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Watch: TubeStart Talks Crowdfunding Strategy For YouTube Creators

Yesterday YouTube-centric crowdfunding platform TubeStart held a Google Hangout discussing crowdfunding in a YouTube context. The Hangout lasted just under an hour and provided answers to a handful of relevant questions. TubeStart’s Claude Shires and Kirsten Zastrow ran the session. They provide some sobering, pragmatic… Read More

Brief: TubeStart To Host Google Hangout For YouTube Crowdfunders

Tomorrow YouTube content creator crowdfunding platform TubeStart will begin a new weekly tradition by holding a Google Hangout. It’s called the “Weekly Crowdfunding Crash Course for YouTube Creators,” which tells you just about all you need to know. If you’re on YouTube and you’re interested… Read More

The First 24 Hours Are Everything For A Personal Crowdfunding Campaign (Infographic)

  FundRazr has shared the following infographic highlighting the platform’s top five personal campaigns for the last six months. There are two notable lessons to be gleaned from the data… The first 24 hours are crucial – Every single one of these campaigns had raised thousands… Read More

Lending Club’s New Stat Charts For Investors Carry Big P2P Lending Lesson

Lending Club has announced the addition of two new statistical charts aimed at helping their investors understand trends in returns. Notably, both charts seem to actively encourage investors on Lending Club to have at least 100 notes in their portfolio for the purposes of diversification…. Read More

Quora Roundup: Tips On Big Rewards, Glowing Plant Dangers, Github Crowdfunding & Rule 506 Strategy

There are a bunch of interesting crowdfunding topics on Quora, so we wanted to round up a few of the best recent answers and share them here. First, how can crowdfunders use expensive rewards to find success? Some thoughts… Read Quote of Kevin Flint’s answer… Read More

Why You Should Probably Never Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign URL

Every day we scour the web for crowdfunding-related content in hopes of surfacing the most important news and tips. This small tip is exhibit A in why we do this. Sometimes the most important points aren’t made on huge news sites. On the blog Games… Read More

Final Hours: Pegasus Touch Nets $650K+ Vote Of Confidence From Kickstarter Backers (Interview)

The 3D printing marketplace is increasingly crowded, and especially as it relates to the world of crowdfunding. Formlabs, Buccaneer and others have successfully crowdfunded for 3D printers, but not all 3D printers are created equal. We first reported on the Pegasus Touch earlier this month as… Read More

The Single Most Important Piece Of Advice For A Small-Time Kickstarter Project

For every Pebble or Ouya there are hundreds of smaller Kickstarter projects that fight to be recognized and garner funding. One such campaign launched this week for Yes Man Watches, watches that aim to provide a reminder to relax. Yes Man isn’t used in the… Read More

Research Suggests What To Say (And What Not To Say) On Kickstarter

When launching a campaign, crowdfunders are charged with the task of convincing people – often total strangers – to give money to their project. It can be a tall order, and how project creators craft their messaging can be hugely important to the outcome of… Read More

Self-publishing “No Longer A Dirty Word Thanks To Crowdfunding”

I didn’t want to be a self-published author. Self published authors are nebbishy zeroes, secure in their own self-regard, quixotic in their efforts, shameless in their self-promotion. They are shambling ghosts of anger and resentment, ignored by the establishment and unappreciated by their peers. One… Read More

WATCH: Indiegogo’s Danae Ringelmann On Entrepreneurship, Changing The World

Indiegogo’s Danae Ringelmann sat down with Entrepreneur to share her thoughts on entrepreneurship and what Indiegogo has done to blaze the trail in the crowdfunding space. She shares some tips for entrepreneurs that give some insight into her experience. Ringelmann says that truly disruptive businesses… Read More

WATCH: George Takei In One Of The Best Crowdfunding Primers Ever

If you have to watch a five minute video explaining the absolute basics of crowdfunding, please… stop what you’re doing and watch this. George Takei of Star Trek fame takes on crowdfunding basics in this episode of Takei’s Take, a YouTube video series created in partnership with… Read More

The Advice We Wish We Heard Before Crowdfunding On Kickstarter

In November of 2013 my company, Motion Source Video Production, ran a Kickstarter campaign for a shoulder rig for video cameras. The campaign was very successful, with final totals leaving us at 376% funded beyond our original funding goal. In preparation for the campaign my… Read More

Kickstarter Hack: If You Want Funding To End, Turn Off Your Rewards

Is your Kickstarter taking off? Are you worried about having too many backers to answer to and too many rewards to ship? Wish Kickstarter had the option to set a funding maximum? They do… kind of. It isn’t an explicit feature of the platform, but… Read More

Infographic From GoGetFunding Shares Tips For Crowdfunding Success

UK-based GoGetFunding examined over 12,000 campaigns and over 1.4 million data points taken from their crowdfunding platform in an effort to better educate current and future crowdfunders on how to be successful. Some interesting data from the effort includes… Campaigns with consistent marketing efforts net… Read More

Kickstarter Alum Shares Tips For Crowdfunding Success On Quora

Recently Etta Devine answered the following open-ended question on Quora: What are some tips for creating a successful Kickstarter project? Her answer was great. Even future Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler gave it a thumbs up. Devine raised over $30,000 on a goal of just $6,000 for… Read More

Indiegogo Set To Launch Global Resource Network Of Crowdfunding Experts

In an effort to connect crowdfunders with service providers that can help projects succeed, crowdfunding platform Indiegogo is launching a new platform called Indiegogo Playbook. Indiegogo is currently encouraging support campaigners to sign up for inclusion on the forthcoming site. The crowdfunding industry is exploding,… Read More

FundersClub’s Boris Silver Shares Tips For Founders Seeking Funding

As a co-founder of FundersClub, Boris Silver knows a thing or two about startups and raising money. The crowdfunding platform has facilitated over $10 million in funding for startups to date. FundersClub is only open to accredited investors. Companies that have secured funding via FundersClub… Read More

BackerKit Shares “Hacker’s Guide To Crowdfunding”

BackerKit is an online service aimed at streamlining the process of Kickstarter campaign fulfillment after a successful raise. The team @ BackerKit graciously shared the following post with Crowdfund Insider. The post lays out a “hacker’s guide to crowdfunding” and gives tips on things like how… Read More

Crowdfunding Stakeholders, Researchers Take To Quora To Share Data & Insights

We’re growing increasingly fond of Quora as a resource for crowdfunding tips and insights from the likes of future Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler and Yan Budman, Director of Marketing at Indiegogo. Here are a selection of Quora questions and answers we found interesting this week…… Read More

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