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Fundrise Pushes Pause on Redemptions, Completes Stress Test on Property Portfolio

Earlier this month, Fundrise, a real estate investment platform using Reg A+ to provide access to “eREITs and eFunds”, has hit the pause button on redemptions to “maximize cash reserves and ensure the portfolio is in a position of strength.” The goal is to protect… Read More

Amazon: Fundrise Allows You to Invest in Property Near Amazon’s DC Headquarters with New eFund

Real estate investment platform Fundrise says it has been quietly accumulating property near the area Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has just announced they will be establishing a new headquarters. Amazon’s east coast headquarters will create a huge economic impact for the DC/Northern Virginia market, not to mention… Read More

Fundrise Filing Updates on Equity eREIT Progress

Fundrise, an online real estate investment platform, has just filed a Reg A+ update with the Securities and Exchange Commission that updates on their equity eREIT offering. Several years old now, the eREIT offering circular indicates the company has sold approximately $73 million in shares… Read More

Fundrise Growth eREIT Files to Raise $45.7 Million

The Fundrise Equity REIT, or Growth eREIT, has filed with the SEC to raise up to $45,730,440 under Reg A+.  The amount includes $11.8 million from a previous offering circular. The Growth eREIT focuses on acquiring commercial real estate assets with the expectation they will appreciate over… Read More

Fundrise Files New Reg A+ for Income eREIT

Fundrise, an online marketplace for investing in real estate, has filed a Reg A+ offer with the SEC to sell additional shares in their Income eREIT. This will be the second round for the Fundrise Income eREIT. The first round sold out raising the maximum… Read More

Top Fintech Stories from Crowdfund Insider during 2016

As one year comes to end it is a good opportunity to reflect on past events. The preceding 12 months have been a momentous period for internet finance including capital formation online. Fintech started as a curiosity that engendered much excitement – and fear for some…. Read More

Fundrise Update: Two eREITs Close at $50 Million Each

Fundrise has morphed from a single property crowdfunding platform to a diversified real estate investment marketplace with the launch of their eREIT offerings. Fundrise has gone back to their Reg A roots by leveraging the updated securities exemption allowing any investor the option to purchase… Read More

Sold Out: Fundrise’s Income eREIT Nears $50 Million Cap

Fundrise has announced that is Income eREIT is “almost sold out” with less than 10% of the $50 million cap available for investors.  The debt based real estate crowdfunding vehicle has recently declared a dividend of 11.25% through December 2016. Fundrise’s eREIT approach has replaced… Read More

Fundrise Spins Off its Real Estate Investment Branch RSE Capital Partners

Crowdfunding real estate platform Fundrise is spinning off  RSE Capital Partners, its real estate investment branch, into a stand-alone company, according to several news sources. The new standalone firm will continuation to focus on origination, underwriting, investment and management for the company’s eREIT platform. RSE currently collaborates with top brokers and… Read More

Fundrise is “On Track” to Raise $250 Million with New eREITs

As expected, Fundrise has officially launched three new eREITs described as a “revolutionary direct to investor crowdfunding model.”  These new real estate investment vehicles will put Fundrise “on track” to raise a quarter of a billion dollars during the coming year.  Fundrise now lists 5… Read More

Fundrise Preps New Round of eREITs to Satisfy Waiting List

In an email to platform followers, Fundrise has indicated it will soon launch a new round of eREITS to compliment their existing eREIT offers listed on the real estate marketplace today. Fundrise exited the single property funding market last year by leveraging Title IV of… Read More

SEC Investor Education & Advocacy Office Issues Bulletin on REITs

The SEC Office of Investor Education and Advocacy has issued a bulletin regarding Real Estate Investment Trust’s or REITs. The SEC has created a comparison chart differentiating between publicly traded REITs and Non-Traded REITs. As one would expect, non-traded REITs are not listed on any… Read More

Using Reg A+, eREITs Have Now Raised Over $70 Million on Fundrise

In December of 2015 Fundrise, a trailblazer in the real estate crowdfunding sector, made a dramatic strategic shift. The platform decided to leverage Title IV of the JOBS Act, otherwise known as Reg A+, to create a fund of diversified real estate assets they labeled… Read More

Fundrise Co-Founder Dan Miller Provides Update & Insight into Future Projects

Fundrise deserves much credit for being a trailblazer in the real estate crowdfunding sector of finance. Officially launched in 2012, the concept of Fundrise was crafted before the JOBS Act even existed. Entrepreneurs and brothers, Ben and Dan Miller, conceived a plan to allow residents… Read More

Fundrise Allows Early Redemption for Investors in Growth eREIT

Real estate crowdfunding platform Fundrise has recently launched multiple “eREITs”, under Regulation A+, to provide broad access to all investors in a diversified portfolio of real estate. In a recent update to registered investors, Fundrise announced the launch of new feature that allows investors to redeem… Read More

Fundrise Preps Three More eREIT’s

Fundrise filed three more 1-A’s with the SEC indicating its intent to expand its service of providing access to real estate investment to a wider audience under Reg A+.  Currently Fundrise is offering two different “eREITs” to investors. The first, the Income eREIT, focusses on… Read More

Fundrise Announces Second eREIT Offer

Real estate crowdfunding platform Fundrise has introduced a second eREIT to their current offerings. The “Growth eREIT”, as one would expect, is intended to generate much higher returns at the end of the term. The current eREIT is an income generating vehicle and holds lower… Read More

Fundrise Stops Originating New Deals Except for eREIT Offer

Fundrise has “paused” offering new stand-alone real estate investment opportunities to focus on their ongoing eREIT offer.  The pivot in strategy was first uncovered by the Real Deal (TRD) that noted Fundrise had ditched its traditional crowdfunding focus. While Fundrise has been actively listing new investments… Read More

Fundrise eREIT Records 9.7% Annualized Return in Q1

The ongoing Fundrise eREIT continues to raise capital, and add properties, on a rolling basis on the real estate crowdfunding platform. The eREIT strategy, according the offer page, is to focus primarily on debt investments but incorporates some equity, in commercial real estate. The eREIT… Read More

Reg A+: A Successful First Year Despite Regulatory Ambiguities 

The “democratization of investment” in historically closed industries have been the buzzwords of choice since the JOBS Act was signed into to law in 2012. But only since March 25, 2015, when the SEC voted to adopt the proposed rules implementing Title IV, was access… Read More

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