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SEC Chairman Jay Clayton Testifies in Front of Senate Banking Committee

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton spent his morning today (December 10, 2019) testifying in front of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. In prepared testimony (embedded below), Chair Clayton addressed multiple issues including those that impacting regulatory modernization as… Read More

Private Equity Has Better Returns & Lower Volatility than Public Markets: Will the SEC Make it Easier for Retail Investors to Gain Access to this Asset Class?

Earlier this week there was a meeting of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee. During the meeting, the Committee discussed the SEC’s Concept Release on regulatory harmonization and several topics specifically. First, was the subject of access to capital… Read More

SeedInvest Hammers on Definition of an Accredited Investor: “the current accredited investor definition is severely misguided and needs to change”

SeedInvest, one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the US, has posted a comment letter pertaining to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) concept release on regulatory harmonization. The comment letter is expected to be “one of multiple” letters with this first one addressing… Read More

SEC Chair Jay Clayton: We Should Increase the Attractiveness of Our Public Capital Markets & Increase Opportunities for Main Street Investors in Private Markets

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton tipped his hand a bit regarding the ongoing “concept release” – an SEC review of the private securities exemption ecosystem and how regulated private markets operate.  In a speech delivered at the Economic Club of New York this… Read More

Will the Definition of an Accredited Investor Finally get Fixed? The JOBS and Investor Confidence Act Includes Bill that May Finally Address this Longstanding Problem

The current definition of an accredited investor is a profound act of disenfranchisement. Policy makers decision to segregate investors based solely on how much money they have is a myopic, discriminatory act of rulemaking. The punitive definition of an accredited investor has been in place… Read More

Update to the Definition of an Accredited Investor Passes House by Voice Vote

In a strong sign of bipartisan support, the House of Representatives approved by voice vote HR 1585 or the Fair Investment Opportunities for Professional Experts Act. Sponsored by Representative David Schweikert from Arizona, HR 1585 may address the profound shortcomings in the current definition of… Read More

Creating Financial Prosperity for Business & Investment Act Quickly Passes House and Moves to Senate

Entrepreneurs and small business may have something for them under the Christmas tree this year courtesy of Congress.  The House of Representatives passed HR 6427 today as legislators scrambled to get a few things done before they disperse for the coming Holiday.  While there is… Read More

SEC ACSEC Meeting to Review Reg A+, Elio Motors Experience

The SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (ACSEC) has published its agenda for its meeting next week and it should be a more interesting gathering. As part of the ACSEC program, the SEC Division of Corporate Finance will deliver an update on the… Read More

The Renaissance of the Retail Investor: Fixing America’s Wealth Disparity

This is important.  In the United States, the wealth disparity is growing – not closing. While there are multiple reasons why this wealth gap has occurred, the growing dominance of big money over smaller investors has clearly exacerbated this societal challenge.  Unfortunately, policy officials have… Read More

Engine to SEC: Have You Checked Out How the Brits Define an Accredited Investor?

Engine, an advocacy group based in San Francisco that promotes policy that supports all of the cool technology bubbling up from the most creative community in the world, has added their $0.02 to the debate regarding the definition of an Accredited Investor. The discussion regarding… Read More

House Approves Fix for Definition of an Accredited Investor as it Passes Several Pro SME Bills

The House of Representatives started February of 2016 on a high note this year, leading with several bi-partisan pro-business bills that received little opposition on the floor.  The House Financial Services Committee which forwarded the legislation released a statement calling the bills a “win” for… Read More

Schweikert Bill May Fix Definition of an Accredited Investor

Originally introduced this past Spring, Representative David Schweikert saw the “Fair Investment Opportunities for Professional Experts Act” (HR 2187 — 114th Congress) take another step forward on December 9th.  The House Financial Services Committee saw it approved by a vote of 54 yeas to just… Read More

SEC: Report on Definition of Accredited Investor. Seeks Public Comments as Commission Reviews Rules

Dodd-Frank, the massive law passed in the midst of the Great Recession, touched many aspects of the financial industry.  One portion of the bill was a requirement to review the definition of an Accredited Investor “as it relates to natural persons” every four years.  The… Read More

With Propel(x) LLCs, Propel(x) Lowers Angel Investment Threshold, Allowing Investors To Diversify Portfolio & Streamline Portfolio Management

  Propel(x), a platform for investing in deep technology startups, is making it easier for angel investors to participate in a wide range of deep technology investments with the introduction of Propel(x) LLCs, lowering the initial threshold from a typical minimum angel investment of $25,000, to as… Read More

House Committee Scheduled to Discuss Definition of An Accredited Investor

The Subcommittee on Capital Markets an Government Sponsored Enterprises, part of the Committee on Financial Services, has scheduled a hearing to discuss two bills. The first is the Small Business Credit Availability Act which has been crafted to amend the Investment Committee Act of 1940… Read More

On the Move: OurCrowd’s CEO Announces New Office in Toronto

Last week, Israel-based OurCrowd announced it is planning to open a new office in Toronto. Now TechVibes has revealed more details about the equity crowdfunding platform’s move to Canadian borders. During the Canadian Crowdfunding Summit, CEO of OurCrowd Jon Medved shared information about the platform’s new… Read More

SEC Committee on Small & Emerging Companies Submits Recommendations on Definition of Accredited Investor

The SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies has voted on, and approved, recommendations on the definition of an accredited investor.  As it stands today the definition is guided by economic parameters: an individual must earn $200,000 per year or have a net worth… Read More

Brief: SEC Postpones Advisory Committee on Small & Emerging Companies Meeting

Due to inclement weather, and the associated closure of Federal Offices in Washington, DC, the Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies has postponed its meeting to a later date.  Originally scheduled to take place today (February 17th), no new meeting date was disclosed. The… Read More

SEC Advisory Committee on Small & Emerging Companies Schedules Next Public Meeting

SEC Chair Mary Jo White re-animated a previously moribund Advisory Committee on SMEs late last year.  These “small” companies are private companies, as well as those publicly traded, with market capitalizations of under $250 million. This initiative was undertaken in recognition of the importance of… Read More

The Number of Accredited Investors (Deck)

The debate surrounding the definition of an Accredited Investor always includes a discussion regarding the number of individuals in the United States who actually qualify.  Recently Rachita Gullapalli, a financial analyst at the Division of Economic & Risk Analysis (DERA) at the SEC, put together… Read More

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