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Kickstarter Teams Up With Internet Giants To Launch “Day of Action” In Protest Against FCC Net Neutrality Proposals

With the FCC preparing to close public comments on its net neutrality proposal, crowdfunding giant, Kickstarter, is teaming up with Mozilla, Namescheap, Reddit, Etsy, Foursquare, Vimeo, and other major Internet companies to raise awareness about the situation by declaring to be “Day of Action.” According… Read More

Dogecoin and Reddit Team Up to Help Australian Racecar Driver

Dogecoin is making another appearance on the racetrack! The cybercurrency and Reddit.com are teaming up once again to help another driver in need and this time it’ll be going to the Australian V8 Supercar Series. The crowdfunding effort, which is called #SuperV8Doge, is aiming to sponsor… Read More

Crowdfunding & NASCAR: The Crowd’s Cash Filling The Gaps In Sports Sponsorship

This past week, Reddit did something previously unthinkable yet again, and it’s thanks in part to a crowdfunding campaign. At an upcoming NASCAR race at Talladega, Josh Wise’s #98 car will don Dogecoin livery. Yes, Dogecoin… the niche cryptocurrency created by a marketing junkie and… Read More

Brief: DonorsChoose’s Charles Best On Live Q&A Today With Tim Ferriss, Alexis Ohanian

Fast Company editorial director Jill Bernstein will be holding a live Q&A today discussing how to “harness the power of the crowd to make something positive happen.” The session starts at noon EST. The session features Charles Best, Founder and CEO of DonorsChoose.org (pictured, right). DonorsChoose… Read More

Final Hours: Unsung Story Seeks Last Push Over $600K Kickstarter Goal

A Kickstarter campaign with some serious star power behind it is dangerously close to losing out on over half a million dollars in crowdfunding cash. Of course, that also means they’re on the precipice of closing a huge $600,000+ crowdfunding round. The next 33 hours… Read More

Crowdfunding Anonymously: Why It Doesn’t Work

Photo courtesy smemon on Flickr: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

In traveling the country and fielding numerous requests from project creators – both current and potential  – certain questions have a tendency to pop up time and time again. One question that I get surprisingly often: can I crowdfund anonymously? It was echoed in a… Read More

Brief: Reddit Donates Ad Space For Crowdfunding Campaigns

Reddit has donated ad space to 250 crowdfunding projects via an initiative that was launched yesterday. Space was taken up within 24 hours. 250 campaigns will be allowed to participate in the initiative with each receiving 100,000 donated ad impressions on the Reddit homepage. This… Read More

Is Star Citizen On Pace To Crowdfund $100 Million?

You have to love the community that has formed around Cloud Imperium Games’s upcoming release Star Citizen. The crowd that has formed around the game maintains various discussion communities around the Internet, not the least of which is the /r/starcitizen subreddit, which boasts almost 16,000 subscribers…. Read More

Reddit Users Opine On Crowdfunding For Film: “Is It Dead?”

Every once in a while an interesting conversation pops up on Reddit involving crowdfunding and the public’s perception of crowdfunding as a means of raising money. Recently Reddit user mavspade solicited opinions on crowdfunding as a way of raising money for films, asking on subreddit /r/Filmmakers “is… Read More

Reddit User Producing Weekly Crowdfunding Games Roundup

Game developers crowdfunding their latest title should take note of an effort on the part of Reddit user Revisor007, who has been creating a weekly crowdfunding roundup every week for a few months now in /r/Games and /r/CrowdfundedGames. It could provide a nice opportunity for… Read More

Five Good Crowdfunding Reads From The Last Week

In playing a bit of catch-up this morning on the crowdfunding space, I’ve come across five good reads from the last week from various sources that I think are worth a look. On The Other Side Of The Kickstarter Economy, Projects Are The Customers [FastCompany]… Read More

The Top 10 Crowdfunding Stories Of The Last Year

Today marks one year to the day since we launched Crowdfund Insider. We launched with a simple goal: to help educate people from all walks of life about the crowdfunding space. Whether you own a crowdfunding company, have launched a project or are just passing through,… Read More

RAINN Launches Indiegogo Campaign In Response To Kickstarter Seduction Guide

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) has launched an Indiegogo campaign as a response to the previously reported Kickstarter campaign for the “Above The Game: A Guide To Getting Awesome With Women.” Things didn’t turn out so awesome for creator Ken Hoinsky’s campaign,… Read More

UPDATED: Kickstarter Speaks After Taking Heat For “Guide To Getting Awesome With Women”

UPDATE: Kickstarter has issued a rare response to Casey Malone, the blogger that originally displayed outrage at the campaign and sparked a media firestorm around the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. This morning, material that a project creator posted on Reddit earlier this year was brought… Read More

Microryza’s Denny Luan Will Hold Reddit IAmA Next Monday @ 10 AM PST

Who: Microryza’s Denny Luan What: Reddit IAmA Where: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/ When: Monday, April 1st @ 10 AM Why: To answer the crowd’s questions about research finance, Microryza, entrepreneurship and anything else. Find out what a Reddit IAmA is here

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