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Regulatory Morass: A Visual Depiction of the Convoluted Financial Sector Rules (Infographic)

SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher has completed the final update of his “crazy quilt” chart of regulations that smother financial services firms.  It is a wonder that anyone working in the financial sector does anything else but review and comply with mandatory rules.  And these are… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding May Be Game Changer for Women Entrepreneurs

A new report from Ventureneer proposes that equity crowdfunding may be the variable needed for women entrepreneurs to break through barriers in starting and growing innovative companies. According to the report, the number of women starting businesses has jumped dramatically from 2013 to 2o14. A… Read More

Crowdcube: Key Statistics and Facts About Its Growth (Infographic)

With the recent prediction that it’ll have a “record breaking” year, Crowdcube unveiled a new infographic to reflect the key statistics and facts about its investment crowdfunding platform’s growth. Last week, Crowdcube announced that it is expecting to have an exciting 2015 following the success of Q1 funding.  The first quarter saw… Read More

Understanding Today’s Capital Raising Options (Infographic)

They say that there is no such thing as bad press but I am not so sure that I agree with that statement. While this may be the case for the Kardashians, I don’t think the same holds true for the crowdfunding/P2P lending industries. In… Read More

Crowdcube: We Will Have a Record Breaking Year (Infographic)

Investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube is predicting a “record breaking” year following the success of Q1 funding.  The first quarter of 2015 saw 36 businesses raising £17.5 million.  During the quarter total investments topped £24 million (some offers are still crowdfunding). Crowdcube touted some of the… Read More

Crowdcube Unveils Numbers Behind JustPark’s Record Breaking Equity Campaign (Infographic)

In celebration of JustPark’s successful and record breaking equity crowdfunding campaign, which captured over £3.7 million from 2,900 investors, Crowdcube has unveiled a new infographic that shows off the parking innovator’s exciting funding progress. As previously reported, JustPark, formerly Parkatmyhouse.com, is a website and app that allows… Read More

Crowdfunding in Germany (Infographic)

The German Crowdfunding Network has created a nice infographic giving a visual comparison of German and the rest of Europe.  Germany has experienced some healthy growth with internet finance and Companisto can claim to have funded one of the largest investment crowdfunding campaigns in Europe… Read More

Seedrs 2014: A Year in Review (Infographic)

Seedrs, a leading European investment crowdfunding platform, has been growing rapidly expanding its brand and offerings across all of Europe. The funding portal, one of the first in the UK, has put together an infographic to highlight some of its accomplishments from 2014 – of… Read More

Crowdfunding in France 2014 (Infographic)

Crowdfunding in France received a significant boost last year when the government released rules governing the new form of finance. While not perfect the regulations were greeted as a positive first step in establishing a new, more efficient market for capital formation. France has not… Read More

How to Run a “Kick Butt” Kickstarter Campaign (Infographic)

Running a crowdfunding campaign, be it for rewards or other, takes a ton of work. The team at Crowdfund Insider continues to see promising products that fail in their crowdfunding venture mainly due to lack of preparation and the fact that too many creators believe:… Read More

Bitcoin Explained (Infographic)

The bitcoin eco-system has developed rapidly going from zero to hyperspace in just a few short years. The leading crypto-currency has gone from an internet niche embraced by those in the know to becoming widely accepted currency in a growing number of established firms.  Large… Read More

Dealstruck Compares Loan Options for Small Business Owners (Infographic)

The signature scent of January is optimism: We will avoid processed food, learn Mandarin Chinese and log at least nine miles before dinner (likely wild salmon atop a quinoa-kale salad). But New Year’s resolutions become realities after taking the first step, whether it’s learning how… Read More

Startup Funding 2014: A Year in Review (infographic)

Here is another interesting infographic that visually depicts a break-down of startup funding for 2014. While equity crowdfunding has captured more than a few headlines, the reality is that this new method of capital formation is still quite small and in its infancy.  That’s ok… Read More

A Year in Crowdfunding: 2014 (Infographic)

The past year has been eventful in the world of alternative finance.  From crowdfunding to peer to peer lending the world of finance is changing rapidly – and for the better.  While no industry is ever stagnant, the past several decades of the finance industry… Read More

Accenture Looks to the Future of Payments (Infographic)

Global consulting group Accenture recently surveyed 4000 North Americans to gain some perspective on the changing nature of payments and cash.  The internet and digital realm is disrupting just about everything these days and fiat currency has not been immune to the power of technology…. Read More

A Year in Crowdfunding: 2014 (Infographic)

The creative team at Crowdentials has created another infographic sharing some of the highlights from the past twelve months for the young Crowdfunding industry.  So much has happened in such a short time.  It is difficult to believe that the year is near its end. As… Read More

Staying Compliant with 506c Private Placements (Infographic)

Title II of the JOBS Act allowed companies raising capital using private placements to advertise the investment opportunity.  Think about it.  If you were trying to sell your house but were not allowed to advertise it would be pretty hard.  Well “general solicitation” as it… Read More

Peer to Peer ISA Revolution (Infographic)

The below infographic depicts some data points correlating with the forthcoming inclusion of peer to peer assets in ISAs.  With the comment period closing on the UK Consultation regarding this change expectations are for final parameters to be announced sometime in early 2015.  Both savers… Read More

Kimbia Publishes Donor Demographics from the “Largest” Nonprofit Crowdfunding Event (Infographic)

Kimbia, the single-day crowdfunding event platform for nonprofit organizations, has released their Who Gives to Crowdfunding Events? infographic. The infographic includes donor demographics from Give Local America, which has been dubbed the largest crowdfunding event to date, during which over 300,000 donors gave $53.7 million to more… Read More

RateSetter Calls for a Refresh on “Outdated & Inefficient Safety Measures” for Savers

RateSetter, a leading UK peer to peer lending platform, has made a public call for a “refresh” on the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  In a public statement RateSetter declared, “the time has come for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to act its age”.  RateSetter… Read More

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