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Watch: 11-year-old Crowdfunds $14K For Friend’s Cancer Battle On Piggybackr

KMSP-TV When 11-year-old Amelia Sawalich wanted to help her friend Nevaeh (below, pink hat) and her family in their battle against cancer, she turned to crowdfunding platform Piggybackr to raise funds. She set an initial goal of $5,000 and went to work promoting the campaign. 30… Read More

Central Falls, Rhode Island Takes To Citizinvestor To Bootstrap Public Works Project

Central Falls, Rhode Island is “the smallest city in the smallest state” in the United States, but it is a densely populated city; it’s comprised of nearly 20,000 residents in an area of about one square mile. Central Falls fell on hard times in the… Read More

On Indiegogo: 99designs Crowdfunds For Typhoon Haiyan, Will Match Funds Up To $25K

99designs is a San Francisco-based crowdsourcing web site for graphic and web design work. The site boasts a community of over 250,000 participating designers. Many of these participating designers are based in the Philippines, which was just ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan. Now the team at… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 11, 2013

PCMag | Can Crowdfunding Give the Private Space Race a Boost? PCMag takes a look at the private space race in the context of a company called the LiftPort Group. LiftPort raised over $110,000 on Kickstarter to build a prototype with an eye toward building… Read More

On Indiegogo: “Snagger Tool” Is A Firefighter’s Swiss Army Knife, Crowd Can Donate One To A Fire Department

The Snagger Tool is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and although project creator and inventor Luke Geleynse has a long way to go if he hopes to hit his goal of $20,000, the tool looks really interesting and useful. Of course, Luke should know; he is… Read More

Crowdvance Plans #GivingTuesday Initiative With 35+ Nonprofits

Crowdvance is a free crowdfunding platform for non-profit companies, and they’ve announce an initiative slated for #GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday takes place after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is a boon for non-profits around the country, and this year Crowdvance is going to try… Read More

On GoFundMe: Victim Of Senseless Attack Crowdfunding To Walk Again

After enjoying a night out with friends in Philadelphia , Christmas week 2011, I hailed a taxi to go home. That was my last recollection before suffering an savage attack where I was left for dead in a city alley. Many facts are unknown but… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 1, 2013

VentureBeat | The JOBS Act leaves crowdfunding investors unprotected — the SEC is working with a flawed law According to the article, Jenny Kassan of Cutting Edge Capital filed the original petition to the SEC to create a crowdfunding exemption. In this article, she argues that… Read More

Infographic: FundRazr Releases Stats On US Medical Crowdfunding

FundRazr has provided the following infographic on “US medical crowdfunding at a glance.” The statistics within provide a great overview of the crowdfunding landscape for medical causes in the last could of years, and provides some sense of what to expect from this sector in… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 25, 2013

Entrepreneur | Successful Crowdfunding Is About More Than Money It is something we say over and over again: crowdfunding is about more than money. Specifically, entrpereneurs and project creators can and should make use of the feedback they get from the crowd to inform their strategies…. Read More

On Crowdtilt: “Let’s Thank Noah Glass For Helping Make Twitter”

Anyone who pays attention to tech news undoubtedly saw a handful of headlines this week detailing turmoil within Twitter around the time of its founding. (For anyone that hasn’t read about this yet, this was my personal favorite synopsis.) In light of this news, Matthew… Read More

Crowd It Forward Raising Funds For Washington Navy Yard Shooting Victims

Crowd It Forward, a platform that is said to specialize in “random acts of crowdfunding,” has launched a crowdfunding campaign for victims of the recent shootings at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC. The campaign will be open until December 31st of this year… Read More

With No VC Backing, The Biz of Baseball Turns Crowdfunds On Indiegogo

The Biz of Sports network has had to shutter three of their four core products. Verticals centered on basketball and football have already been archived, and the team says that the Biz of Hockey website will soon suffer the same fate. In an effort to… Read More

Avril Lavigne Launches Crowdfunding Campaign On Prizeo

Prizeo is a really interesting take on crowdfunding. The platform is a celebrity-focused charitable donation site. It offers backers the chance to support a cause and earn cool rewards from the celebrities they love, and it also encourages celebrities to use their profiles to raise… Read More

GoFundMe Campaign To Send Over $11,000 To Facebook Hacker

Facebook has a long-standing policy that rewards hackers with a bounty if they can find a bug in Facebook’s system. Bounties can be as little as $500, but there is no maximum. Facebook makes a judgement call based on the severity of the bug and… Read More

SunGod Sunglasses Set UK Fashion Campaign Record On Indiegogo

We recently reported on some pretty impressive funding numbers coming from SunGod Sunglasses, a campaign on Indiegogo seeking funding for some new shades. The campaign has set a record for UK-based fashion campaigns on Indiegogo and sits third all-time for IGG fashion projects. The campaign… Read More

Balanced: Payments & Escrow For P2P Marketplaces, Crowdfunding Platforms

Balanced was created to increase the global economy through payments. As we built Balanced, it troubled me that we had adopted the closed-off culture common to the financial services industry, where everything was locked up for the sake of “competitive advantage.” That wasn’t the kind of… Read More

GunByGun Uses Crowdfunding To Fund Gun Buybacks

GunByGun.org founder Ian Johnstone lost his father at age 10 to gun violence. Since then he’s been an advocate for removing guns from the streets in any way possible. Now he and co-founder Eric King Ph.D. have launched GunByGun.com in order to connect crowdfunding with community… Read More

What type of crowdfunding should you use?

Crowdfunding is not only a solution for entrepreneurs who are looking for seed capital, but also for investors who want to control their portfolio and get some Return on Investment. With the prospect of equity-crowdfunding in the U.S. and the blooming equity crowdfunding market in… Read More

Greenstart backs Carrotmob, the crowdfunding startup for social good

A few years back, the recession enabled a new kind of capitalism-activism called “cash mobs.” Local consumers would, all at once, mob a business and spend money to show their support for the recession-struck gas station, or clothing store, or deli. But before the existence… Read More

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