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Enterprising Iceland Crypto Miner is Recycling Mining Energy as Heat

A woman running small crypto mining operations in the southern Iceland district of Reykjanes is using the energy her machines consume to heat storage spaces she rents from local farmers, Wired reports. Krista Hannesdóttir, a math teacher by day, started crypto mining in a former… Read More

Charges Laid in Notorious Iceland Bitcoin-Mine Robbery Cases

Hold Up Robbery Crime Theft

Seven suspects have been charged with various crimes related to a series of high-profile equipment thefts from Bitcoin mines in Iceland last year, Modern Consensus reports. The thefts came to the attention of industry aficionados in December last year, but became widely reported internationally in… Read More

Dutch Fintech Five Degrees Announces Acquisition of Iceland-based Core Banking IT Systems Provider Libra

Five Degrees, a Netherlands-based fintech, announced on Thursday it has acquired Libra, a provider of core banking IT systems in the financial sector in Iceland. Five Degrees reported that the acquisition boosts its international growth ambitions, enabling the company to offer its full-service proposition of… Read More

Feature Film “BOKEH” Hits Kickstarter, Raises Over $10,000 During First Day

Director, writer, and producer Andrew Sullivan has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday (July 29th) to raise $30,000 for his new feature film BOKEH. Within hours of its debut on the crowdfunding giant’s platform, the project raised $10,390 from close to 125 backers. According… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Kahda Cool Stuff, Kúla Deeper 3D Images, Kapture Recording Wristband

This week we had tons of cool stuff come in.  I am still going through the pile of emails (and one real post card) from all the amazing crowdfunders from around the world.  I really love ready about incredible people coming up with unique ideas… Read More

Encrypted E-Mail Client Mailpile Fully Funded On Indiegogo

A small development team from Reykjavík, Iceland has raised over $100,000 on Indiegogo for Mailpile, an encrypted email client. Edward Snowden’s recent leaks were a wake-up call, confirming what many had long suspected, that the troves of e-mail stored on our behalf by Google, Microsoft and… Read More

Mailpile Crowdfunds to Create an Encrypted Mail Client

With all the revelations in the press about our friends at the NSA reading our email hosted on the likes of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft it is no surprise there is a growing rumbling about alternatives to these widely used platforms.  There have always been… Read More

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