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Kickstarter Cancelled After Ouya Disqualifies Game From FreeTheGames Fund

The Ouya #FreeTheGames Fund, an initiative to match funds raised via crowdfunding on Kickstarter, continues to be a lightning rod of controversy. We covered Gridiron Thunder, a game that raised over $170,000 on Kickstarter allegedly thanks to some friends in high places. The average contribution… Read More

Ouya Game Gridiron Thunder Eyes September 30th Release After Igniting Firestorm

Recently MogoTXT CEO Andrew Won told Joystiq that his Blitz-style NFL arcade game Gridiron Thunder will be released on September 30th. Won ignited a firestorm recently after threatening legal action against a backer via the commenting platform on Kickstarter. This was in the midst of his company’s… Read More

Owen Good: Ouya An “Amateur-Hour Console”

In a rather scathing piece in Kotaku yesterday, Owen Good takes issue with Ouya’s #FreeTheGames fund, which has certainly resulted in some unintended consequences for the fledgeling indie console. In examining campaigns for Elementary, My Dear Holmes and Gridiron Thunder, Good wonders how Ouya still has any… Read More

Controversial Kickstarter Gridiron Thunder Closes Fully Funded (Updated)

Gridiron Thunder closed today having raised $171,009 on a goal of $75,000.  The campaign caught an initial wave of interest and popular support, but then quickly dived into questions regarding the validity of some of the backer support.  At one point the project owners, MogoTXT,… Read More

Kickstarter Suspends Campaign For Ouya Game “Elementary, My Dear Holmes” Following Suspicious Backer Activity

It looks like suspicious backer activity has led to the suspension of one campaign participating in Ouya’s #FreeTheGames fund, a crowdfunding contest on Kickstarter. Funding for Elementary, My Dear Holmes was suspended less than 24 hours ago. The campaign was fully funded with almost a month… Read More

UPDATED: MogoTXT Threatens Legal Action Against Backer On Gridiron Thunder Campaign Page

NOTE: two updates appear below the original article MogoTXT has taken issue with a backer comment on the Kickstarter campaign page for Gridiron Thunder. We first reported on Gridiron Thunder earlier this week. The game is taking part in Ouya’s #FreeTheGames fund, which promises to… Read More

Mysterious Backers For Ouya Games Raise Concerns About Fraud, Scam

We wrote about Gridiron Thunder yesterday. The game is already fully-funded on Kickstarter and is participating in Ouya’s #FreeTheGames fund, so the game is eligible for a funding match from Ouya. VG 24/7 provides the following explanation regarding the more dubious aspects of the campaign… Unfortunately, questions… Read More

Fully Funded On Kickstarter, Gridiron Thunder Doubles Funds Thanks To Ouya Contest

Gridiron Thunder is crowdfunding on Kickstarter in order to build an arcade-style football game for the Ouya. Ouya famously raised over $8 million on Kickstarter for a cheap, Android-powered gaming console for the masses. Early gameplay footage of Gridiron Thunder invokes memories of NFL Blitz, albeit… Read More

The 32-Million-Dollar Crowdfunding Question: Will The Campaign For The Ubuntu Edge Be Extended?

There is a big question that will be answered this week. In fact, I’d argue it is the biggest question in the brief history of rewards-based crowdfunding. It may be a 32-million-dollar question… Will Canonical extend their campaign for the Ubuntu Edge? The Indiegogo campaign… Read More

OUYA Quells Crabby Backers With Store Credit

A few weeks back we reported on a big PR fail on the part of OUYA, the gaming console manufacturer that raised over $8 million on Kickstarter. As OUYAs made their way to the shelves of Best Buy, some backers hadn’t received their units yet…. Read More

Ouya Sells 13-19K Retail Units In June As Google Ramps Up To Compete

According to recent data from video game industry analyst NPD, Ouya sold 13,000 to 19,000 units via retail sales channels in the month of June. That does not include any units sold on their website or the units shipped to Kickstarter backers. 19,000 units isn’t… Read More

Ouya Offers Up $1 Million Fund For Exclusive Games

Ouya has announced the creation of a $1 million fund to encourage game developers to create games exclusive to the Ouya. Ouya famously raised $8.5 million on Kickstarter before accepting $15 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins. The $1 million fund will be used to… Read More

Guarantee Crowdfunding Success: A Must Do List

Having read about, viewed and supported many crowdfunding campaigns, we have a growing perspective on what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign.  Crowdfunding strategies are emerging quickly and successful campaigns are noticing and leveraging these new found tactics. Anyone who is considering crowdfunding a project or… Read More

Crowdfunding’s Place On The Capital Ladder

Often times crowdfunding in the United States is discussed as a dichotomy. On one hand you have the brand of crowdfunding that takes place now, the donation- and rewards-based models that fuel sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and countless others. On the other hand you have… Read More

OUYA Hits Store Shelves, Some Backers Still Waiting

It’s a bad PR day for Kickstarter darling OUYA. Yesterday the Android-powered gaming console hit store shelves and quickly sold out on Amazon and at GameStop locations. It was a clear signs that OUYA fans were hungry for the console. However, some backers still haven’t… Read More

Founder of Crowdfunded Game Console Ouya on CNBC (Video)

As part of the ongoing disruptor seriers, Ouya founder and CEO Julie Urhman was featured on CNBC this morning to talk about the Ouya gaming console. Ouya is a Kickstarter superstar – having funded $8,596,474.00 and ranks as one the most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever.  The… Read More

The $99 Ouya Is No PlayStation or Xbox, and That’s Just Fine

All this time, I’ve been thinking about Ouya the wrong way. When the $99, Android-powered game console showed up on Kickstarter last year, I immediately preordered one. My thinking was that it would be interesting to see if a low-cost console that caters to indies could take… Read More

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