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Creators of Kickstarter-Success The Buccaneer Clear the Air Regarding Refund Fiasco

Last year, Pirate3D Inc. launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its new 3D printer, the Buccaneer. The project was a huge success easily besting its initial goal of $100,000 and closing at $1,438,765 – all thanks to 3,520 backers. The Buccaneer 3D was anointed the… Read More

Foo Fighters Announces Date for Crowdfunded Richmond, Virginia Concert

Just a few months after a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdtilt raised nearly $70,000 to bring Foo Fights to Richmond, Virginia, the famous rock band announced on Twitter the date of the highly anticipated concert on Wednesday (September 3rd). As previously reported, freelance creative director and… Read More

Frrole Raises $245K on LetsVenture Investment Crowdfunding Platform

Enjoying the success of its first crowdfunding campaign on LetsVenture, the Bangalore-based data analytics startup Frrole announced it received $245,000 from a group of investors that included Google India’s managing director Rajan Anandan, Eka Software Solution founder Manav Garg and tech Evangelist Sharad Sharma. According… Read More

#HowSeattleRiots: Crowdfunding Riot Relief On GoFundMe

Let’s begin with some stereotypes of the northwest, shall we? It’s more relevant than it may seem… [View the story “#HowSeattleRiots” on Storify] The #HowSeattleRiots hashtag became the place to be for laughs about how insanely well the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade went. Not… Read More

“Crowdfunding as Cause Marketing”, BNN Funding Announces Launch

Looks to Tackle National Issues with Localized Crowdfunding Campaigns. BNN Funding’s mission is to run national campaigns that bring attention to “big topic” societal or cultural issues; hunger in America, creating jobs, combatting disease, or sustaining local news – and crowdfund across 350 cities for… Read More

Crowdfunding Stakeholders Should Be Paying Close Attention To This Twitter Deal

Remember Amex Sync? Back in 2012, American Express launched the program as a joint effort with Twitter. It offered Twitter users discounts on products for tweeting certain hashtags. The possibility of Twitter entering the e-commerce game has been the subject of a lot of prognostication… Read More

Steps To Take Now To Prepare For A JOBS Act Crowdfunding Campaign

The SEC’s 90-day comment period for the proposed JOBS Act equity crowdfunding rules ends in late January 2014. There is a chance that we could see the first JOBS Act crowdfunding campaigns as early as April, although I am not holding my breath on that… Read More

Pave Encourages Everyone To Chase (And Crowdfund) Their Dreams In 2014

Pave is encouraging everyone to chase their dreams in 2014, and they have launched an initiative called Moonshot to help encourage people to do just that. Pave is encouraging people to tweet a message including what they hope to accomplish in 2014. By including @pave in… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 8, 2013

Gamasutra | Square Enix shares its publishing vision for Collective Sure, we know that Square Enix is going to be launching Collective in an effort to help indie developers find funding from the crowd. How is it going to work? Here, Gamasutra breaks it down…. Read More

On Crowdtilt: “Let’s Thank Noah Glass For Helping Make Twitter”

Anyone who pays attention to tech news undoubtedly saw a handful of headlines this week detailing turmoil within Twitter around the time of its founding. (For anyone that hasn’t read about this yet, this was my personal favorite synopsis.) In light of this news, Matthew… Read More

Crowdfunded Bounty Offered For Apple Touch ID Hacker

@nickdepetrillo and @ErrataRob on Twitter have written a script that is amassing crowdfunding pledges made via tweets. The goal: incentivize hackers to hack the new Apple iPhone’s fingerprint scanner. All I ask is a video of the process from print, lift, reproduction and successful unlock… Read More

UPDATED: Dunkin’ Donuts Joins Indiegogo Campaign In Supporting Employees Subjected To Racism

UPDATE: The campaign has met the $10,000 goal and should result in a nice starter fund for the educational aspirations of both of the victims in this crazy story. It’s a must read. Details below… A woman named Taylor Chapman took her revenge about 5,000… Read More

The Internet Reacts To Zach Braff’s Kickstarter Campaign

[View the story “The Internet Reacts To @zachbraff’s Kickstarter Campaign” on Storify] Have a crowdfunding offering you’d like to share? Submit an offering for consideration using our Submit a Tip form and we may share it on our site!

Twitter cuts off crowdfunding payment service Flattr

2eCrowdfunding payment service Flattr is no longer welcome when it comes to Twitter, the startup announced this morning. Flattr enables people to donate money to the content that’s freely available online. You set a monthly allowance on Flattr for how much you want to spend per month (say,… Read More

Equity Crowdfunders: Mind What You Tweet And Pay Attention To Disclosure

As we approach the dawn of equity crowdfunding in the US, one of the challenges portals will eventually face has to do with educating their entrepreneurs about how to stay on the right side of the SEC. Specifically, I want to talk about the difference… Read More

Will Twitter file a secret IPO?

Twitter is expected to file for an initial public offering in late 2013 or early 2014. That much is widely known. Less attention has been paid to whether Twitter will make a normal IPO filing or if, as new rules allow, the company will try to go public… Read More

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