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SEC Asks For Public Comment On Accredited Investor Definition

Do you think the definition of “accredited investor” is flawed? Do you fail to see how net worth and yearly salary has a direct tie to the sophistication of an investor? Are you of the opinion that too few (or too many) of your fellow… Read More

Associates Of Candace Klein Speak Out On SoMoLend, Fraud Allegations In Ohio

Allegations by the Ohio Division of Securities reverberate through the entrepreneurial class & the crowdfunding industry Candace Klein has been an extremely visible figure in the world of crowdfunding. Beyond her role as CEO of lending-based platform SoMoLend, she is also the former chair and… Read More

Advertising Private Placements Still An Evolving Process

SEC Formally Allows General Solicitation, or Advertising, for Certain Equity Offerings But Process to Accommodate is Still a Moving Target In the wake of Title II hitting the federal register, those active in the world of private placement securities are busy digesting the net effect… Read More

HealthiosXchange: Equity Crowdfunding For The Health Care Sector

HealthiosXchange is a crowdfunding platform launching this month that focuses on the health care industry. It’s no secret that the health care industry is an important one here in the states. According to the US Census, the US health care sector as a whole garnered… Read More

WATCH: Real Estate Crowdfunding Stakeholders Discuss Niche

Real estate news provider Inman News posted video of a recent panel where four real estate crowdfunding industry stakeholders discussed their platforms, the real estate niche and the power crowdfunding has to drive capital toward real estate investments. The four participants are: Jilliene Helman, founder… Read More

Daniel Gorfine: Crowdfunding Is Missing The Crowd

Daniel Gorfine is the Director of Financial Markets Policy at the Milken Institute. He has long been a balanced, pragmatic voice in the crowdfunding conversation, which is why his recent piece in Washington Monthly should be cause for concern. It’s important to note that the… Read More

WATCH – Temes: EarlyShares Has 2K Companies & 50K Investors Preregistered

EarlyShares Chairman and co-founder Stephen Temes was on Bloomberg TV in a segment entitled “The Future of Crowdfunding.” In the clip below, Temes examines the economic impact of Titles II and III of the JOBS Act. He also discusses the success that EarlyShares has had… Read More

FundersClub’s New Program Pays Out For Great Referrals

FundersClub, an equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, has launched a referral program promising to pay out 10% of FundersClub’s carried interest to the FundersClub member who referred the company to the platform. FundersClub takes 20-30% carried interest on their listings, so 10% of their stake… Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: An Explanation Of General Solicitation From Fundable

Fundable has released the following infographic explaining the high-level details of the removal of the ban on general solicitation for select private placement offerings. Fundable is a Columbus, Ohio based crowdfunding platform. NOTE: Brian Knight of CrowdCheck points out that the requirement to file Form… Read More

CrowdCheck Releases Memo Outlining General Solicitation, Rule 506(c)

CrowdCheck recently released this extremely comprehensive PDF outlining the changes brought on by the adoption of Title II of the JOBS Act. Title II created a new rule under Regulation D allowing general solicitation advertising for certain private placement offerings. For more, check out our… Read More

Breaking Down General Solicitation For Private Placements In The US

Mark your calendar. July 10th was a big day in the fight for increased access to capital in the United States, as well as the overarching timeline of the fledgeling crowdfunding industry. Title II of the JOBS Act mandated a lifting of the ban on… Read More

SeedInvest Seeking Partnerships With VCs, Angel Groups: SeedInvest Groups

SeedInvest has launched a new feature on their equity crowdfunding platform. The feature, called SeedInvest Groups, specifically targets angel groups, venture capitalists and other organizations with an active role in funding early-stage companies. SeedInvest CEO Ryan Feit says that the new feature was largely driven… Read More

Rock The Post Partners With Braintree To Grow Crowdfunding In Ohio

Rock The Post has teamed with Braintree Business Development Center to offer discounts to Northeast Ohio project creators who list on the Rock The Post crowdfunding platform. “Rock The Post has targeted Northeast Ohio as fertile ground for both projects and funders—and is actively working… Read More

FundersClub Nets $1.1M Investment In Y Combinator Startups

FundersClub has closed the first fund in their “Accelerate Series.” The fund offered early-stage investment opportunities in companies participating in the Winter 2013 class of Y Combinator. This new fund gave accredited investors the sought-after opportunity to invest in startups that have benefited from selection… Read More

“Crowdfunding for grownups”: BridgePointe connects investors to small businesses in need of capital

Walt Robinson described it as “crowdfunding for grownups.” He and his business partner, Scott Soltau, have launched a new business called BridgePointe Capital Markets, which will be in full swing next month. Through its online funding portal, the company aims to connect investors to companies that… Read More

VIDEO: OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved On CNN

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved recently sat down with CNN to talk more about the OurCrowd platform and what makes it different from platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Watch below. “OurCrowd is an equity-based crowdfunding platform, built exclusively for a select group of accredited investors to… Read More

The Dawn of Accredited Crowdfunding is Upon Us

In the last month a number of new accredited crowdfunding platforms have come online. They join FundersClub, CircleUp, and Angellist in facilitating private equity transactions entirely online. Here’s a list of crowdfunding platforms that have recently opened their accredited doors: 99Funding (Startups/Existing SMBs) Collaperty (Real Estate) EarlyShares (Startups/Existing SMBs) RealtyMogul (Real… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding is A Ghetto Stock Market

It’s insane that the world is buying into the joke known as “Crowdfunding.”  Everyone and their mother is predicting that it’s the next miracle in the making.  But, let’s be honest with ourselves.  Crowdfunding is neither new, nor innovative.  Most importantly, it doesn’t make sense. There are two… Read More

RockThePost Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Accredited Investors

After over two years in the rewards based crowdfunding space, having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for startups and registering over 6,000 startups on their service, RockThePost is launching their equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors. RockThePost will be offering Regulation D securities to… Read More

Start Up Culture Needs Crowdfunding Reboot

There was an article published on Business Insider recently by James Pethokoukis from the American Enterprise Group talking about how public policy is stifling entrepreneurs in the United States.  He had some pretty interesting information to back up this statement. First lets look at some… Read More

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