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California Resident Raises Nearly $55,000 in Two Days on Indiegogo For Man in “How Does a Homeless Man Spend 100?” Video

Seeking to help a homeless person in need, a California man by the name of Josh Lin has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for Thomas, the man in the new video How Does a Homeless Man Spend $100. The video was created to see what… Read More

Brief: CEO of Logbar Addresses Critics of Kickstarter-Success Ring Wearable Tech (Video)

Clearing the air of any confusion and accusations, CEO of San Carlos-based Logbar, Takuro Yoshida, addressed the issues that backers of Kickstarter-success Ring Wearable Tech through a new YouTube video. Previously, Yoshida revealed his thought about the comments that Gizmodo had made about the ring. The website, which… Read More

Backers of Failed Kickstarter Yogventures Are Set To Receive EverQuest Next Landmark for Free

Yogventures backers, rejoice! Your patience is finally being paid off. According to GameStop, the makers of the failed video game have finally reached an agreement that will make everyone that supported the game super happy. According to the video game shop, along with the free codes they… Read More

Producer & Actor Alec Peters Discusses Recent Kickstarter Success “Star Trek: Axanar”

Fresh off the closing of the Star Trek: Axanar crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, website dedicated to the famous sci-fi series, TrekMovie, sat down with producer and actor in the upcoming film, Alec Peters to discuss the project and his ultimate dream of creating a Star Trek film…. Read More

Animated Series “Simon’s Cat” Dubbed Most Successful Reward-Based UK Film on Indiegogo

Hilarious web series Simon’s Cat has had huge success on the crowdfunding giant Indiegogo over the past few weeks. The YouTube channel launched campaign on July 8th for its new video Off to the Vet. Originally seeking only £275,850, Simon’s Cat has raised £304,937 from 9,963 backers. Not only has it… Read More

Yogscast Had Kickstarter Success. But Now Yogventures Has Been Cancelled

Popular YouTube channel Yogscast has announced the cancellation of its project Yogventures, which generated $570,000 during its 2012 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The game was said to have already went into development at Winterkewl Games. According to Eurogamer, the game originally was set to release in… Read More

Pherver Launches New Micro-funding Site for Creators

Pherver, a startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, has launched a site for the creative class to raise funds through monthly pledges, tips on content, and by selling personalized products. The need for new ways to generate revenue comes at a time when online… Read More

Rooster Teeth’s “Lazer Team” Blasts Past $650,000 Goal in Just 24 Hours

Rooster Teeth, the YouTube network behind the hilarious sci-fi comedy “Red vs Blue,” “Achievement Hunter,” “The RT Podcast,” and “RWBY,” has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for it’s first ever feature length movie called “Lazer Team”.  The campaign easily beat their initial goal of $650,000… Read More

YouTube Moves into Video Crowdfunding

Google spawn YouTube made a major announcement today about their future product roadmap.  As part of the announcement where they discussed forthcoming new tools, apps and more, they recognized the importance of advertising revenue generated by the global video megalith (of which they make tons… Read More

Geek & Sundry’s “TableTop” Breaks Crowdfunding Record

Fresh off the closing of their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the creators of “TableTop” Season 3 announced not only did they receive well over its $500,000 goal; they also broke digital series crowdfunding record. “TableTop” is known as an award-winning Internet series that appears on YouTube’s Geek &… Read More

Wusk: Crowdfunding Content on YouTube

Wusk is a new crowdfunding / micro-donations site that allows fans to contribute to any content on YouTube.  The startup just launched this past March at SXSW with their service and they  believe fans should support great digital content and the creators should be able… Read More

Update: YouTube Phenom PewDiePie Trumps $250K Indiegogo Crowdfunding Goal For Save The Children

PewDiePie is one of a rare breed of YouTube phenomenon. In fact, he’s king of the mountain… he can lay claim to the most subscriptions for a YouTube channel in history. As he has done in the past, he launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo… Read More

Top YouTube Star PewDiePie Raising $250K For Save The Children On Indiegogo

Felix Kjellberg is better known by the name of PewDiePie, and he is one of a handful of wildly successful gamers that have used YouTube as a means of building a following. Actually, that may be putting it a bit lightly. He has the most subscribers… Read More

Watch: TubeStart Talks Crowdfunding Strategy For YouTube Creators

Yesterday YouTube-centric crowdfunding platform TubeStart held a Google Hangout discussing crowdfunding in a YouTube context. The Hangout lasted just under an hour and provided answers to a handful of relevant questions. TubeStart’s Claude Shires and Kirsten Zastrow ran the session. They provide some sobering, pragmatic… Read More

Brief: TubeStart To Host Google Hangout For YouTube Crowdfunders

Tomorrow YouTube content creator crowdfunding platform TubeStart will begin a new weekly tradition by holding a Google Hangout. It’s called the “Weekly Crowdfunding Crash Course for YouTube Creators,” which tells you just about all you need to know. If you’re on YouTube and you’re interested… Read More

Wong Fu is Crowdfunding First Feature Film on Indiegogo

Wong Fu has some pretty amazing numbers on their YouTube channel.  Over 2 million subscribers with over 300 million views of their short films, music videos, vlogs etc.  Wong Fu Productions (WFP) started by a group of friends at UC San Diego, Philip Wang, Wesley… Read More

Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 1: Tubestart’s Josef Holm On Monetizing Digital Video With Crowdfunding

On this week’s episode of Inside Crowdfunding, we interview Tubestart co-founder and CEO Josef Holm to get more information about his crowdfunding platform for YouTube content creators. We also discuss Tubestart’s new charity-related initiative and Holm’s recent ReelSEO article about MCNs participating in the crowdfunding… Read More

TubeStart Offers Free Crowdfunding For Charities & Nonprofits

TubeStart is offering to help 501(c)(3) organizations by allowing charities and nonprofits to crowdfund on their platform for free. Any organizations interested in taking advantage of this offer are encouraged to contact TubeStart. More information on how to do so is available on TubeStart’s web… Read More

Making Money From YouTube: How Crowdfunding Can Fill The Gap

Imagine netting over a million YouTube views in a month and getting paid as little as $50 for that accomplishment. That is the reality Jack Conte, half of the music group Pomplamoose, spelled out in a recent interview with Upstart Business Journal. Pomplamoose has over… Read More

WATCH LIVE: The Young Turks Hold 24-Hour “Turk-a-thon” In Final Hours Of Indiegogo Campaign

We recently reported on an Indiegogo campaign for The Young Turks that had succeeded in meeting a $250,000 goal on Indiegogo. The goal of the campaign is to crowdfund a new studio for a program touted as “the largest online news show in the world.”… Read More

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