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Angel Investors Share Concerns With SEC Ahead Of General Solicitation

Yesterday the SEC held a meeting of top advisors and staff to discuss the latest rulemakings and initiatives from within the Commission. The Angel Capital Association was invited to speak on a new rule to go into effect on September 23rd that lifts the ban… Read More

Preparing for (Regulation) D-Day

September 23, 2013, represents an historic milestone for the U.S. securities industry. For the first time since the enactment of federal legislation in 1933, companies will be allowed to publicly solicit investors and advertise the sale of securities without registering the offering with either the… Read More

The Top 10 Crowdfunding Stories Of The Last Year

Today marks one year to the day since we launched Crowdfund Insider. We launched with a simple goal: to help educate people from all walks of life about the crowdfunding space. Whether you own a crowdfunding company, have launched a project or are just passing through,… Read More

Charles Sidman: State Of Ohio Applying “Selective Enforcement” To SoMoLend, Candace Klein

Charles Sidman has composed the following letter addressing the State of Ohio’s recent actions against SoMoLend and Candace Klein and has shared it for dissemination. Sidman’s bona fides are listed at the bottom of the letter, including his status as an investor in SoMoLend and his… Read More

SoMoLend Investor: Laws In Place Today “Don’t Apply To Startup Companies”

Cincinnati, Ohio ABC affiliate WCPO recently did a report on Candace Klein and SoMoLend. Included in the report was an interview with Ian Edwards, who identified himself as an investor in SoMoLend and a former VP at Proctor & Gamble. He says that Klein may… Read More

Candace Klein Out As SoMoLend CEO Amid Questions Of State Motivations

Candace Klein has stepped down as CEO of SoMoLend. Klein was recently the subject of a notice from the Ohio Division of Securities in relation to fundraising efforts and business dealings on behalf of lending-based crowdfunding platform SoMoLend. Klein says that her decision was made because… Read More

Associates Of Candace Klein Speak Out On SoMoLend, Fraud Allegations In Ohio

Allegations by the Ohio Division of Securities reverberate through the entrepreneurial class & the crowdfunding industry Candace Klein has been an extremely visible figure in the world of crowdfunding. Beyond her role as CEO of lending-based platform SoMoLend, she is also the former chair and… Read More

SoMoLend In Hot Water: Allegations Of Securities Fraud From Ohio State Regulators [UPDATE]

UPDATE: The city of Cincinnati is suspending its relationship with SoMoLend pending resolution to the case described below. SoMoLend previously had a partnership with the City in order to facilitate loans for local businesses. Cincinnati.com is reporting that Ohio’s Division of Securities is investigating SoMoLend for… Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Crowdfunding: A Recap of the Crowdfunding Panel at Internet Week NY

Photo courtesy jamescridland on Flickr

Recently, the use of crowdfunding has skyrocketed, increasing 81% in funds raised between 2011 and 2012 across the 308 platforms according to the Crowdfunding Industry Report by Massolution. Crowdfunding is an alternative financing method where collective effort of individuals supports and funds the initiatives of… Read More

ICYMI Future of Crowdfunding Panel from SXSW (Video)

The Future of Crowdfunding Panel at Startup America LIVE SXSWi13 Startup America chairman Steve Case, Sen. Mark Warner, Crowdfund Capital Advisors’ Jason Best, SoMoLend’s Candace Klein, and IndieGoGo’s Slava Rubin talk about the benefits and legal hurdles of crowdfunding.

Why Tech’s Finance Wizards Are Tearing Out Their Hair

… It would be one thing if the SEC were painstakingly crafting rules to prevent fraud and investment bubbles, they add, but instead turnover at the top has kept commissioners sitting on rules that were drafted five months ago and due for release at the… Read More

What Google’s Investment In Lending Club Means For Crowdfunding

Google’s stake in Lending Club could signal future dominance of P2P and P2B lending in the crowdfunding space.

Today’s Crowdfunding Session from Milken Institute (Video)

Above is the video from today’s session at the Milken Institute entitled; Crowdfunding: Decentralizing, Disintermediating, Disrupting. Panelists included: Chris Brummer, Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center Candace Klein, Founder and CEO, SoMoLend Benjamin Miller, Co-Founder, Fundrise Babak Nivi, Co-Founder and… Read More

Crowdfunding to Be Topic at Milken Global Conference

Commencing this week in Los Angeles is the annual Global Conference, sponsored by the Milken Institute.  The event covers a diverse list of global issues – including crowdfunding. The conference began in 1998 and has grown over the years from 700 attendees to this years expected… Read More

Candace Klein: Crowdfunding Is Just Like Dating In High School

In the Triangle Business Journal today, Candace Klein offered a candid reminder of how important it is to have pledges secured before launching a crowdfunding campaign. From the article… “Everyone wants to date the football player because everyone wants to date a football player,” she… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform SoMoLend Raises $2.18 Million in Seed Funding

SoMoLend Holdings, a debt-based crowdfunding platform, announced today it has closed its $2.18 million seed-stage-funding round with the latest investment of $400,000 from QED Investors in Alexandria, Va. The investment will be used to further enhance the software platform, including the addition of social networking… Read More

Advocates urge SEC to propose crowdfunding rules

About a dozen crowdfunding and venture capital representatives and small-business advocates last Tuesday urged Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Elisse Walter to propose rules for crowdfunding.  A type of financing that lets small investors buy equity or debt in startups over the Internet, crowd funding… Read More

Crowdfunding requires creativity

CODY — According to the Federal Reserve, there are 27 million businesses that need capital in some form, but 23 percent of those businesses never even apply for funding because of “fear of rejection.” The fears are justified in today’s structure. About half of all… Read More

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