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FCA Accused of Gagging Social Media Use with Equity Crowdfunding

Stop Social Media

  According to a release by the CrowdfundingCentre, a briefing and submission to Ministers handed to Treasury officials documents how the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is abusing legislation created before the social web existed to gag its use with equity crowdfunding. The report states the… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding is in Need of Leadership

State of the Union Congress and Senate

Your Leadership, Freedom & Independence this 4th July. Dear Mr President, Your leadership is needed in a matter which affects America and us all. A matter of removing an ongoing source of inequality which continues to disfigure both democracy and capitalism in America and worldwide…. Read More

The Things Regulators Say in the UK & USA

Martin Wheatley FCA Quote Regulations

Crowdfunding Sees Growing Regulatory Support. “We are now looking for areas where the system itself needs to adapt to new technology or broader change – rather than the other way round. We want to ensure that positive developments, the ones that promise to improve the lives of… Read More

The Crowd Data Center Releases Q1 Crowdfunding Data

Rewards and Equity Crowdfunding Q1 The Crowdfunding Centre

Global crowdfunding is growing at a dramatic pace.  The Crowd Data Center has just released their first report, targeting Q1 2014 numbers and their data indicates exponential growth.  According to the report all aspects of crowdfunding is doubling every two months as the global disruptive… Read More

Perspectives on Crowdfunding Regulation – Unravelled

Deputy Sheriff in New Mexico with gun

Puzzling, is it not, that two of the world’s leading exponents can have such different perspectives on equity crowdfunding as Crowdcube and Seedrs. Similarly people often inquire about my own views and that of The Social Foundation – which seem to be almost polar opposites… Read More

Growing Pains as Global Crowdfunding Comes of Age

gcd screenshot

It’s growing up fast. As crowdfunding hits what I suppose you might call it’s second official birthday on 5th April – Global Crowdfunding Day (#GlobalCFDay) – it may have a dose of the “terrible twos.” It’s certainly disruptive enough. It’s not toddling but racing away. Now… Read More

Crowdfunder Claims Top Spot for Rewards Based Crowdfunding in UK

Team Crowdfunder.co .uk

UK based rewards crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunder has confirmed that it has raised over £1.5m for UK projects – and grown by a factor of 15 in the last 12 months.  Accompanied by a report from The Crowdfunding Centre stating that Crowdfunder.co.uk has more projects than… Read More

Report: Crowdfunding Boosts UK Economy Over £9 Million in Past Three Months

British Pounds Sterling

The Crowdfunding Centre has released statistics that indicate that crowdfunding has increased the UK economy over £9 million including: Rewards crowdfunding raised £4.3m, at a rate of more than £3,800 per hour during March, compared with £1,700 per hour in January and February. Equity crowdfunding… Read More

Founder of The Crowdfunding Centre Expresses Disappointment Over FCA Crowdfunding Regulations

barry james

While some crowdfunding industry participants have spoken positively about the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations released yesterday other interested parties have expressed their chagrin. Barry James, founder of The Crowdfunding Centre, said: “On a day like today one has to wonder whether our FCA is the… Read More

Barry James: Breaking The Missing Link Could Kill 20,000 New Jobs in 2014


Tens of thousands of new UK jobs and many millions in new investment are riding on UK regulators’ ability to come to grips with a changing economy. With regulators in the US and around the world increasingly coordinating their activities, deadlines and announcements, the implications… Read More

Crowdfunding 2014: Making A Million, Making A Difference

barry james

Crowdfunding exploded in 2013, and so revealed its massive potential in a way that’s impossible to ignore. Not least December’s ‘The Rise of Future Finance” and the World Bank Report which preceded it. These together left no doubt that crowdfunding has become an established part of the… Read More

Members of Parliament Set to Debate Crowdfunding at Westminister

Barry Sheerman

Debate Takes Place as Consultation Period Nears End. Members of Parliament (MPs) will be debating the future of crowdfunding at Westminster tomorrow,  Wednesday, December 18, 2013.  The Westminster Hall Debate has been initiated by Barry Sheerman MP, a leading proponent of crowdfunding. Mr Sheerman, chair of… Read More

Time to Show a Red Flag to the Financial Conduct Authority

Stop Financial Conduct Authority

Green Light the new freedoms of the digital age. The idea of a man having to walk in front of each car on the road waving a red flag to ensure that they didn’t scare the horses has often been the object of a mixture… Read More

CrowdConsent Aims to Solve FCA Crowdfunding Regulation Requirements


With the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) consultation period scheduled to end shortly, CrowdConsent is announcing a simple technology solution to address current proposals to regulate both equity and debt based crowdfunding. The CrowdConsent service allows platforms to demonstrate that they have obtained the informed consent… Read More

Letters to UK Government are Critical of FCA Regulatory Approach on Crowdfunding

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg

In two public letters the UK based Social Foundation and the Crowdfunding Centre openly pose the question, “Is the Government Guilty of Financial Discrimination?” Both letters, reproduced in their entirety below, question  the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) “rush to regulate” the quickly growing crowdfunding industry…. Read More

Interview: Barry James Talks UK Crowdfunding Day, Crowdfunding Deep Impact Conference

Barry James is founding editor at The Crowdfunding Centre and the founder and director of The Social Foundation, an organization that aims toward “providing leadership towards the new open social economy via research, education and policy development.” We recently caught up with James to discuss… Read More

Kickstarter Threatens Legal Action Against UK Crowdfunding Day

kickstarter logo

UK Crowdfunding Day is coming up, scheduled for November 1st at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Their home page lists “Prominent UK Crowdfunding Organisations and Supporters,” of which various industry participants are listed. At one point Kickstarter was included on that list. Not anymore…. Read More

Crowdfunding is revolutionary because it junks barriers

David Cameron Prime Minister

Coming from the pages of RealBusiness in the UK, Barry James has composed an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy PM Nick Clegg.  You may read the letter in its entirety here but the gist of his premise is the time is… Read More

Crowdfunding: it’s us or the banks

Only in the UK would crowdfunding be withheld from starting a revolution of finance, as it did in the US. Will crowdfunding break through to us? It’s up to you. Some things in life are about as predictable as death and taxes. One of these… Read More

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