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Andreessen Horowitz’s Chris Dixon On Crowdfunding

Like a lot of people, I’m excited about crowdfunding, and specifically the crowdfunding of startups now that’s it’s legal in the US.Chris Dixon Chris Dixon is a prolific investor and has been a co-founder of multiple companies including Hunch and SiteAdvisor. He is currently an… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 31, 2013

Happy halloween to all of our stateside readers! USA Today | Delamaide: Crowdfunding rules help investors Do we have a “stock market rigged in favor of high-frequency traders?” According to this article yes, and it is turning investors away from the stock market. Where will… Read More

FoundryGroup’s AngelList Syndicate To Funnel $2.5M Into Startups

Foundry Group is a VC fund focused on early-stage IT, internet and software startups. The firm has just announced the formation of FG Angels, an AngelList Syndicate that aims to funnel $2.5 million in funding into 50 companies between now and the end of 2014…. Read More

Ministry Of Supply Lands $1.1M In Seed Funding After 2 Crowdfunding Successes

Ministry of Supply has made great use of Kickstarter over the past 18 months, having launched and executed two successful crowdfunding campaigns for their innovative spin on fashion. The first campaign for the Apollo dress shirt raised over $400,000 used technology developed by NASA to create shirts… Read More

Half-Million Dollar Kickstarter For “Clang” In Death Throes

Subutai Corporation is a Seattle-based firm founded to “create stories, games, graphic novels and filmed entertainment in an integrated style.” One interesting factoid that likely helped draw backers into their Kickstarter campaign: famed American author and game designer Neal Stephenson is a co-founder. In a… Read More

Angel Investor Launches Online Petition Urging Changes To Rule 506(c)

Ahead of the official lifting of the ban on general solicitation slated for September 23rd, angel investors are becoming more vocal in their opposition to choice parameters of the new rule. A recent petition launched on ipetition.com targets three specific aspects of the rule that… Read More

Crowdcube Shares Guide to Angel Investing

Successful equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has shared a guide on Angel investing in partnership with What Investment magazine.  The document features an introduction from Doug Richard who was one of the original “Dragons” on the BBC show “Dragons Den”.  Richard now works with entrepreneurs by… Read More

SyndicateRoom Creates Angel / Crowdfunding Combo Site Lists Deals

SyndicateRoom is a UK crowdfunding platform that allows small investors to participate in crowdfunding alongside “professional” angel investors.  This integrated form of crowdfunding creates a symbiotic relationship where the pros lend credence to the offer via their due-diligence and lead funding.  The minimum amount for… Read More

UK Business Angels, Small Investors, Crowdfund Together on SyndicateRoom

Now in the UK, smaller investors will be able to invest their money together with an exclusive group of private investors.   SyndicateRoom (SR) has created  a ‘crowdfunding’ system for investing thanks to a partnership with Cambridge Capital Group (CCG), an exclusive group of private investors and a top UK Business Angel… Read More

STAR Angel Network’s Erica Minnihan On Crowdfunding, LISNR & SeedInvest

We recently reported on SeedInvest Groups, a product aimed at angel groups and other investor networks. Recently the STAR Angel Network leveraged SeedInvest groups to close a round for Cincinnati-based mobile app startup LISNR. It’s a somewhat ridiculous event: hop on a bus to SXSW,… Read More

The Soho Loft Plans NYC VC, Angel & Crowd Investing Conference For August

The Soho Loft has teamed with FundingPost.com for an event in New York City this August. The NYC VC, Angel and Crowd Investing Conference will bring together representatives from venture capital, angel groups and the crowdfunding space to discuss how to access capital in the 21st… Read More

SeedInvest Seeking Partnerships With VCs, Angel Groups: SeedInvest Groups

SeedInvest has launched a new feature on their equity crowdfunding platform. The feature, called SeedInvest Groups, specifically targets angel groups, venture capitalists and other organizations with an active role in funding early-stage companies. SeedInvest CEO Ryan Feit says that the new feature was largely driven… Read More

SeedInvest Raises $1 Million In Round Led By Jumpstart New Jersey Angel Network

SeedInvest has announced today that the equity-based crowdfunding platform has raised $1 million in a round led by the Jumpstart New Jersey Angel Network. The round is said to also include “several prominent individual investors.” “SeedInvest is opening up new opportunities for a vast population… Read More

FundAmerica Raises $1.4 Million From Angel Group

FundAmerica, a debt- and equity-based crowdfunding platform currently in development, has raised a $1.4 million investment round from a group of angel investors. The round will be used to bring their crowdfunding platform to market. This is the second funding round raised by FundAmerica and… Read More

Over Regulation Has Challenged Public Markets, Will Crowdfunding Resurrect These Markets?

Over Regulation Has Challenged Public Markets, Will Crowdfunding Resurrect These Markets or Will Over Regulation Reign Supreme? Recently venture capitalist, tech entrepreneur and  industry soothsayer,  Marc Andreesen was interviewed on CNBC in an piece entitled “We are Living Through a Tech Depression“.  His talking points… Read More

How Smart Angels Will Leverage Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding has a large and growing base of global supporters and advocates. Every few months we see new developments in securities-related legislation, and activity kicking off in countries around the world that are advancing crowdfunding for businesses. On the flip side, equity crowdfunding has… Read More

South Korea Aims To Legalize Equity Crowdfunding

CRIEnglish.com reported yesterday that South Korea is looking to legalize equity crowdfunding, seemingly spurred on by the United States’s passage of the JOBS Act. From the article… South Korea planned to legalize the crowd funding system as part of efforts to help venture companies finance… Read More

Crowdfunding takes the rug out from under VCs, angels

Some have said equity crowdfunding could put pressure on the venture capital industry. But data compiled by crowdfunderEquityNet suggests it will open whole different categories of upstarts for funding instead. “Crowdfunding is serving the area of capitalism that was previously underserved,”Judd Hollas, chief executive of the… Read More

Are UK businesses taking too many funding risks?

In turbulent times for business finance, the words “risk” and “funding” are inevitably connected. David Hing looks at what to watch out for in each SME funding option. Funding and investment can be the lifeblood of a start up, or indeed any business that is… Read More

Why Crowdfunding Scares Most Entrepreneurs, But Doesn’t Have To

More people than ever are starting their own businesses. And as all these newly minted entrepreneurs enter the world of being their own bosses, they are all starving for much needed startup funding. Investors take two forms – angel or venture capitalists. Angles look more… Read More

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