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Security Token Academy Crosses the Atlantic with London Meetup

The Security Token Academy (STA), a company covering and facilitating the emerging security token industry, has crossed the Atlantic and landed in the UK with its first Security Token London Meetup Kickoff Event. The event is scheduled for June 12th in London. Aubrey Chernick, founder… Read More

Commercial Real Estate Security Tokens: Is this Sector of Fintech Poised for a “Megatrend” ?

CREST or Commercial Real Estate Security Tokens is a new initiative created by the Security Token Academy. The idea of taking a hard asset class like property and tokenizing it has become a hot topic of discussion in the digital asset sector. Real estate, unlike… Read More

Optimism for Digital Assets Shines at Security Token Summit

Security tokens are the future of investments, so it appears. The speculation fueled initial coin offering (ICO) industry is quickly morphing into a legitimate sector of finance as securities on blockchain seem poised to become the norm. At the first Security Token Summit held in… Read More

ICOInvestor.tv to Stream Live Every Tuesday, this Week’s Guests Include Indiegogo Founder Slava Rubin & Sweetbridge ICO

ICOinvestor.tv, is the first video platform dedicated solely to the fast growing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) industry.  Streaming live each Tuesday at 5PM ET, this week’s guests on “ICO Insight” will include Indiegogo co-founder Slava Rubin and Sweetbridge ICO creator Scott Nelson. Pointing to the… Read More

NextGen Launches Personalized Dashboard To Track Investment Crowdfunding Campaigns

On Friday, NextGen Crowdfunding announced its new personalized dashboard. The new extensive feature tracks equity investment opportunities from more than 20 crowdfunding platforms. The dashboard also enables potential investors to: Discover investment opportunities: Search by industry, view recent campaigns or filter by campaigns that are close to… Read More

NextGen Crowdfunding Reveals: Total Investor Commitments In Title III Offerings Surpasses $50 Million

NextGen Crowdfunding announced on Wednesday that the total amount in investor commitments in Title III equity crowdfunding campaigns has surpassed $50 million. The company revealed that its Crowdfunding Industry Dashboard includes data on the progress of all 342 of the Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) offerings to date…. Read More

NextGen Crowdfunding: Title III, Reg CF Crowdfunding Exceeds $37 Million in Investments

NextGen Crowdfunding is out with some data on the status of Title III Regulation Crowdfunding or Reg CF. NextGen has a tracking application that follows all past and active Reg CF offers. According to their numbers, over $37 million has been raised since the securities… Read More

NextGen Crowdfunding Announces Season One Winners of the Crowdfunding Video Awards

On Wednesday during a livestream event, NextGen Crowdfunding announced the winners of its Crowdfunding Video Awards’ (CVA) first season, which kicked off on January 25th and had six rounds. While sharing details about the reward show, NextGen Crowdfunding revealed: “The CVAs were created by NextGen… Read More

Lyndsi Stevens Appointed General Manager of NextGen Crowdfunding

NextGen Crowdfunding, has appointed Lyndsi Stevens as General Manager. In her new role, Stevens will manage all day to day operations of the NextGen business. Stevens previously was Vice President of Marketing at NextGen. Stevens will take over the GM position from Joan Seavey who has… Read More

NextGen Crowdfunding Announces the Crowdfunding Video Awards Season Kickoff

On Thursday, NextGen Crowdfunding announced the season one premiere of the Crowdfunding Video Awards (CVAs). The season kickoff comes a couple of months after the company unveiled details about the CVAs, which will notably recognize the best pitch videos from both reward and equity crowdfunding campaigns. As… Read More

NextGen Crowdfunding Announces Title III Update: Equity Campaigns Surpass $15 Million Milestone

NextGen Crowdfunding announced on Friday investor commitments into Title III equity crowdfunding campaigns have surpassed $15 million. The company is currently tracking Title III offerings through its NextGen Dashboard, which displays the progress of investor commitments since the new SEC crowdfunding regulations took effect last May. The new… Read More

NextGen Debuts New Indiegogo Equity Crowdfunding Tracker

NextGen Crowdfunding announced on Thursday it is launching a new Indiegogo Equity Crowdfunding Tracker, called Indiegogo Crowdfunding Watch, This feature will track investor commitments through the crowdfunding platform. Sharing details about the new tracker, Dr. Richard Swart, Chief Strategy Officer at NextGen Crowdfunding, stated: “Indiegogo’s entrance into… Read More

NextGen Now Accepting Crowdfunding Video Awards Submissions

On Thursday, NextGen Crowdfunding announced it is now accepting submissions for its Crowdfunding Video Awards (CVAs). Last month, the company revealed details about the CVAs, which will notably recognize the best pitch videos from both reward and equity crowdfunding campaigns. NextGen stated it is now… Read More

NextGen Announces Crowdsource Awards Statue Contest for Crowdfunding Video Awards

Nearly two weeks after announcing its first series of online awards programs, the Crowdfunding Video Awards (CVAs), NextGen Crowdfunding announced the launch of a design competition to crowdsource an award statue design for the upcoming awards. As previously reported, the CVAs will reportedly provide campaign… Read More

Brief: NextGen Crowdfunding Set to Host New Crowdfunding Video Awards Series

On Thursday, NextGen Crowdfunding announced details about the first series of online awards programs, the Crowdfunding Video Awards (CVAs). This new event will notably recognize the best videos from both reward and equity crowdfunding campaigns. NextGen reported that the CVAs will provide campaign organizers new ways… Read More

NextGen Crowdfunding Reports: Title III Campaign Commitments Continue to Increase & Surpassed $10 Million

NextGen Crowdfunding reported on Monday that investor commitments for Title III equity crowdfunding campaigns have officially surpassed $10 million. NextGen is tracking Title III companies through its “NextGen Dashboard.” The dashboard notably displays investor commitments progress since the new crowdfunding regulations went into effect less than… Read More

NextGen States Title III Crowdfunding Commitments Pass $1 Million

Two weeks following the launch of Title III of the JOBS Act, also called Reg CF, NextGen Crowdfunding states that investor commitments have surpassed $1 million for the 30 or so companies issuing securities under the rule.  The numbers were tallied from the handful of… Read More

NextGen to Host Title III Celebration Series to Boost Awareness of Crowdfunding Rules

NextGen Crowdfunding announced this week that it will be holding a Title III Celebration Series that will include four online events in May and June that will build more awareness for the rules, which are going in effect on Monday (May 16th). Aubrey Chernick, founder… Read More

NextGen Crowdfunding to Launch a Series of Live-Streamed Equity Crowdufnding Events at SXSW

NextGen Crowdfunding will launch the first in a series of live “Ignition” events at SXSW later this month. NextGen is a relatively new entry into the crowdfunding industry having organized several successful crowdfunding-focused events The platform helps new and experienced investors explore the opportunities and risks… Read More

StartEngine Secures $5.5 Million in Funding from Aubrey Chernick’s SE Agoura Investment

  Investment crowdfunding platform StartEngine has announced a significant investment from SE Agoura Investment LLC, a company associated with Aubrey Chernick who is also the founder of NextGen Crowdfunding. According to the announcement, the new capital will be used to boost awareness and grow the equity crowdfunding… Read More

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