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UK P2P Platform FundingKnight Closes £1.5M Round

UK-based peer-to-peer lending platform FundingKnight has closed a £1.5 million investment round at a £7.5 million valuation. The round was led by GLI Finance. FundingKnight curates borrowers on their platform and eliminates businesses they deem as too risky for lending. In doing so, the platform… Read More

Peer to Peer Lending Site Zopa to Offer Business Loans Soon

The United Kingdom’s largest peer to peer lending site Zopa has announced they expect to be offering business loans soon.  Presently their platform is designed to support peer to peer personal consumer loans matching borrowers to investors. Zopa has been in business for over 8… Read More

UK-Based Montello Capital Partners Launch LendInvest, P2P Loan Trading Platform

Two of the principals from Montello Capital Partners have been working on an online peer-to-peer loan trading platform which is now in a soft-launch phase. The platform, called LendInvest, will allow investors to invest into new loans and will create an online market for completed… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform Dealstruck Launches, Connects Businesses with Accredited Investors

Dealstruck is a Lending Marketplace for Businesses Seeking Expansion Capital,  Crowdlending Platform which exclusively focuses on debt financing, Connects Profitable Businesses in Need of Capital With Accredited Investors. Sand Diego based Dealstruck has announced the launch of its crowdlending platform that connects growing, profitable small businesses… Read More

End of the peer show

FINANCE is seldom romantic. But the idea of peer-to-peer lending comes close. This is an industry that brings together individual savers and lenders on online platforms. Those that want to borrow are matched with those that want to lend. Banks and credit-card firms are kept… Read More

Why the JOBS Act Hasn’t Launched Equity Crowdfunding

When the JOBS Act was signed into law, its knotty crowdfunding provisions quickly became a source of consternation for the SEC. More than one year later, the law continues to languish, as the SEC moves slowly to implement its two most important provisions. One would enable general advertising for… Read More

What type of crowdfunding should you use?

Crowdfunding is not only a solution for entrepreneurs who are looking for seed capital, but also for investors who want to control their portfolio and get some Return on Investment. With the prospect of equity-crowdfunding in the U.S. and the blooming equity crowdfunding market in… Read More

What Google’s Investment In Lending Club Means For Crowdfunding

Google’s stake in Lending Club could signal future dominance of P2P and P2B lending in the crowdfunding space.

Investment Crowdfunding Fraud: 8 Things You Need To Know From CrowdCheck’s DC Conference

Monday’s conference on crowdfunding fraud and regulation in Washington, DC was an event I had been looking forward to for some time. It didn’t disappoint. Organized by Virginia-based CrowdCheck, the speaking roster of this conference was distinctly and obviously set up to put all sides… Read More

FundTheGap CEO Explains How To Make The Most Of Crowdfunding

In a post in Tech City News this week, FundTheGap CEO Derek Uittenbroek offers up an excellent explanation of the four types of crowdfunding and how to choose the right one for your raise. He also reminds readers to do their due diligence before launching their… Read More

Linked Finance Brings Crowdfunding for SMEs to Ireland

An online crowd funding initiative called Linked Finance has been launched in Dublin with the backing of Irish entrepreneurs and international investors. The new Linked Finance technology facilitates person to person lending, or ‘crowd funding’ for Irish business. Business borrowers, vetted as part of the… Read More

Are You Looking for a Small Business Loan in the Right Places?

As an entrepreneur, Candace Klein, founder and CEO of SoMoLend, knows the pain of being on the hunt for money when it’s scarce. While things have loosened up a bit since the financial crisis began, financial institutions, such as banks, are still tight-fisted. When an… Read More

CFIRA Optimistic About Crowdfunding Timeline

Earlier this week FINRA invited prospective Crowdfunding portals to voluntarily file an interim funding portal form. The Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) and sister organization the Crowdfunding Professional Association(CfPA) have conducted a thorough review of the FINRA Registration Process Inquiry form for Crowdfunding Portals, and are optimistic about the progress that is being… Read More

Texas’s Role in Crowdfunding and Who Stands to Benefit Most

Texas State Capital Building in Austin

This article is part one in a series on entrepreneurship and access to capital with a focus on the state of Texas. I recently talked to Richard Seline, Principal of Global NextGen Advisors, who just spoke at the Crowdfund Texas conference. He also offers support… Read More

Occupy Wall Street Turns to Crowdfunding to Put a Dent in Private Debt

An organization affiliated with Occupy Wall Street has a crowdfunding idea aimed at reducing or eliminating crushing debts for private citizens. Most Americans are accustomed to carrying debt, and when bad things happen in life sometimes that debt can become a serious burden.  When debtors… Read More

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