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Middlewich-Based Amarya Seeks £300,000 on Crowdcube to Expand Online Beauty Marketplaces

Amarya Ltd.,  the company behind LoveLula.com, Balm Balm 100% Organic Skincare and ManOrganic.com, recently launched a Crowdcube campaign with a mission to raise £300,000 for online beauty website expansions. Amarya’s LoveLula currently has over 200 brands and more than 4,000 different products. It considers itself a multiple-award… Read More

Juices+ On Kickstarter Close To Unlocking Gold Charger For Gold iPhone

Juices+ is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The campaign has already more than doubled a $40,000 goal for their premium USB phone charging cables. The campaign is just a few thousand dollars short of a big stretch goal that would unlock a gold anodized version of their… Read More

Kickstarter Darling Omate TrueSmart Negotiates With Google On Play Store Inclusion

The Omate TrueSmart came under fire recently following a post on Google Plus that explained problems with the form factor of the device and promises the device’s manufacturers had made regarding the inclusion of the Google Play store. The TrueSmart has a week left until… Read More

iDoorCam Crosses Half A Million In Funding On Indiegogo For Smart Home Doorbell

The iDoorCam has raised over $500,000 on Indiegogo for a smart home device that alerts owners when a visitor is at the door and allows them to interact with visitors from their smartphones. The flexible funding campaign has five days left before ending. Over 3,700… Read More

On Kickstarter: iSketchnote For iPad Links Pen And Paper To Your Tablet

The iSketchnote for the iPad launched a Kickstarter campaign today seeking $35,000 in funding, and the campaign has already reached over $20,000 in pledges. With one look at the device it is easy to see why. The iSketchnote is a drawing pad that links directly… Read More

Six Cool Projects From Kickstarter Canada’s First Day

Now that we’re all collectively celebrating the launch of Kickstarter support for projects seeking funding in Canadian dollars, let’s take a look at six projects that have taken advantage of this new aspect of Kickstarter’s service. (As always, caveat emptor!) Nix Color Sensor [Toronto] The… Read More

Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Begins Production, Kickstarter Tops $650,000

We recently reported on the Omate TrueSmart, a new smartwatch crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The team reached out to Crowdfund Insider this morning with some teaser pics, claiming production has already begun. The last image is a comparison chart that compares the TrueSmart to other smartwatches, including… Read More

Zeus & FABtotum: Two 3D Printer/Scanners Push The Envelope On Kickstarter, Indiegogo

Two 3D printers currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo seek to push the envelope when it comes to machines for makers. Both are said to offer interesting features that go above and beyond a normal 3D printer. The Zeus 3D fax machine is fully funded… Read More

On Kickstarter: A Carbon Fiber Laptop Sleeve For Macs

Carbon fiber is known for being incredibly light and incredibly strong, which is why it has found a home in industries ranging from aerospace to high-performance automotive. It is also extremely expensive, but thanks to years of interest and research that cost is being driven… Read More

The Kickstarter Smartwatch Trend Continues With Omate TrueSmart

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A smartwatch is raising ridiculous sums of cash in short order on Kickstarter. The Omate TrueSmart is on an absolute tear. Since launching yesterday, the campaign has raised well over the stated $100,000 goal. The crowd loves the concept… Read More

As ChristieStreet Prepares Launch, Crowd Feedback Means An Improved DoorBot For Backers

On September 1, 2012, Jamie Siminoff closed a successful Kickstarter campaign for the POP Charging Station. The POP was to be a multifunctional charging station that could power multiple smart devices. 1,000 backers pledged just short of $140,000 to the campaign. At the time, he… Read More

Sound Band On Kickstarter: Headphones Without A Speaker

It’s what Hybra Advance Technology is calling the “future of personal audio.” Sound Band is a set of headphones that clip onto your ears and deliver sound by actually delivering vibrations straight to your skull. The benefit? That leaves the ears free of obstructions, and… Read More

$1 Million And Counting For The KREYOS Smartwatch On Indiegogo

Indiegogo has just added a fifth million-dollar crowdfunding campaign to it’s roughly five year history: the KREYOS smartwatch. We first reported on the KREYOS back in June. I found myself impressed by the featureset the developers of the KREYOS aimed to integrate into their crowdfunded… Read More

$3.5 Million In One Day On Indiegogo For Ubuntu Edge, Canonical

Yesterday we reported on the Indiegogo campaign for the Ubuntu Edge. The campaign has set a $32 million goal for the new dual-boot smartphone running Ubuntu and Android. It’s the most ambitious campaign in Indiegogo’s history, and short of some Star Wars spoof campaigns it’s probably… Read More

Interview: CulCharge Creators On Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy

If you’re a regular reader of Crowdfund Insider you’ve heard us say it a thousand times: Whether raising $100 or $32 million, there are a handful of basic tenets that underly almost all crowdfunding success stories. Take the CulCharge as an example. A small two-person team from… Read More

Crowdfunding On Indiegogo: The First Decent Electric Coffee Maker?

Drip coffee makers usually make coffee that is either too bitter or too acidic, but they’re easy to clean. French presses and the Aeropress make great coffee, but they’re a pain to clean. Single-serving brewers… can you even call that coffee? Imagine my excitement to… Read More

MIT Alum Raises Over $250K In A Week For Kickstarter Watch For The Blind

Eone Timepieces has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking $40,000 in funding for a tactile watch designed for (and with the help of) the blind. Just about a week into the campaign, funding for “The Bradley” timepiece has already crossed $250,000. Eone Timepieces was founded by Hyungsoo… Read More

Google Glass Alternative GlassUp Draws Backers, Legal Ire

GlassUp is a Google Glass competitor currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The device has drawn interest not only from 200+ campaign backers, but also Google’s legal team. In June 2012, Google filed trademark applications worldwide for “Glass,” as it pertains to computer hardware, computer peripherals, wearable… Read More

Instacube Designer Resigns, Delivery To Kickstarter Backers Delayed Indefinitely

Last month we reported on D2M, a design firm based in San Francisco that appears to have raised just under $700,000 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo for two different projects. Both projects are late to ship, although according to recent updates the Stratus is approaching completion…. Read More

Kickstarter Success GameStick Delays Shipping Until August

Production problems have forced delays in delivery of the GameStick to backers of their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. The GameStick is a highly portable Android-powered gaming system that raised just short of $650,000 from over 5,500 backers after receiving press mentions from TNW, Engadget, VentureBeat and… Read More

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