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#Crowdfunding News Roundup: December 2, 2013

Polygon | How devs manage the energy of their crowdfunding communities Managing crowds during crowdfunding campaigns can be tricky business. Polygon explores that reality in this piece by interviewing a dozen game developers who successfully raised money on Kickstarter, focusing specifically on their experiences in… Read More

Finalists for FreshDirect’s Next Big Food Thing Crowdfund on RocketHub

Online Grocer FreshDirect and crowdfunding platform RocketHub have selected the finalists to their Next Big Food Thing.  The winner of the competition will receive $10,000 plus the opportunity to partner with FreshDirect with their product.  Second and third place contestants will each received $2500 for… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 14, 2013

Entrepreneur | Crowdfunding Without Kickstarter Entrepreneur’s Michelle Goodman interviews Cameron Robertson, co-founder of Lockitron and one of the men behind the decision to open-source Selfstarter for other companies looking to crowdfund. He explains some of the benefits of using Selfstarter over other rewards-based crowdfunding solutions…. Read More

#EdSpark: One Spark To Include Competition For Funding In Education

At this year’s One Spark Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, a section of the grounds will focus on innovation in education, giving teachers and students alike the chance to compete for a slice of the $300,000 slated to be awarded to participants. One Spark is a… Read More

WATCH: RocketHub’s Alon Hillel-Tuch On Crowdfunding At TEDx Navesink

Alon Hillel-Tuch is a co-founder and the Chief Financial Officer of RocketHub. In a recent talk at TEDxNavesink, he outlines the ethos of the crowdfunding space as a disruptive technology based on a need in the market. He says that “some of the ebst innovations… Read More

Indiegogo VS RocketHub: Which Crowdfunding Site Should You Choose?

Entrepreneurs who want a flexible crowdfunding site where they can keep any money they raise usually choose one of two platforms: Indiegogo and RocketHub. Both of these platforms allow anybody to post projects and their fee structures are similar. So which site is a better… Read More

One Spark Festival Raises $70K, Selected For A&E Project Startup

One Spark, a “five-day festival for creators” with a heavy crowdfunding presence, recently closed a $70,556 crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub in order to supplement their already-impressive funding roster for next year’s event. Sponsors for the 2014 event include the City of Jacksonville, the KYN accelerator,… Read More

Prezi Partners with RocketHub, Announces Fuel for Ideas Challenge

Prezi reinvented the art of presentations and now crowdfunding platform RocketHub is taking advantage of this tool.  RocketHub is the first platform of its kind to integrate Prezi into the crowdfunding equation. With a simple click, you can now embed prezis on your RocketHub project… Read More

“The Crowdfunding Success Pattern – Plus an Intro to A&E’s Project Startup”

Brian Meece, CEO and CoFounder of the crowdfunding platform RocketHub, will visit Tucson’s own Maker House to offer his first hand knowledge on what it takes to launch a successful crowdfunding project, and discuss RocketHub’s recent partnership with A&E’s Project Startup. “The Crowdfunding Success Pattern… Read More

RocketHub Campaign Seeks To Fund Jobs, Training For Combat Veterans

Accolade Security Network is a Virginia-based security services provider. ASN provides both armed and unarmed security for residential security, nightlife and government detail. ASN recently took to RocketHub in an effort to fund an effort they’re calling The Warfighter Initiative. The campaign is seeking $25,000… Read More

Popular Science #CrowdGrant Challenge Closes with Several Projects Fully Funded

Popular Science partnered with crowdfunding platform RocketHub to produce the #CrowdGrant Challenge to find funding for reader submissions.  Announced back in the spring of this year, submissions were open until this summer and then 45 days of crowdfunding occurred with the two dozen deemed the… Read More

For PopSci #CrowdGrant Challenge, A 1,000-MPG Self-Driving Vehicle

The deadline has passed for project creators to submit their ideas to Popular Science’s #CrowdGrant challenge. The challenge aims to help scientists in varied fields find the funding they need to take their research to the next level. Enter the Elcano, a project with the… Read More

Genome Drug Analysis Test Crowdfunding on RocketHub

Following the Supreme Court’s decision declaring that human genes cannot be patented, two scientists have started a company that will give people direct access to their own genetic information – which can have an immediate impact on their health and well being.  Now the pair… Read More

6 Cool Food Items Crowdfunding Now

I am a bit of a foodie.  Love to cook and love to eat anymore.  Crowdfunding has brought out a lot of creativity from the world of food, restaurants and cooking devices.  Below are six crowdfunding campaigns that are live now that for food lovers…. Read More

Rockethub Campaign Seeks To Funnel Porn Money To Nonprofits & Causes

Two Colorado State University grads are seeking $15,000 in funding via Rockethub. The goal: finalize the details of and launch Benevidz.com, a live cam porn web site with a very interesting aim. Benevidz wants to capture a slice of an estimated $5 billion in yearly… Read More

Spira Shoes Crowdfunding Duck Dynasty Footwear On RocketHub

Rockethub made news by partnering with A&E for Project Startup, a campaign that aimed to support entrepreneurs using Rockethub to crowdfund their projects by giving them exposure across A&E’s media products. RELATED: The Crowdfunding Success Pattern – Plus an Intro to A&E’s Project Startup Spira Footwear… Read More

Brian Meece, RocketHub CEO Speaks at Tucson Maker House

Brian Meece, CEO and CoFounder of RocketHub, will be visiting Tucsons Maker House to share his thoughts on launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.  RocketHub has partnered with Maker House to crowdfund the “Worlds First Artisan Driven Makerspace”. Maker House is committed to being a community… Read More

Two Crowdfunding Campaigns To Bring Bioluminescence To Your Home

Two campaigns crowdfunding now aim to fund projects that use bioluminescent microbes to light the home. One is called the Biobulb, and it is seeking $15,000 on RocketHub. Three Wisconsin University undergraduate students launched the project as part of the Frontier Fellows program at the… Read More

RocketHub Presents Gibson Guitar Open Mic Night

Leave your guitar at home and play a beautiful Gibson acoustic guitar! Rockethub Takeoff Tuesday begins with a Open Mic/Songwriter workshop; followed by musicians and bands below. 9PM – DAMN GLAD 10PM – AARON LAVIGNE 11PM – PETE LANCTOT

On RocketHub: A Lifetime Subscription To 10K+ Magazines

Crowdfunding continues to drive disruption in the content creation space. The latest instance of this phenomenon: PixelMags, who wants to become the Netflix of magazines by offering a monthly subscription to 10,000+ magazines for $7 per month. The opportunity to buy a lifetime subscription to… Read More

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