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Lending Robot Launches To Help Find & Fund Best Lending Club Deals

The demand for investment opportunities on Lending Club may be outpacing the supply. Consider that some of the best loans on Lending Club are funded within 30 seconds of hitting the platform. It takes an extremely active lender to find and fund the best deals. However,… Read More

IBISWorld Report: P2P Lending Revenues Grew 27.6% in 2013, Dwarf Other Crowdfunding Models

Market research firm IBISWorld has released a report on the P2P lending industry and there is – as expected – some pretty staggering growth in the space. The breakdown comes via 54 companies the firm tracks as being active in P2P lending. Since 2008, revenues have… Read More

Vulcan Capital Invests $125M In Emergent P2P Lender

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s venture capital firm Vulcan Capital has invested $125 million into Freedom Financial Network, a debt consolidation firm with aspirations to enter the P2P lending space. Freedom Financial Network’s core business revolves around “programs and solutions that cover everything from helping families decide on… Read More

New P2P Lending Platform Daric Preps For Launch, Accepting Applications From Borrowers

A new P2P lending platform is getting ready to go live, and for individuals and businesses seeking a loan they are free to sign up now. The platform is called Daric. Daric’s goal is simple. The business model itself is not unlike existing platforms like… Read More

Lending & Debt Dominates PE Investment In Crowdfunding Space

Alex Feldman at Crowdsunite took to Crunchbase to seek out venture capitalists and angel investors that had invested in crowdfunding companies. The main takeaway: P2P lending and debt-based crowdfunding plays have been dominant in terms of garnering investment from private equity firms, venture capitalists and… Read More

Lending Club On Pace For $2 Billion In Loans In 2013

Lending Club is on a roll. The company has announced that they’ve faciliated over $3 billion in loans originated on their P2P lending platform since their launch in May of 2007. The site is on pace for over $2 billion worth of loan originations in… Read More

Curious About LendingClub? Check Out This Awesome Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Using a service like LendingClub for the first time can be a big daunting. The peer-to-peer lending platform can offer interest rates lower than many credit cards for some borrowers. Having said that, where do you start? How hard is it to apply for and… Read More

LendAcademy’s Peter Renton Breaks Down Lending Club, Prosper (Video)

LendAcademy publisher Peter Renton recently published two video primers on two of the largest P2P lending marketplaces in the world, those being Lending Club and Prosper. If you’re new to the world of P2P lending and want to get a sense of the basics quickly,… Read More

Abundance Generation Encourages Shares Of Green Energy Projects As Christmas Gifts

In 1931, artist Haddon Sundblom created magazine ads for Coca‑Cola inspired by Clement Clark Moore’s 1822 poem ‘The night before Christmas’, featuring St Nicholas as a kind, jovial man in a red suit. However, up until then images of Santa Claus had varied throughout different regions and… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform RealtyShares Emerges From Beta

RealtyShares has announced the public launch of their accredited-only real estate crowdfunding platform. The site joins a growing cadre of platforms active in the real estate niche including Prodigy Network, Realty Mogul, Fundrise and others. RealtyShares has been in beta, testing the market with five… Read More

Rolling Jubilee Crowdfunds, Buys And Abolishes $14.7 Million In Medical Debt, More To Come

The Rolling Jubilee launched last year with hopes of buying and abolishing medical debt for pennies on the dollar. Born from the Occypy Wall Street movement, the organization generated $600,000 in funding through a telethon and variety show, as well as through donations collected through… Read More

Webinar Today: Maximize Retirement Growth With P2P Lending

The Kingom Trust Co., NowStreet and Prosper Marketplace are teaming on a webinar scheduled for 1 PM Eastern this afternoon. The focus of the webinar: P2P lending as a method of investing from tax-free retirement accounts. With high volatility and low interest rates driving retail… Read More

Is Demand Outpacing Supply On Lending Club?

The act of investing on P2P lending sites like Lending Club is generally a very active form of investing. You generally have to seek out notes that make sense for you, which can be time consuming. In a recent blog post entitled “Why I’m Transferring… Read More

Nicola Horlick To Enter P2P Finance Space With Money&Co

British investment fund manager Nicola Horlick is planning to launch a lending-based crowdfunding portal in the UK market. Called Money&Co, the company aims to take on stalwart UK crowdfunding platforms like Crowdcube and Seedrs for a share of the growing crowdfinance market. Yes, Crowdcube and… Read More

It’s Here: The World Bank Report On Crowdfunding

For the better part of a year we’ve been anticipating a report that was to be the product of a joint venture by thought leaders and researchers in the crowdfunding space, distributed and supported by The World Bank. That report, entitled “Crowdfunding’s Potential for the… Read More

SoMoLend, Ohio Securities Division Hearing Postponed Until January

SoMoLend and the Ohio Division of Securities have been on a crash course since a notice of intent to issue a cease and desist was filed back in August of 2013. The hearing, originally scheduled for this week, has been postponed until January according to… Read More

Considering crowdfunding? Burst the bubble first!

It could fund your project, boost our companies, create jobs and maybe even save our entire economy: crowdfunding. Advertised as the go-to digital cash machine if the bank doesn’t get you the money you need, crowdfunding is well on its way to become a major… Read More

UK P2P Platform FundingKnight Closes £1.5M Round

UK-based peer-to-peer lending platform FundingKnight has closed a £1.5 million investment round at a £7.5 million valuation. The round was led by GLI Finance. FundingKnight curates borrowers on their platform and eliminates businesses they deem as too risky for lending. In doing so, the platform… Read More

Peer to Peer Lending Site Zopa to Offer Business Loans Soon

The United Kingdom’s largest peer to peer lending site Zopa has announced they expect to be offering business loans soon.  Presently their platform is designed to support peer to peer personal consumer loans matching borrowers to investors. Zopa has been in business for over 8… Read More

UK-Based Montello Capital Partners Launch LendInvest, P2P Loan Trading Platform

Two of the principals from Montello Capital Partners have been working on an online peer-to-peer loan trading platform which is now in a soft-launch phase. The platform, called LendInvest, will allow investors to invest into new loans and will create an online market for completed… Read More

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