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Crowdfunding and Real Estate in 2015: A Year Made From Many Sources

A look back on a momentous year in real estate crowdfunding takes its many high and notable points not just from one or two players or headlines, but rather, a whole field of them. There are many contributors — as with the structure of crowdfunding… Read More

Bashed by Shark Tank, Tycoon Real Estate is Acquired by Crowdfunding Consortium

First Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform to Be Purchased Five real estate crowdfunding platforms have joined together to purchase Tycoon Real Estate based in California. Tycoon gained notoriety during an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank.  Billionaire Mark Cuban bailed on the offer in under a minute…. Read More

Part III: Is Culture Killing Equity Crowdfunding in Canada: Real Estate Spotlight

Real estate investment is a consistently hot news topic.  Open any newspaper or news website in Canada and coverage of the real estate market is easy to find, particularly in Vancouver and Toronto.  Fortunes are made investing in residential and commercial properties. Speculation, offshore investors,… Read More

Patch of Land Investors: $10 Million Returned. No Loss of Principal

One of the leading real estate crowdfunding platforms Patch of Land has announced it has returned $10 million in both principal and interest to investors in less than two years.  This milestone was paired with the revelation that investors have not experienced any loss of… Read More

Pre-funding: The Killer App of Real Estate Crowdfunding

Revolutionary technology is rarely useful or successful right away. Gutenberg’s printing press was a commercial failure until he decided to print the Bible. PC’s were obscure curiosities until the invention of the spreadsheet. Even the Internet was just an academic toy until the invention of… Read More

Industry Moves to Adopt Patch of Land’s Best-in-Class Secured Debt Investment Structure

Earlier this summer, Patch of Land announced the release of its long-anticipated secured debt investment structure, effective for all its offerings in the past and into the future. Although the new structure took Patch of Land over a year of extensive research and consultation to… Read More

An Analysis of the First Approved Real Estate Crowdfunding Regulation A+ Filing

  Since the SEC announced the intent to implement the new Regulation A+ rules in March, there’s been a lot of hype around the potential for Regulation A+. This newly implemented offering mechanism has been heralded for its ability to bring increased opportunities to the… Read More

Dear Real Estate Industry, Prepare for the Millennials

The traditional world of real estate needs to prepare for the next wave of investors – Millennials. Currently ranging in age from 18 to 34, and numbering roughly 77 million, Millennials make up about one-fourth of the U.S. population – and are far less interested… Read More

Patch of Land Secures All Future Loans with Underlaying Collateral Setting New Industry Benchmark

Patch of Land, a  real estate crowdfunding solution has announced all existing and future loans will be directly secured by underlying collateral that provides increased protection for its projects. Patch of Land revealed the steps in this direction earlier this summer in an article written… Read More

Patch of Land Adds Commercial Real Estate to Crowdfunding Platform

Patch of Land, a real estate crowdfunding platform, has added commercial properties to its offerings for investors.  Until now the young company has focused on residential, mainly fix-and-flip type deals. The push into commercial has been expected following the announcement of a successful funding round earlier… Read More

The Largest Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

Real estate crowdfunding may be the hottest sector within the crowdfunding industry – at least in the US. Real estate and crowdfunding, be it debt or equity, is a perfect marriage of pairing technology to an out of date process of matching investors to projects. In the past,… Read More

Patch Of Land Now Offers a Truly “Secured” Investment Structure

As you may remember, in an earlier post entitled “Investor Protection Issue – Why You May Want To Reconsider How “Secure” You Feel About Your Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment,” I took issue with the fact that the majority, if not all, currently offered Real Estate… Read More

Patch of Land Makes History By Closing Largest Residential 506c Crowdfunded Loan to Date

Patch of Land, a crowdfunding solution for real estate financing that brings together borrowers and lenders through an online platform, announces today that the largest ever, entirely crowdfunded residential home loan was fully funded on its website. The Covered Wagon Investment Group, boasting over 60… Read More

Patch of Land CEO Talks Real Estate Crowdfunding (Video)

Patch of Land co-founder and CEO Jason Fritton was recently interviewed about his real estate crowdfunding platform.  Patch of Land is one of the trailblazers of investment crowdfunding and they have been growing rapidly as they fix some of the challenges in raising capital for… Read More

Patch of Land Offers Largest “Residential 506c” Offer Ever

Real estate crowdfunding platforms largely leverage 506b/506c private placement offers with the “c” offers being allowed to advertise (or generally solicit). It was Title II of the JOBS Act that effectively legalized crowdfunding on a broad scale changing decades of institutionalized private placement practices. Being… Read More

Are We in a Peer to Peer Bubble?

I’ve always said that you can gauge the success of an industry by the growth and enthusiasm of its annual convention. It’s also a great barometer of market peaks and bubbles – especially when you have the chance to really get into the psyche of… Read More

P2P Lending Platforms: Big Money Investors Looking For Piece Of The Pie

It is clear that peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is here to stay but long gone are the days of actual “peers” lending to “peers.” Today Wall Street firms, hedge funds and other “big money investors”, make up the overwhelming bulk of the funds being lent through… Read More

Patch of Land Raises $23.6 Million for Real Estate Platform. SF Capital & Ron Suber Lead Round

Patch of Land, a leading real estate crowdfunding platform, has announced a solid $23.6 million funding round that captured the interest of SF Capital and Prosper President Ron Suber – a significant validation of their vision for the future of real estate investing.  Both Suber… Read More

Patch of Land Selected to Participate in Harvard Real Estate Venture Competition

Patch of Land, a real estate crowdfunding platform that is debt-based, has been selected to participate in Harvard Business School’s Real Estate Venture Competition. The competition will take place during the annual Harvard Real Estate Weekend and is focused on early stage startups who will… Read More

Patch of Land: We are Leading the Way for 506(c) Filings

Real estate crowdfunding platform Patch of Land has apparently had a nice 2014. Granted things are just revving up this year after an eventful 2014, but the investment portal recently shared that in Q4 of 2014 they topped the list of SEC filings for 506(c) offerings…. Read More

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