partner is now offering an Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA), according to a release from the property crowdfunding platform. Just like a regular ISA, investors may place up to £20,000 per year into an IF ISA account, which may then be used to invest… Read More

Property Partner Launches “Opportunistic Fund” to Pursue Motivated Sellers in Cooling UK Housing Market

The once red-hot UK property market has cooled a bit. As Brexit fears persist, London property prices have declined dramatically from their peak more than a year ago. Headlines have done little to assuage concerns with one recent publication claiming housing sales are facing the worst… Read More

Property Partner Receives First Multilateral Trading Facility License, Reports Over £30 Million in Equity Traded on its Secondary Marketplace

Liquidity is a frequently discussed topic regarding both un-listed early stage firms and other traditionally illiquid assets. Property Partner, a real estate crowdfunding platform, appears to have provided an effective solution for individuals investing in property assets on their platform. Property Partner is reporting that as… Read More

Property Partner Reports a 40% Return for Investors as Gains Tallied in First Property Sales

Real estate crowdfunding platform Property Partner is reporting gains of up to 43% for investors in two properties. The company says the sale of the properties are the first assets to be sold by Property Partner since it launched as a property investment platform in January 2015. The first property, a one-bedroom… Read More

Property Partner Moves into High Yield Short Term Loans

UK based property crowdfunding platform Property Partner is now offering a new investment vehicle. According to a note from the company, the “online property stock exchange” is adding high yield loans to its offerings. These development finance loans are expected to deliver a net return… Read More

Property Partner To Now Offer Direct Investment in Commercial Property

UK-based property crowdfunding platform Property Partner announced on Monday it is now offering direct investment in commercial property. The funding portal revealed that it will now enable non-institutional investors to buy and sell shares in a range of handpicked commercial properties. “Unlike traditional funds, which… Read More

Property Crowdfunding Platform Property Partner Now Has £100 Million in Assets Under Management

Property Partner, a UK based property crowdfunding platform, now has over £100 million in Assets Under Management (AUM), according to a report from the platform. This amount represents a 4X increase since December 2015 when Property Partner held £21.9 million in AUM. Property Partner also… Read More

Property Partner Nears £100 Million in Assets Under Management, Provides Cash back Offer to Top Funding Milestone

Property Partner, a UK based property crowdfunding platform, is nearing £100 million in assets under management (AUM). To help hurdle past this milestone,  Property Partner is offering a 2% cash back offer on two listed properties. If you invest a minimum of £20,000 you can… Read More

Property Partner Points to Auto Invest to Manage Robust Demand for Property Listings

Residential property investment platform Property Partner appears to have an enviable challenge. Some of their listed properties are being fully funding in as little as 60 seconds. There are worse problems for a crowdfunding platform to have. Currently, Property Partner, the “world’s first stock exchange… Read More

Property Partner Tops £50 Million in Buy-to-Let Funding

Property Partner, a buy-to-let online marketplace launched in 2015, has surpassed £50 million in funding. The peer to peer lender also shared interesting statistics regarding platform performance, including: The number of investors has increased 57% to 10,361 in 12 months £12.5 million of property has… Read More

Housing Whitepaper: Government Actions May Boost Online Lenders

The Housing Market is broken in the UK. The demand / supply imbalance has driven up prices of residential property not just in London but across the UK.  While good for sellers, buyers have struggled.  The UK government has recognized the economic challenge and has… Read More

Property Partner: Investments in Infrastructure & Technology Inject New Confidence in British Economy

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond delivered the annual autumn statement late last month and underlined the UK’s numerous economic weaknesses that the Brexit vote only enunciated.  As Brexit negotiations continue between now and 2019, Britain will have to tackle its poor productivity record, particularly… Read More

Secondary Market Success: Unique Property Exchange has Seen £10 Million of Shares Traded

Property Partner, a UK Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, Updates on Results of Secondary Market for Property Shares Property Partner, a crowdfunding platform for UK real estate, has said that £10 million of shares in property have been exchanged on their unique secondary marketplace. Stating “bricks… Read More

Property Partner Adds Bid Engine to Investment Platform

Property Partner, a real estate crowdfunding platform, has added an interesting feature to their investment marketplace. Property Partner now allows individual investors to bid on property posted on the site.  Property Partner also states their new feature improves clarity for sellers too. According to a… Read More

Property Partner Takes Cautious Approach Post Brexit

The reverberations of Brexit aftershocks will be felt for months to come. So many unknown variables create market uncertainty and thus added risk. One of the most immediately impacted sectors of finance was real estate. London has been one of the hottest property markets in… Read More

UK Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Property Partner Lays Off 13 Employees

This week, London-based real estate crowdfunding platform, Property Partner, has reportedly laid off 29% (13) of its employees. According to Business Insider, the recent cuts have taken Property Partner’s employee headcount from 44 to 31. The funding portal revealed that the decision was made as… Read More

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