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Unlicensed Animated “Zelda” Series Hits Kickstarter; Has Yet to be Shutdown by Nintendo

In an effort to bring a fan favorite video game to the small screen, Salt Lake City’s Aeipathy Industries has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for an unlicensed Zelda animated series, Zeldamotion. Since its establishment in 2011, Aeipathy Industries has a variety of projects under development… Read More

Shenmue III’s Official Website Opens Just Days Before the Kickstarter Closing

Less than a week until the game’s incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, Shenmue III’s creator Yu Suzuki and his team unveiled its website that is specifically for the online community. The website reads: “14 years have passed since the previous installment of Shenmue went on… Read More

Video Game Creator Yu Suzuki: “I Am Grateful That There’s Another Chance For a New Shenmue”

With only a week and a half left until his Shenmue III Kickstarter comes to a close, Yu Suzuki announced that while the game may not make the $10 million stretch goal, he’s happy to start working on the project. Shenmue III is described as the true sequel to… Read More

“Mighty No. 9” Creator Comcept USA Returns to Kickstarter With New “Mega Man-Inspired” Game “Red Ash”

Ready to unveil its latest project, Comcept USA, the mastermind behind Kickstarter-success Might No. 9, returned to the crowdfunding platform to raise $700,000 for its 3D action adventure game, Red Ash. What makes Red Ash unique is the fact that it is considered an unprecedented collaboration between anime… Read More

Shenmue III’s Yu Suzuki Confirms: “Sony & Shibuya Productions Are Not Seeing A Cent of the Kickstarter Funds”

Ready to set the record straight,  Shenmue III creator Yu Suzuki revealed some details about the situation between the already successful Kickstarter game and its supporters Sony and Shibuya Productions. Shenmue III surfaced on the crowdfunding platform last week and gained over $3 million in three days. The game is… Read More

inXile Entertainment Unveils Trailer For “Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut”; Showcases Kickstarter Video Game’s Improvements (Video)

Earlier this week, video game developer Brian Fargo and his team at inXile entertainment unveiled the trailer for Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut.  Wasteland 2 is described as the direct sequel to the first ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG. The game debuted on Kickstarter back in March 2012 and successfully secured over… Read More

Video Game Shenmue III Scores Over $2.5M in Less Than Two Days on Kickstarter

On Monday, Ys Net Inc, represented by video game designer and producer, Yu Suzuki, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $2 million for the production of  highly anticipated Shenmue III. Within less than two days of its launch, the initiative successfully surpassed its initial goal. Shenmue… Read More

Kickstarter Video Game “Bloodstained” Ends Its Crowdfunding Run By Securing $5.5M

Just mere hours before its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter came to an end, already famous video game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night had successfully secured over $5.5 million from 64,867 backers. As previously reported, Bloodstained is a 2D exploration-focused, side-scrolling platformer that features RPG and crafting elements. Inside the game… Read More

Fraudulent €7000 Pledge Ruins Kickstarter Success For Netherlands Video Game Dimension Drive

Last month, Netherlands-based studio 2Awesome Studio took to famous crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with a mission to raise €30,000 for its new video game Dimension Drive.  The game was described as comic book-styled space adventure set in a multidimensional universe. It features a teleportation mechanic that allows you to fight on two… Read More

Former “Castlevania” Producer Scores Over $1.4M First Day on Kickstarter For New Game “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night”

Ready to unveil his latest project to fans, well-known video game designer/producer Koji Igarashi has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $500,000 for his creation, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.  Bloodstained is a 2D exploration-focused, side-scrolling platformer that features RPG and crafting elements. Inside the game players are playing as… Read More

Star Wars: X-Wing Developer’s New Video Game STARFIGHTER INC. Takes Flight on Kickstarter

Earlier this week, New York-based developer, Impeller Studios, took to crowdfunding giant Kickstarter to raise $250,000 for the team-based PvP multiplayer space shooter,  STARFIGHTER INC.  STARFIGHTER INC is described as a Hardcore PvP multiplayer space warfare focused on pure, unadulterated tactical simulation combat. It is a hard-science… Read More

Creators of Kickstarter Success Mighty No. 9 Announces Fall Release Date

Mighty No. 9 backers: BIG NEWS! Comcept USA, the company behind the Kickstarter success game, announced this week the official release of the Mega Man sequel. As previously reported, Mighty No. 9  surfaced on Kickstarter back in summer 2013 and secured over $3.8 million from 62,000 backers. It takes place in the… Read More

Brief: Chris Roberts Talks Star Citizen’s Epic Crowdfunding Success

With Star Citizen’s campaign continuing to be the most well known crowdfunding project on the web, creator Chris Roberts sat down with Wired to share details about the initiative and its success. As previously reported, when Star Citizen surfaced in 2012, it immediately hit the spotlight and became one of… Read More

Creators of The Stomping Land Kickstarter Leave Backers in Limbo As Art Lead Bails & Developer Stops Responding

GameSpot recently announced that Kickstarter-success The Stomping Land is now in a limbo state due to its art lead quitting and its creator no longer responding to emails from concerned backers. Back in June 2013, the multiplayer dinosaur-survival game took to the crowdfunding giant seeking only $20,000…. Read More

Video Game Developer Harebrained Scheme Launches Third Kickstarter Project

Earlier this week, Washington video game developer, Harebrained Schemes launched a crowdfunding campaign for Kickstarter for a video game called Shadowrun: Hong Kong. This is the studio’s third project on the global crowdfunding platform and was seeking $100,000 for the to the game’s franchise new addition. The… Read More

Creators of Kim Jong Un-Themed Video Game Shut Down Kickstarter Campaign Due to Threats & Cyber Attack

Just when everything had apparently calmed down after the Sony cyber attacks that temporarily cancelled the release of the new film The Interview (which had a death scene that involved Kim Jong Un), it seems hackers have found a new target, and it’s a new video game that… Read More

Keiji Inafune: Kickstarter’s Mighty No. 9 is “Pretty Much Finished” (Video)

The wait is ALMOST over! Keiji Inafune, the creator behind Mega Man and now Mighty No. 9’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, announced he and his team are nearing the end of the game’s development. Mighty No. 9’s campaign was launched in 2013 and ended its run with a total of $3,845,170 from 67,226 backers, making it one… Read More

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts Announces New Ship & “Virtual Pets” As the Game Nears $65M

As Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign continues to climb towards $65 million, founder and creator, Chris Roberts, announced he and the studio Imperium Games will be adding a new spaceship, MISC Reliant, along with a “virtual pet” system to the already highly anticipated video game. During his recent update… Read More

Creators of Former OUYA Console Exclusive, That Dragon, Cancer, Launch $85,000 Kickstarter to Bring the Game to Mac, Steam & PC

Last Wednesday (November 12th),  video game developers, Josh Larson and Ryan Green, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $85,000 to bring their game, That Dragon, Cancer, to PC, Mac and Steam. The new adventure was originally a OUYA console exclusive and is dedicated to… Read More

Pencil Test Studios Teams Up With Versus Evil to Launch Kickstarter-Success Armikrog on PC, Mac & Linus in Early 2015

Independent developer, Pencil Test Studios, announced this week its partnership with independent games publisher Versus Evil to release Kickstarter-success, Armikrog, on PC, Mac and Linux in early 2015. Armikrog, a stop motion, clay animated adventure game, is the latest creation from industry veterans Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield, the creative talent behind revered video… Read More

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